Soul Correction: Forget Thyself

Forget Thyself soul correctionUpdate 6/15/18

Given how relevant the number: how much you think of yourself, this soul correction is to take yourself out of the picture, completely. Stand outside and know that nothing is about you.

And as long as you think it is, you’ll have misery, you’ll not breathe deeply, you’ll feel hurt, or important, or whatever self-centered things you fancy yourself.

Original writeup:

The issue with the soul correction is trust. The lack of it. No trust in other people, no trust in the Universe. Closed in, relying only on one’s own experience. Nothing is accepted at face value.

This is the soul correction of the Tree of Life… the skeptic will test everything.

The problem is that one can’t experience everything in a “normal” life, and therefore most decisions come as a reaction from an ego truth… and they are wrong decisions.

There is a much bigger world with a lot bigger view than a typical Forget Thyself person can see. So a Forget Thyself is mostly a bumbling idiot, making mistake after mistake.

Trust is hard, because trust is something you give, like love, no one can give you trust. Trust is like putting wood in the fireplace even though you don’t know it will every give you heat…

Obviously Fear and Distrust go hand in hand, Distrust and anxiety/worry go hand in hand.

A typical Forget Thyself has two aspects: they look self-assured, confident, maybe even arrogant to others. The inner aspect is miserable, tormented with doubt, self-hate, grief, regret. Not a pretty picture. No bridge between the two worlds, without altering both: softening the harsh certainties outwards, and softening the lack of trust inward.

An evolved Forget Thyself has developed the capacity of small steps, feeling their way, listening keenly, moving like one moves in pitch dark places, paying attention and awareness to every shift in vibration, in temperature, sound…

Awareness is the other side of Forget Thyself’s distrust.

A very difficult and involved soul correction.

Moses had this soul correction.

Your best bet to do this is under guidance by another Forget Thyself person (me).

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Soul Correction: Forget Thyself”

  1. Thanks Sophie for posting this. Okay, if this is a really difficult and involved correction maybe I can stop asking why it’s taking me so long to get clear in spite of lots of effort.

    What is the meaning of the Hebrew letters in this article?

  2. The Hebrew letters are a power combination, a Kabbalistic tool to do the same thing as my Avatar State audios do. Muscle testing says it doesn’t do it though… but it’s an idea that has been Kabbalah for thousands of years, about 5,000, give or take

  3. That is interesting. I have found that meditating on individual Hebrew letters s very powerful. Sometimes they actually “come to life” and move. Each one evokes something different. I have a book that gives the meanings/effects of each letter. when i get the impulse to meditate on a letter, I do that, get the experience, then read the book. it is amazing how often what I experience matches the description. blows me away.

  4. In looking at these letters I realized that when I look at a hebrew letter I feel an awareness/sensation in my tangerine spot. Don’t know if this happened before I learned about this way of connecting from you. I feel that it did and if so, that would explain a lot. I will meditate on these letters soon.

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