The difference between seeing and understanding… Which one will raise your vibration?


"So that seeing they shall see and not see, and hearing they shall hear and they shall not understand, unless perhaps they shall be converted and their sins shall be forgiven them."

When you tell someone something, depending on many factors, you are going to get answers that belie their relationship to what you told them.

I have a driver: she takes me to do my weekly errands, I don't have any transportation. I talk a lot when I am in her car. Her response to most of it is "I hear you..." That is a non-committal answer, the politest way to say that they consider you noise. That they put up with you speaking.

I have students that say: "I understand." They took what you said and fitted it into what they already had in their mind, and found a fit. Unless what they understand are the instructions, I know that what I said was wasted, and nothing will happen.

The answer I most appreciate is: "I see it."

In order to say "I see it" one must track the dynamic, the interaction, the forces, the whole picture. I see it potentially comes from the Observer aka Witness.

Our goal in this work is to live out of the Witness, or at least spend most of our time there. In the unfrazzled peace of the Witness.

The state you all seem to strive for, the grace, power and fulfillment is only available when YOU are in the Witness.

the witnessAnd when I ask you to locate yourself, you find yourself in the Witness, not in your head.

Understanding is the booby prize... i.e. no value at all.

The problem with all esoteric knowledge, all mystical traditions, all theories, is that they all come from striving and causing understanding.

Send you to the mind, keep you in the mind. To make your prison look bigger, they have painted ceilings, like in the movie "The Truman Show" which you should watch, by the way.

the truman show an accurate illustration of how you liveYou all live in a kind of Truman Show, boring, repetitious, few options, few real risks, no satisfaction.

It is not that others forced it on you, like in the real Truman Show, it is your choice. You live in your mind, have visualization, imagination to make it feel more spacious, but it is a prison, carpeted, wall-papered, pretty, but a prison nevertheless.

Your soul that came to play is bored to death. You play wild games, but they are games. You join cults, societies, ashrams, take consciousness dulling or consciousness stimulating substances, but you are doing it in your prison... you are in that painted dome of a life, and you have theories of how it really is past the painted dome... but you are wrong about everything.

You populate the beyond with spirits, good and bad, heaven and hell, gods, angels, but it is still just your imagination: where you live is in a dome with a painted ceiling. No risk, no life.

And then you come to me. You find that I won't respond well to your prison slang... I don't conform to your mode of avoiding being you, being magnificent, being powerful, and really living.

What I teach is useless when you fit it into what you already know. What I teach is completely and totally outside of the mind.

It takes a long time to step outside of the mind. It happens easiest when you keep the mind occupied with something, and then you can sneak out... like I am not writing this article from the mind, though the mind is moving my fingers, correcting my spelling, but the words don't come from the mind... and more importantly, I am watching the mind from the Witness... and it's peaceful there... lovely.

I am watching the feelings coming from the DS Transmissions, today devastation, from the Witness position. I feel the feelings, but I am not my feelings... so I am not devastated, though the feelings would suggest so.

0260290106001It's much like watching a grieving mother. You see their grief, you may even feel their grief, but you know that it is not yours, and when you go home, you'll be fine: it is not your child that died, it was theirs. You don't have to give up your life to make their life easier: it won't anyway. I mean make it easier.

I can't teach you how to get out of your mind and into the Witness. I can only share what I know, what I did, what worked for me and still works for me today.

My articles, especially about Freecell (just search for it!) and my breathing and meditation calls I am not doing right now, but you can listen to the recorded calls, no charge.

you need to register, it's free. Find the videos when you are there... there are many. I call it the "new way of connecting" or something like that.

Most psychological models make a huge mistake: they suggest self-observation, but don't specify how, or through what.

The methodology I teach in all my methods is to observe thrugh distinctions: it will make stuff that normally is invisible, visible.

The course I am doing it next is called Brilliance at Will, Level 2, and I introduce a few distinctions in the free webinar "The Pebble In Your Shoe". The webinar itself is a workshop, and I use it to select suitable applicants for the Brilliance at Will course...

It is not for everyone... If you insist on understanding: It is not for you. If you can't understand: It is not for you either.

The primary requirement to be accepted into that course is to have a desire that doesn't quit... how you know is that it gets you into trouble... Core desires unfulfilled get you into mountain of trouble...

If you want to come to the introductory webinar, here is how to get into it:

  1. Mon, Jul 1, 2013 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM EDT
  2. Wed, Jul 3, 2013 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT
  3. Fri, Jul 5, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

If you want to check out the course,

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