Supernatural? Empaths, sensitive, empathic person… what is the truth?


thornsPeople in general are addicted to seeking out and listening to “teachers” they think they know something that is not knowable to an ordinary person.

The way to “know” is to have “supernatural abilities.”

What is supernatural? And what is esoteric? 1

If you look at the Map of Consciousness, you can see that there is no such thing as supernatural, there are vibrational differences. And, probably, there are glitches. And maybe mutants? lol…

Human Being, in his Original Design state is pretty close to what you call supernatural. Yes, compared to the atrophied, slavish, sheeplike human of today, the Original Man was really powerful.

Each generation of humans became more removed from Source, and now, in the sixth generation, there are hardly any traces of the magnificent design we once had.

Some people retained some semblance of the original, but not many. Why? I am not sure. I don’t even have a theory. Maybe genetic, maybe atavistic, maybe a glitch, maybe outside influence. I don’t know.

One capacity that can be considered supernatural because it’s pretty cool, is empathy.

True Empaths are able to connect to anything well defined enough, and feel it, accurately, both on the emotional and the sensory level.




ball-of-energyAt the present time there is only one person who is like that, and that is myself. (I muscle tested it while connected to Source)

A lesser empathic ability would be to be able to connect to some people at will… and an even lesser ability would throw you at the mercy of the empathic waves with no control, much like a boat without a rudder.

I have trained scores of empaths to live with their empathic curse. I haven’t met any that could connect at will. Why? Because it is not easy. You need to have a vibration of 300 or over, and that is very rare.

There are 900 empaths that could become empaths that can connect at will, but empathy is a curse: the feelings you feel and have NO power to block, combined with an unmanaged mind renders most empaths victims of empathy. Unless they use the ability, it is like a poison eating away at your life.

Sensitives are similar to empaths in that they feel other people’s feelings, but sensitives can block the feelings, while empaths can’t.

Empathy (as in “I know what you are feeling!”) is a function of the mind: it is not a real ability.

Most people that claim that they are empaths are fakes, and they are neither empaths nor other extrasensory people: they are fakes like the gypsies are fakes when they fake that they can tell your future.

Just like most healers, most gurus, most anyone that claims the money of the naive and needy.

I was duped by a gypsy a few decades ago, so I was also dumb, naive, and hopeful myself when my vibration was low. Wanting predisposes you to become a victim of these praying people.

So, now that we have that, what should you do? You should consider yourself someone who can be trained and guided to raise your vibration, whether you have empath or sensitive, or psychic, or any extrasensory aspirations.

They are NOT important. Most people that say they are psychic and such are more miserable than the rest of the population, because they know they are lying.

80% of the general population is able to raise their vibration, and about 10% are willing.

Make sure that you belong to the 10%. There is no comparable magic than suddenly seeing life from a whole different, higher vantage point… No imagery, no imagination, real. Eyes open, nothing changed except what you see. And that changes your experience of your life.

Lovely. But it will take work, and a lot of ‘giving up being right,’ ‘giving up what you already know…’ those are in the way, anchoring you to the low vibration you now have.

If you think you are an empath, or you were told you were an empath, send me a donation of $15 or more, and I’ll check you out. If you are, I’ll give you access to my empath training videos.

And if you could, please send me a list of people you know who say they are psychic or an empath… I’d like to write a vibrational review about them all… Thank you. sophie at


  1. Definition of ESOTERIC
    a : designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone
    b : requiring or exhibiting knowledge that is restricted to a small group ; broadly : difficult to understand
    a : limited to a small circle
    b : private, confidential
    : of special, rare, or unusual interest

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