Do you think spirituality, healing, diet, transformation are one size fit most?

toe_shapesOne size fits most?

If you think that one diet, one pill, one activator will work for all… then you are as stupid as the medical establishment, and you are as stupid as the marketeers hope that you are.

As simple as that…

In fact, this stupidity is the reason that I can review hundreds of “practitioners” and not find a genuine article… The genuine articles, the people with real talent, real ability, are lost in the shuffle, have given up, can’t make a living, and can’t make a difference. The field is given over to marketeers that are only interested in numbers and in money. And your stupidity caused it… 🙁

If you ever ask the question why I insult you in most every article, I have a reason. If you are a consolation seeker, a positive thinker, an “avoid negativity” junkie, then I want to offend you, and I want you to leave. Why? Because you are hopeless.

Shoes-In-the-Cloud-One-Size-Doesnt-Fit-AllOn the other hand, if you can see the truth in what I am saying, you are not offended, you can see the point. And then I want you to stay…

If you think that anyone can make far-reaching suggestions about your life, your path, etc. without first examining you, then you probably dress like a frump: no shape, could wear a potato sac as a dress and no one would see the difference… I just use this as an analogy…

If you think I am angry: hey, you are right. At least you are right about one thing, right?

one-size-fits-mostI am angry because unless you become a little bit smarter, I can’t help you.

I spent a chunk of my time checking the vibration of some people visitors search for on my site. And, in addition to what I found, lots of crap, I saw that the number of self-appointed geniuses, self-appointed healers, gurus, teachers is growing by leaps and bounds.

Most of those are copying each other, using the same promises, and probably, judging from their testimonials, they have some clients.

The field is diluted, and it is true, across the board.

So, let me answer a few questions you have probably never asked yourself:

1. Can you teach someone how to heal? Are the methodologies teachable? Methodologies like Theta Healing, The Healing Codes, or other methods that use energies and connection?

Can I teach you to become a healer? No. Unless you already are a healer, I can’t do that for you. If you are a healer I can share my method, and then test you if you can duplicate it.

I am not saying that one can’t duplicate something, after all most of the energies I have I asked Source to duplicate for me. I am not an inventor, remember, I am an innovator. I work with what’s there and see new connections, new uses, new truths about it.

Do you think that all those people that claim to be intuitive healers, chakra healers, abundance blockage healers are for real?

It started with the wave of Indian “gurus” that saw that Americans are like little children and will eat it up if you put in front of them in an appetizing fashion. And then came the waves of home-grown fakes, because they can’t just let the Indian fake gurus to get rich, you need to take some of it for themselves.

Special abilities are NOT a dime a dozen, they are rare. That is what makes them special.

My muscle test says that there is not one person in the USA who can actually heal with their energies.

Two reasons for that: 1. Energies don’t heal. Despite what you were fed, there is no such thing as a healing energy. Your body, your soul, your whole being is much more complicated than the simplistic view energy healing makes you believe.

Energies can do three things:

a. they can soothe you, much like good music may soothe you, much like someone’s cool hand on your forehead may soothe you.

b. they can add a little energy to move what’s stagnant, like in the case of my cleansing methods for the brain and for the liver,

c. they can show you where your problem is, as in the case of the activators, or my diagnostic energy bundle.

But illness or disease is more complicated that a little blockage here and there. And even if you could remove the blockage, the cause of the blockage is not removed, and with your lifestyle you regenerate it, so no matter what you experienced as an immediate result of the cleansing, you are still sick… just like your floor will get dirty again after you wash it.

But what is the lifestyle mistake that you are making is again, not a one-fit-most!

Muscle testing is a useful tool, but it has a problem. It has a weak point: YOU are asking the questions, and you don’t know any intelligent questions to ask, do you?

Your questions, all of them, come from what you already know, from your mind, and your mind is filled with the stupid teachings of hundreds of fakes, including the scientists that are paid by the drug companies, the doctors that are paid by the drug companies, the science writers that are paid by the drug companies. Or the milk industry. Or the meat industry. Or the genetically engineered stuff… big business.

no-distinctionsYou have no way to know what is true and what is false until you start developing your faculties of seeing and thinking, until you start seeing distinctions instead of “this is just like something totally different”.

Can you do it on the top of the current state? No. Just like you can’t build a World Trade Center on the top of another one… first you need to tear it down, little by little, dig it out past the foundation.

That is called “born again…” A return to innocence.

All the activators I created do that, an aspect, each according to its design: through one distinction.

It almost doesn’t matter where you start, if you use it as directed it will get the job done.

But just with any demolishing job, you better ask someone a little bit more astute than you are to check what’s the first activator you should use. Or the second…

Because if the activator happens to touch one of the pillars, you’ll experience too much threat and you’ll chuck it, you’ll stop the whole thing. Because the experience will be much like fear of death, fear of annihilation.

No, instead you want to remove the easy part, like the outside stuff, that won’t threaten the core with collapse.

You have a bunch of activators to choose from, and more and more are being created as I work with people.

Don’t be stupid, ask me which one would work best for you.

If your vibration is under 200, then mostly the harmonizer will remove enough crud for you to be able to go deeper.

And once you have your activator, it is a bright idea to to learn how to do the co-creative method of activation.


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