Distinctions: your access to the mysteries of the universe

rabbit_hole_webDistinctions: your access to the mysteries of the universe

Distinctions are like a hole punched into a yet solid wall. When you look through the hole, you see stuff that you could not see before. You may have seen it from the side, you may have seen it from above, from below, but that certain angle gives you a view that goes deep into the mysteries of the Universe.

Every major discovery, every major “invention” started from a distinction. The distinction may have come from a book, from someone else, but the looking, the going deep came from the person.

Lots of discoveries you learned in science classes came through distinctions from The Zohar.

thumbs_1974-Bembine_LeviThe Zohar is a book documenting a group of friends of Simeon bar Yochai conversing about life, how it all works.

It is the end result of an oral tradition.

People in olden days saw more than we do. Definitely.

There have been a few generations of humanity before ours, and if there remained an orally inclined person who was aware, like Noah, then we have glimpses of knowledge that belonged to the generation before ours.

Whether there was a generation called “Atlantis” I don’t know. It is not important. The important thing to understand, that taking a distinction from an older body of knowledge may take us deep into the rabbit whole where our current level of knowledge makes us feel ashamed of living in this generation.

Very few people are astute enough, diligent enough, consistent enough, and independent enough to choose a rabbit hole rightly, and to go deep enough, undisturbed by current misguided “knowledge”.

Very few indeed. Most, even if they go, they don’t have the patience to follow the winding path in the hole long enough to see something that alters the future of humanity, because the truth revealed there is dramatic enough to do that.

Alice & the Rabbit HoleOthers get scared of what they find, because the fate of the “pioneer” that upsets the apple cart is mostly persecution. We have enough examples of that, but Tesla and Dr. Rife‘s story are most known. Einstein got lucky. Most of these people were killed before they could make public of their discoveries.

I am re-reading a book that is written by such a person. I read that book 10 years ago. I was too dumb yet to fully understand, or fully appreciate it. But I’ve been guided to take it off the shelf, and finally I said… OK, I got it… and started to read it.

It is a deep deep burrowed path into the rabbit hole of the design of life, the health of a human: how to maintain it, how to restore it when it’s gone.

The scientist was called Dr. Reims, and his science is called RBTI, The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. (RBTI is 280 on the truth vibrational scale, much higher than modern medicine (200), Dr. Reims personal vibration: 190. It is so low because he was religious. But in spite of the relatively low numbers, the discovery is a whole new and “revolutionary” direction to look. The conclusions are good guesses. There is a “competing” system of Dr. Gary Martin’s BIA is a simplified form of RBTI and it measures only 200 on the truth scale… )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmkkNE9tAFg” height=”375″ width=”500″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″>

His starting point, his entrance to the rabbit hole was the idea that life and the Universe was designed by an organized mind. Now, that is a religious idea, and he was a devout Christian, but just like the Kabbalah is discussing the Old Testament, Dr. Reims picked this distinction out of the Bible, and ran with it to its conclusion.

He spent time, frequently, in jail and in prison, but he never gave up, never gave in. His body did, but he never did.

There are 31,200 website for that, while the completely inane and untrue Law of Attraction is on 15,700,000 websites…

Discoverers of truth are way ahead of their time, even if the truth is from previous generations of humans, like in the case of most.

In 2003 I was exhausted, weak, and could barely get by. According to the measures of RBTI I had only a few months to live, but only if I wasn’t going to exhaust myself, or demand exertion of myself, or get too excited. I was given a list of simple minerals, a schedule to drink water and drink lemonade… and eat beets a few times a week. Simple. It took me quite a few years, but I got well, much better than I was ever before. My RBTI person disappeared: she was bothered by the police too often to stay in business: I think she left the state.

distinctionThe methodology: find a distinction and follow it to its conclusion is the method to MY MADNESS. I have the courage, the persistence, and come up with the results, whole methodologies for humans to return to the Original Design where bliss, joy, fulfillment was your birthright, and your normal day.

The pebble is a code word for a distinction that answered the question: what keeps the machine that jerks you around in action? The machine that doesn’t it let you have a good life, a worry-free, guilt-free, joyous existence.

I followed that distinction, and now I let you have the results of my investigation: the methodology of managing for change, managing for joy, managing for fulfillment, managing for success.

That is what this Pebble thing is all about: you having all that: joy, fulfillment, success. Finally.

I didn’t invent it: I discovered it.

You can come and get it.


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