The purpose of all learning is to allow the learning to change who you are

This is not a funny article… And actually I struggled mightily writing it… because it talks about something I have never been able to teach… Your beingness.

I am reading a book for the third time in a month. I will read it again and again until I become who I want to become.

Some people read the words in a book. I read the spirit. I align my whole inside with it… if it is worth it.

And if it is worth it: it won’t happen at the first reading, the second reading, and probably the reading either. So I read it until it happens.

The two reasons to read are:

  • 1. to allow the material to change you, to change who you are…
  • 2. all the other reasons people read for…

  • Most people read with an agenda. Trying to find something that either answer a question, or satisfies some gossipy curiosity.
  • Other people read for understanding.
  • And yet other people read to learn something… but learn for mind reasons… not for themselves.
  • Most people, I could even say all people are missing the point of reading.

Everything you ever wanted is rooted in your being.

Who you are is what internal conversations constitute you. What you are up to. What drives you…

Most of you have no idea who you are because the voices in your head are undistinguished.

There are voices that are not you. We call it “IT” that is talking, but the technical term for IT is The Opponent.

Rarely, if ever, there are occasions where the voice is not “IT”… but very rarely.

So trying to decipher who you are from your voices has to be the method of distinguishing… after you mapped out all the voices, what you are left with is is you.

And to your surprise, that you, that Self is an empty space. No content. Empty.

This is one of the main reasons no one likes to go within: that emptiness is scary… Feels like an abyss.

But when you understand that the empty space, that no-thing is the space of possibility, the possibility of possibility, then you are really looking forward to getting there. But not many people ever understand that.

There are no shortcuts, there is no way to hurry the process. There are many ways, on the other hand, to delay it or block it.

Methods of delaying the revealing the self

  • Method 1. is to use commentary, explanation, narration. Example: saying The voice said that I am stupid…
    the truth is this: the voice said: “YOU ARE STUPID!”
  • Method 2. is jumping into conclusions: the voice may say: you are stupid… but you don’t stop there, you continue and add your conclusion: therefore I will never succeed…

    The operative word is “therefore
    Other operative words are: never and ever
  • Method 3. arguing with the voice, trying to change what the voice says.

You either succeed to distinguish your empty self if you don’t do these three methods, or you succeed in avoiding it if you do.

I am OK either way.

But if you are here to raise your vibration, then you want to get to your empty self, to the space of no thing.


Because in that space you can invent the Self, you can invent who you are.

Many people say you can invent yourself any time. But that is not true. You can only invent on the top of no-thing… empty space. Everything else is “talk is cheap”… and b.s. Words.

You see, if your actions, (the do,) are coming from who you are, (the be) then one just needs to watch you and they know who you are.

And no bombastic or nice words will ever change that.

Just think about that: if you are cowardly, or dishonest, or conceited, or lazy… everyone knows that… you are the only one who hopes that they will believe your words.

And what you will have will come from the doing that came from the being… and get you what you are having.

On the other hand, when you do the work of distinguishing the IT voice from who you are, and do the work, and make the many decisions, eventually you WILL get to the no thing.

If… I said.

If you do it.
If you choose WHETHER the voice is yours or it is coming from IT.

If you don’t say NO to the things IT says… then you actually chose to be that what IT just said.

The truth is: it is really up to you.

For example if IT says: “everyone is better off than me“, or if IT says: “I am so smart, I should not have to work“… If you identify yourself with any of that, then you chose to be that.

And you never create the no-thing, the space of creating who you are, creating yourself someone who can and will… for example.

You’ll be stuck in that low vibration being that is defined by that thing you didn’t say no to.

IT is saying things about you, about the world, about other people.

So whether you identify yourself with victim, or you identify yourself with entitled, or smart, or pretty, or good, or nice, on the “positive” side, you limited your ability to create…

Because you cannot create on the top of a thing… only on the top of no thing.

Now, I know this is complicated, and I know that this probably doesn’t make sense to you.

Just keep this article, and re-read it while you do the work of identifying and observing what IT says… and watch yourself if you are saying yes, that’s me, or no, that isn’t me.

Every time you read this article, you’ll get a little bit closer to making this methodology instinctual.

Just like I am doing it… with that book I am reading, Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It.

On the surface it sounds like it is about a business, but it is about you. The reader.

You see, unless you treat yourself as a business, you won’t amount to much in life.

And treating yourself as a business means: you need to learn from business principles to know who you need to be to do what you need to do, so you can have what you want.

I went the long way about it, but this is what this article has been about.

I’ll probably re-write it a few times. This is the hardest thing to explain…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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