Energized water solution for your vacation

It is summer, and many of you go on vacation.

The question is: how can you take your energized water system with you.

Well, you can take the audio source, you can take the headphones. The rest, the water itself, and the container will have to be invented…

My suggestion is that you go to a camping store and buy a collapsible water bottle or a water-sac.
Campers need it in the woods. They hang the water sac on a tree…

This solution doesn’t take up much space in the luggage, you can take it on a flight, and you can buy the water in a local store. Make sure you rinse the container well at home, and test that the headphones are able to sit snugly on the container.

If you have a family, please buy a big enough container for all of your water needs.
The cost? a few bucks? The most expensive one may even be suitable for home… for $20.

If you want to order online, the search query is “collapsible water container”

Good luck, and have a good vacation.

PS: I saw many of these on Walmart.com

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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