Money, The Planetary Activation, Free Will. Growth, Death. What Will You Choose?

growing pains butterfly Money. Growth. Energy to exchange for more comfort. For more toys. For more play. for more knowledge. For a longer and more interesting life.

All those are important, they are elements of Man’s purpose: to be expanding, growing.


Expanding and growing is essential to survival. If the main purpose of life is to survive, then this is the least reactive part of survival: it is proactive, and therefore the most fun.

Being an expanding human being takes strong inner forces to overcome the resistance of forces that work against growth: competition, fear of failure, laziness, slothfulness of mind, etc.

With that said: most of humanity, even after the planetary activation, is behaving as if they didn’t have the energy to grow.

Before the activation less than 1% of all of humanity maintained a mindset of growth for most of their life. After the activation this number will be 20%… (currently, August 8, it’s 8%).

If you are one of the new “class” of people with courage and desire to grow, you will need to learn how to grow: after all you will see only few people to model after, maybe none.

The individual steps are missing.

In addition, in step with our age, there is a delusion that is very prevalent, and fueled by misinformation, wishful thinking, and wrong teaching, like the Law of Attraction.

The wrong thinking that is the foundation of this delusion is: you can get from a straight to z, without ever even knowing your abc, without every going through the trials and tribulations of the intermediate steps.

What’s wrong with this picture? Well, for one, it is not how it works. But even more important than that: in order to be an expanding human being, each a-z process is a growth process, full of overcoming fears, full of going beyond where you would want to stop, full of real growing, which, as we know, is full of growing pains.

Ask any successful person if, knowing what they know, they would change much if they had to start over. If they would skip the painful passages of their life.

If you had a chance to ask all of them, all of them would say that what made them who they are today, was the struggle they had to go through.

The transition from worm to a butterfly is not painless.

The pupa grows inside the chrisalis. It will have all the necessary elements of a butterfly, but in the wrong proportion. For the butterfly to get out of the chrisalis, it bats its wings against the walls of the chrisalis, for a long time, in vain. But in that seemingly senseless and unsuccessful effort it directs all its efforts, all its lifeforce into the wings. At a certain point the wings are ready, they are big, they have most of the energy of the whole being, and the walls of the chrisalis break.

What comes out is a fully developed beautiful butterfly.

Had you cut the chrisalis open any time earlier to spare all that effort for the pupa inside, what would come out would not be able to fly.

And so is in the life of an expanding human being. It is the struggles from a to b, b to c, c to d… and so on, that makes you the person who can have and enjoy the benefits of your growth.

Have that accomplishment be your self-expression.
Have that result fuel you for more growth.

I’d like to support you in that.

Having a way to get guidance, encouragement, and support in your growth doesn’t cut it short, doesn’t weaken you, on the contrary.

Today there are 19 people that have completed their activation. The number is growing, and it will be your turn soon.

Will you choose to direct your energies into growing, or will you choose to die a slow decaying death?

Free will still allows you to choose death or growth, even at a vibrational frequency of 299.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar