Republished: Meditation: How To Use It? Instead of just sitting… or waiting for an experience…

meditation Meditation: a very philosophical article. You’ll probably hate it! I wrote it four years ago, and I revisited, by accident, today.

What is meditation and what is the role of meditation?

I will examine this question as a non-meditator who has tried to meditate (TM) and failed.

I am not against meditation. Meditation is a tool, to allow all knowledge to reach you, past the noise, from all there is, distinguished as knowledge beyond your own, and as a tool: it is invaluable.

I have been quasi “meditating” the past day or so… the questions I am meditating over are

  1. whether God is a sentient being
  2. whether the “law” of attraction, the law that says that you can earn something coming to you by adjusting your vibration to its…

Ultimately I want answers. I want answers that are either included in the chorus of many voices that speak thousands of truths that contradict one another, or the truth that hasn’t been revealed because there was no one to hear the answer. 1

Why would people be asking questions and not hear the answer?

Because their own brain and ego, combined, prevent them from hearing it. Egomind. Only interested in what it already knows. Wants confirmation. Wants consolation.

What happens? The question is asked by the conscious mind. The other than conscious mind goes out for an answer (the reticular activator effect, the heat seeking missile of psycho-cybernetics!) and comes back with answers… and the mind/ego jumps into conclusion and stops looking. Answers isn’t the answer! It may be in the same direction, but there may be several steps separating it from the truth!

What do scientists do? They have a question, in essence a hypothesis, and then they go out to get a yes or no answer. But you see, the answer is never a yes or no answer. That is why the wonderful tool, muscle testing, in the hand of an amateur, is like using a hammer to fix a clock… won’t work too well.

Look at MY questions? The questions are leading to a yes or no answer, but the answer is probably neither.

But aren’t those fundamental questions? One must have the answers to, so one can live? Oh yes, and they are given by our current level of awareness. What if there is sentience and then there is Sentience and they are not the same? What if our antropomorphic (human centered) perception misleads us? Or concept of what god is. What if, coming from our need to get an answer gets us the wrong answer? It has, for however long we have asked questions!

Who would have thought that we have these dormant circuits or capacities in our DNA, that we need to ask to be activated for them to be activated? That simply boggles the mind! It does not come from the same place my original question came, 2

What lead me to the current “solution” was being willing to be guided by something not earthly, nonsensical, in a way.

The guidance came through movies. First I was taught how I was going to be guided, through the TV series of “Medium.” Then I was taught, little piece by little piece, what I can do, what darkness is, what lies in the way, what I need to do through Star Trek TNG… on Netflix, of course, I don’t have a television.

I consider that a long meditation is going on, going into its 10th month… no breaks, no returning to “normal” consciousness, 24/7.

And the amount of time I’ve spent “meditating” closed eyed has probably amounted to a few hours total, in 10 months, while I didn’t look like I was in deep meditation. I walked, worked, loved in deep meditation instead, connected to my question, no matter how many answers came, like I am, still, now.

planting a tree and meditationBecause in meditation, like in everything, the most important things are hidden, they happen behind the curtain, like in planting a tree…

Your input in miniscule, and the results come first slowly, and then regularly and abundantly.

That is how real meditation works.

PS: The world is in a mad dash to get you someplace else, where it is better, more, or different… and ignore and abandon what is, the herenow, as not valuable.

Most of the meditations I have seen require you to take time out of your already busy life, and then, as opposed to the busy, be not-busy, expecting yourself to have a calm mind, calm as a lake with no ripples… the state in which the Beyond can talk to you. Not going to happen.

Although I like Osho, his active or dynamic meditations are the same… now you don’t sit, you dance… nothing changed, it is still expecting yourself to calm down now… instead of living in a calm way, having an unconcerned Observer view of everything, including what YOU do.

Here is a video on Osho dynamic, or active meditation. Enjoy. Try it out. Then come back and learn to live meditatively. You’ll know the difference… Cheap closure now, or heaven on earth? You choose.

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  1. Remember the old question? Does a tree falling in the forest make any noise if there is no one to hear it? the answer to that question is no. noise is a human concept, it needs a human ear to hear it and register noise, for it to be noise. The same is true for truth: it is only truth if someone hears it as truth, otherwise it is just a good idea
  2. My original question that started this all was: How do you get human being to erase past pain and fear and wrong beliefs, permanently, so they can live a free or freeer life?

    That was the original question, and I was looking for a methodology of erasure and implanting… quite a different phenomenon from what turned out to be the situation.

    And even the answer I got here, in 2011 wasn’t complete: now in 2015, by pulling attachments, cords, to incidents and fragments of your soul you denied in the incidents, offers yet another avenue to restore yourself to wholeness, free from the fear, and the pain, and the “beliefs” that justify them.

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