What is the difference between a blind man and you?

blind manWhat is the difference between a blind man and you?

You would think that the difference is that you can see and the blind man can’t… But the real difference is that the blind man knows…

… they don’t see, and you don’t.

You don’t know that you can’t see… can’t see beyond what you know, can’t see the big picture, can’t see how your machine is limiting your chances for success, prosperity, peace of mind, and longevity.

It is not that there is something with your eyes. No, once it’s pointed out, most people can see what they could not see before… unless, of course, they resist it.

It’s not that there is something wrong with your brain. It is that you never learned anything about yourself, how you see, how what you know effects what you see, how widely you look and see, etc.

you think you know everything there is to know, but you know it all wrong. But worse than that, you stopped looking…
You keep looking at the same things, at the same angle, with the exact same cone of vision and the exact same amount of time… producing the same bad “result” of life being unfulfilling, hurtful, your actions fruitless, and your life is struggle and barely livable.

you know everything there is to know, but you know it all wrong. But worse than that, you stopped looking...You decided, barely out of the crib, that you know everything, you know how it is, you know it all…

No, you may not tell anyone, including yourself, that this is the foundation of your behavior, that this is the foundation of your life. You may just tell the conclusion of the knowing: you are bad/stupid/weak/fill in the blank, life is hard/unpredictable/boring/fill in the blank, people don’t like you/are rude/are stupid/fill in the blank… etc. etc. etc.

Now that you have defined the foundation of your views, the “floor” of your life, you will fit everything into it, like it’s a puzzle that you have already found the puzzle pieces for the edges… You know what fits and what doesn’t.

You never consider that you are mistaken. And the person who points it out is either stupid or doesn’t like you, or rude, uncaring… same as it was before.

color-blindness-testYou are locked into this view, and you are locked out of anything else…

If you become a coach, you’ll coach people to become like you and your world. If you ask someone to coach you, you’ll want them to allow you to stay the same and yet give you the goods.

I watch you. I really do. If you wanted to give me an adjective that is true 24/7, I am a watcher. I have been watching forever… Watching, observing, gently, without bringing much mind to it…

You would not guess the things you do: you come to my site. You ask me to guide you. I do… and then you go and start buying everything you can find… revealing all the pieces of the fixed edges of the puzzle… and render my guidance, my work, totally and absolutely useless.

Why? The machine kicked in. It HAD TO do what it always does: your soul correction is an accurate predictor of what your machine will do.

you can't see the patternOr you ask to book a 1-on-1 with me, but refuse to look at any of my videos, read my articles, test any of my activators. You want me to guide you to abundance. You think I’ll take you? I won’t. I love myself and I value my time and my efforts. There is no amount of money that I would accept to knowingly piss in the wind… Because that is what I would be doing if I took you on as a coaching client. Pissing in the wind… it comes back at you, making you drenched in urine, stink, and be the bad guy. No, thank you very much.

We could say that you are stupid: if we considered that doing stupid things can only be done by stupid people. Not so…

You may be brilliant in your pinhole of expertise, but absolutely ignorant and blindsided in most of life…

No wonder that the world is going out in a wastebasket. You just need to log into yahoo’s site… probably any other will do, but that’s where I check the weather… so I go there once a day.

A humanity that behaves dumb on the personal level will surely behave dumber yet on the societal or planetary level.

This generation of humanity is the fifth… There are two choices: The movie: Earth: Population Zero, all humans need to die, or the second choice: a few millions spared, hopefully not the dumb ones, not the sleepwalkers, but the ones that are willing to use their eyes to see, their brain to do thinking and distinguishing, that are willing to say: maybe this whole setup, everything I hold true isn’t true after all.

Those are the ones that would be able to create the next generation of humanity that the Earth could be proud of.

I am willing to teach you, but are you willing to learn?

You see, life is simple when your view is unclouded, when you are able to put aside all the truths you hold fundamental… It’s simple, and you are effective at life.

No fairy tails, no spirit world, no gods, no animal spirits, no instant healing, no fantasies, just plain removing the blinders…

It must be boring because I don’t know anyone who is willing to teach you that…

blaisepascal131516_mWhat works is always un-sensational.

Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.

You are looking for excitement because you are unwilling to do the work… unwilling to do what it takes to see correctly, precisely, and act accordingly.

Let’s get boring and effective together. Shall we?

Now, just one last thing before you shake your head saying “this is not for me… I am fine”

Try just a little experiment. Tell yourself, out loud, or under your breath, but actually say it, don’t just think it! “I don’t want to live. I’ll get out of the way. I want to be one of the people that will die to allow the new humanity to take care of the Earth…”

Did you do it? Good. Now, you are fine. Now that it is YOUR decision, I am at peace about you. RIP.

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