From time to time I get incoherent.

heart coherence Coherence is when all your energies, all your fibers share the same direction and the same rhythm.

Much like having a six-horse carriage, and the horses pull in the same direction.

Incoherence is like herding cats… hopeless.

I am rarely incoherent. And when I am: I am acutely aware of it. Very unpleasant.

The truth is: I used to be incoherent most of the time.

What is the cause of incoherence? I think, for me, too many choices. And an inability or unwillingness to narrow them down, and maybe choose.

Choosing is hard for everyone. What if you choose the wrong thing?

An aspect of incoherence is not being able to tell the relevant from the irrelevant.

They have the same voice, they have the same everything, at least on the surface.

I have a new favorite process to recommend: the process with which the Amish trained their horses to tell what is relevant and what isn’t.

Paying attention to the inner voices… the cacophony of voices that pull you this way and that. And just by paying attention and prevent yourself from acting on any of it, just like the Amish horse could not run away, you start to hear. You start to hear and hear the difference between two voices.

The secret is to allow yourself to hear more.

If you decide early on what is relevant and what isn’t… just like any answer, or any pre-judging, it will prevent you from hearing anything.

Most people live this way, find an answer and instantly go unconscious. That person may be you… If you do this exercise like you do everything, it won’t benefit you.

This is an exercise where you don’t even ask questions. If you do… your question also disrupts the process… you have started to pay attention to your question, instead of the voices.

The magical capacity, awareness, that can predict your future earnings, is what needs to be activated first. And a ton of other capacities… like including, allowing, relaxing, patience, consistency, and more.

This simple exercise can activate 5-10 spiritual capacities for you… don’t poopoo it.

Now, returning to my incoherent state… Would I benefit from getting quiet and start listening to these inner voices?

Hell yes.

You see, when I am coherent, which is nowadays most of the time, hearing the voices is no big deal… but when the voices are making it their job to overwhelm me… even hearing them, individually, is difficult. It takes time to settle down enough to hear them.

For one, they demand that I hurry… hm. There is no hurry on the creative plane. At this point this is just a feeling… I can’t hear what IT is saying. But from the pressure on my chest, my near inability to breathe slowly and deeply, I know the voice is winning… and it will take something to gain the upper hand again.

My first warning sign that this incoherent state is forthcoming was the restless nights.

Going in and out of sleep, not much rest. The above 90 degrees temperature has made it worse. I don’t use air conditioning, so it’s hot here, day and night.

incoherenceBut the incoherence became worse, and moved into confusion a day or two ago.

I am being “forced” to make decisions: walk in this heat, have coffee, eat this, go shopping or not.

The reason most of us have been narrowing our cone of vision is to block out the irrelevant noise of the environment, including our internal environment, the voices, the feelings, the sights, the sounds, the thoughts.

But narrow cone of vision has a big price tag: we make decisions with a mutilated picture of reality… resulting in bad decisions, poor decisions, or no decisions.

Instead you want to strengthen your core that is the sense of self.

At the danger of repeating myself, I’ll say again because it is so important and because it flies in the face of how you think things work: The way to distinguish self is to tell it apart from everything that is not self.

The “logical” and Tree of Knowledge method would be to fill it with words. Honest, upstanding, good, nice, blah blah blah.

But even if you put a million words there, the only thing that makes the self solid is not what is there, but what isn’t.

What is, who is YOU is the sum total of what you say no to.

My stomach jumped when I wrote that. Because most of us most of the time don’t say a lot of “no”.

This is why we have a weak or non-existent, undefined self… and this is why we fall into incoherence so easily.

It is interesting to watch myself trying to sort out the no’s.

I have always had a difficult time to say no. I have made wild jumps… each wild jump was a way to avoid saying no.

Wild jumps… Moving from country to country. Moving in with boy-friends. Quitting jobs. Buying software I can’t use.

Zig zag… the hallmark of a life that isn’t going anywhere.

So here I am, again, and this time I am going to be stronger than the revulsion I feel when the idea of saying “no” comes up.

It is easier to see on my clients what is underneath, than on myself.

It is a sense of scarcity, a fear of loss.

I am telling on myself, so you can see that I am not here to badger you from the height of my specialness: we are in this together.

I promise that this sense of scarcity, this fear of loss won’t go away. It is part of your “Opponent” or “IT”, and it is here to stay.

Your job is to diligently distinguish your self by telling it apart from all the noise, including the fear of loss, and sense of scarcity.

The Coherence Generator can and does help.

And no, this is not a new activator. This is the same activator that makes your water coherent. The Energizer audio.

I am now setting the audio up in my office, and I’ll report back to you about the results, if any.

OK it’s now 20 minutes later. I have tested my coherence (by playing Freecell, of course, what else? lol) and now, my coherence is at 80%… while it was 0-ish percent 20 minutes ago… I fumbled with the mini speaker, I was so clumsy.

Why would playing (and winning) in Freecell be any indication? The capacities you need to play well in Freecell are patience and wide cone of vision. Being able to see the future your steps cause. Being able to say no to impulsive decisions. Hefty capacities… turned off when I am incoherent, or to the degree I am incoherent.

If you already have the Water energizer audio… please make use of it, especially when you feel incoherent.

And if you don’t… You can ask for a link, if you already have your Starting Point Measurements.heart coherence

If not… ask for your Starting Point Measurements and I’ll include the link to buy the Water Energizer in my answer.

Why am I not willing to sell it to everyone, you ask?

Because some people won’t use it… and I don’t want them to have it.

Ask for the link to buy the Coherence Generator aka Energizer audio.

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Here is what one of my students said, today, in an email:

Last night i slept well.. my mind is busy this morning , although i have a lot of different things going on at once, i’m selling things and work is busy as the boss is away, so a lot of things are going on . I’m probably doing better than i would have ever been able to before in my life.. subtle things are different, i can just stay with and deal with things easier , without feeling as rushed or pushed around by outside influences.

PS: there is a movie called Coherence… It is a science fiction/horror movie. I have not watched it. But even the trailer conveys some of the incoherence as it grows.

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