What is the purpose of life? For humans? For you and me? By design…


Later in this post I quote an article from the Monday Morning Memo by Roy Williams. Although he is a Christian, he is accurate… lol… I know I am offending most of you. Good. I’d rather offend than leave you untouched.

Roy Williams’ field is advertising, he doesn’t know about the machine and dynamic of the human existence, and can’t offer you anything other than inspiration. But that, the human machine is my field of expertise, my field of “engineering” solutions so you can be happy, fulfilled, satisfied, because the solutions work. They restore you to the Original Design.

I have very little access to “most people” since I’ve stopped my free connection calls. Nowadays you have to pay to talk to me, so that puts me in touch with some of most people, but not the bulk, just some.

People are much easier and more casual with that purse strings 1 and even a measly dollar spent on something not food, not junk, breaks their hearts. Junk? of course… bring it on! Knowledge? useful… Naah.

No, this is not an article ranting about people not wanting to pay the buck to get into my webinars, no. This is about my experience on those calls of people that did pay a buck…

In those Pebble calls we look at what is your heart’s desire. Depending on your current success level, I have noticed, the less successful you are the more your desire is for Easy Street, for getting, for just plain having what you want.

leisure3“Work? Work is for suckers, it should be easy.” And you flutter from thing to thing, from shiny object to shiny objects. “Shiny objects” is a technical term for a software or program or method that promises you instant riches at the push of the button. No work, lots of money, this is what the advertising says. This is what the guru says. Unlimited Abundance. Instant Healing. Blah Blah Blah… I have tested their vibration, and they are promising you a lie.

We have a lot of these shiny objects on the Internet. All the Law of Attraction products are shiny objects. Did you notice that the Law of Attraction people never talk about working for what you want? Never talk about creating something for the world, they talk about creating a vision, a plan, a wish-list… you want it therefore you should have it. Money, boy friend, health… easy-peasy, Easy Street.

What they forget to tell you, in their haste to dupe you and take your money, is

  1. The Law of Attraction doesn’t work,
  2. You’d be unhappy if it did. They themselves work their asses off to market, create new courses, etc… they don’t live the idle lifestyle you crave and they promise.

They won’t tell you, because their business is to sell, not tell… Not telling you that having what you want is the worst thing that can happen to you. That Easy Street is misusing your life, it is against the Original Design. And whether it was god that made us, or we just developed this way, it’s immaterial. We are not happy to do nothing.

Monks are not happy, nuns are not happy, Indian gurus are not happy… the whole teaching (except Zen) is against nature, against human nature, against the Original Design.

Causing billions of unhappy people…

The closer to the Original Design you are in your belief system  the less you resist your own nature that wants to express itself by using its faculties to create something, your own nature that wants to use your energies for something bigger than yourself.

And when you put yourself into the flow or the Original Design, without resistance, you are happy. Even if you are producing no famous  results. Because that is the nature of human being. Just ask two of my students that have recently taken on art… happy as happy can be.

Now read the quoted article below. And when you are done, come to the pebble webinar. There we’ll learn how you can manage your machine,  so you can put yourself back into the flow, and finally be happy again. We won’t learn how to stop the machine, the machine cannot be stopped. But it can be managed.

And it won’t be Easy Street. You’ll need to work at it. Your pebble is working against you… Unless you learn and practice the pebble management method, it will continue to do make you miserable, and you’ll be more and more unhappy with every passing day. Trapped, bound and gagged, resisting… lol… nut funny. But very familiar, isn’t it?

leisure2The Life of Leisure, the Life of Easy Street

A person capable of creating is happiest when they are creating.

There is all kinds of ways to create: Artists create visual and auditory art. Riddle-solvers solves problems in engineering and invent stuff. Teachers create new understanding. Entrepreneurs create businesses and every piece that comes with it. Communicators create stories and speeches and ads.


Made in the image of God 3 , humans are creators and problem solvers by nature. All humans.

Yes, that includes you.

What do you create? What do you change? What effect do you have on the world around you?

The Success Myth of our culture is an evil one. We are told that “the freedom to do nothing” is the reward provided by great wealth. Have you spent much time among the idle rich? Sadly, I have, and on many occasions.

Leisure feels good when you are weary from intense creating. Leisure is restorative, allowing you to return to your creation with renewed intensity. But when you are satiated with food, it is no longer pleasant to eat. When you are satiated with rest, it is no longer pleasant to rest.

It is not an accident that people, who were creative all their lives, take on new creative activities when they retire. Otherwise they would die early… once your life has no purpose bigger than your life itself, you naturally die. First in spirit and then in body.

The idle rich aren’t bored because they are rich. They are bored because they are idle. The idle poor have exactly the same feelings as the idle rich, but the idle poor call it “hopelessness.”

Political radio shows exist because people would rather be angry than bored. Horror movies exist because people would rather be frightened than bored. Sensational films and photos exist because people would rather be shocked and offended than bored. 4

Boredom is a kind of death. Being angry, frightened or offended reminds you that you are alive. But these emotions are sad and fruitless substitutes for the joy that comes from creating.

Happy people value something much more than they value themselves. If there is nothing in your life that means more to you than you do, 5 I fear you will be unhappy. No, that’s not right. I fear you are already unhappy.

Are you feeling lethargic? Apathetic? Bored? Aimless? Hopeless? Get off your ass and do something. It won’t be the outcome that brings you joy; it will be the effort. You’ve probably excused yourself from taking action in the past by saying, “but I’m not very good at it.” Friend, no one is ever “good at it” in the beginning. But anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you get better at it.

Find something that needs to change. It can be anything bigger than you. Fight for it, work for it, throw all your creative energies into it. You will soon be frustrated, angry, disappointed and tired.

But happy.

I’m sorry if this offends you. I thought it might. But I care enough about you to say it anyway.

Doing the best I can.

Roy H. Williams

I don’t expect this post to be popular. When your mind is unwilling to give up the evil thought that you should not have to do anything, and you understand it to mean that therefore you should not do anything meaningful, then my work with your Pebble won’t be of interest to you, you are too far gone into hell.

But if the idea that you can manage that thought so it doesn’t control your life, but allows you to do stuff, allows  you to live a meaningful life, then by all means come to one of the Pebble webinars. In the worst case you’ll learn why you are miserable…

Even if you don’t think it’s time to change that… at least you’ll know how and what way you are responsible for your own unhappiness.

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  1. this word Purse String came from olden days when purses were bags closed by strings and money was gold, silver and copper… lol
  2. this was the original Roy Williams copy: Artists create visual and auditory artifacts that affect our thoughts, moods and attitudes. Riddle-solvers perform feats of engineering and invention. Teachers create new understanding in the minds of their students. Entrepreneurs create businesses that offer us new and different experiences. Communicators create stories and speeches and ads.
  3. Original Design
  4. Facebook exists because people would rather be doing something inane like reading inspirational nonsense than be bored…
  5. if your life is about your life! If the main theme of your life is your life itself, how you look, how you feel, what you do, etc

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