Whatever works… Or how to go from surviving life to real living by expanding your horizons to the big picture

the-big-pictureYou can’t argue with results… yet, we (you and I) catch ourselves not ever looking at the results, instead we look at something else…

When I poke into what that is, invariably I find that we pass a systemic judgment on some step in the process towards success, and that derails us from success.

What is a systemic judgment? It is one of the ways we look at value. It is a two-prong approach to life, a specific filter through which only the cultural aspects of a value show up, good or bad, useful or useless, black or white, moral or immoral, right or wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether we look at ourselves, at other people or things… we seem to be stuck on this low-level of systemic judgment, and no success, no nurturing, no love, no appreciation, no fulfillment. Those live on the intrinsic level. Also no money, no results… and those live on the extrinsic level.

Extrinsic deals with the world, and specifically the exchange between people. When you live in the world with people, if your well-being, and survival, the quality of life depends on people, and that is everyone, then it is silly to look at values through the systemic lens: it will be both misleading and irrelevant.

what are people happy to pay for?People pay for extrinsic value. They don’t pay for systemic, and they don’t pay for intrinsic. You pay for a good meal not because it nurtures the spirit, you pay for it because it is beautiful to the eyes, appetizing for the body, tastes good, and satisfies your desire for nourishment.

Companies don’t pay for your beautiful soul, and they don’t pay for your rightness… they pay for the value you produce for the company, either directly or indirectly, so they can sell more extrinsic value to the end user.

Feeling good, feeling good about yourself, about your looks, about your intellect, about your choices is an extrinsic value. When what you sell includes these components, you will have return customers.

big-idea-pig-pictureI had a conversation with a fellow massage therapist last night. I’ve been moonlighting as a massage provider for about 14 years. I started it when I was brain damaged: I was pretty useless for anything else at the time, and you do what you can, at least that’s the principle by which I live. I do what I can with what I have.

From the beginning I was unconcerned with my massage technique, I was unconcerned about my looks, I was unconcerned about the quality of my “studio”… I was only concerned with how the client feels about themselves.

I was quite aware that what I am selling is invisible. That what I am selling is not in my looks, not in my hands, but in my being. I am selling a sense of well-being in the world, a sense of OK-ness in the world, a sense of being accepted and loved exactly the way they are, and exactly the way they aren’t.

I know, and I know it for certain, that the world of systemic judgment does not allow you to feel good about yourself, or the people around you.

If you feel judged, how do you think other people feel around you? Attacked. Even when you judge them OK, pretty, smart, etc… Those “positive” judgments are a milisecond away from the opposite, they came from the systemic world, they have to be opposite. Those “positive” judgments carry their shadow right with them.

The saddest thing is that your whole world plays out in that two-dimensional way. Success carries the shadow of failure, good carries lousy, love carries abandonment, and you are screwed and you feel you are fighting a losing battle.

You are.

So what can you do?

expand your world verticallyInside that two dimensional world there is no room for anything. You need to enlarge your world. Vertically.

All the things you ever wanted exist on a different vertical plane… in a different dimension. The transition is not easy. The transition will meet resistance from the mind. The mind does not like vertical expansion. The mind is literally linear in its nature.

To assist you with this vertical expansion of your world, I have created an unusual activator, See the big picture (aka Expanding Your Horizons)…

It’s an unusual activator because it is more a tool than a goal by itself. It is best used in conjunction with another activator: one month you use the Big picture, next month you use your “main” goal-oriented activator, like Abundance, like Serenity, like Priorities… there are many of those.

Judging from what people do with their activators, this is a necessary and mandatory addition: your mind will still sweep for clues on the horizontal plane, but with the big picture activator, you’ll be able to add levels, new horizontal planes, you would not think of going to without the big picture activator that expands your horizons to many.

The big picture activator will act like a coach that asks questions from left field that make you look at places you would not have looked.

My massage therapist student, in our conversation, looked, for the first time, at her business anew, and saw a direction she could expand into to increase her revenue. She could have done it simply by using the big picture activator, but everything works better when you have a crazy coach on your side asking crazy sounding off-kilter questions, like I do. It is like expanding your horizons at my request, at my suggestion.

In our new Activator Coaching Program you get that type of coaching, a chance to expand the effectiveness of your activator practice by a lot, and raise your vibration, and your experience of life faster. Much faster.

It feels magical, but it isn’t. Expansion feels magical.

I am here to return you to the Original Design. The essence of the Original Design is to expand, ongoingly, without ever stopping.

Now, with these two additions to the toolbox, my guarantee is stronger:

YOU WILL RAISE YOUR VIBRATION with the Avatar State Audios. Guaranteed.

By the way, I do the same work that I ask you to do. I am, at present, working on Abundance. And almost daily I see aspects that I have never looked at, aspects that add a tiny bit of boost to my revenue, my impact, my popularity, my bottom line.

Causing Abundance this way is the most satisfying thing ever. Because abundance is the result of expansion, it is sweet, beyond money, beyond no-worry, beyond avoiding poverty: it is divine, because it is doing the work of the Original Design.

On the activator coaching call I direct your attention, and then you go out and expand in that direction. You do it consistently, and we’ll have the largest community of high vibration people. Isn’t that exciting?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Whatever works… Or how to go from surviving life to real living by expanding your horizons to the big picture”

  1. Tears of recognition reading what you wrote here…I wanted to give myself the gift of having a custom activator on my birthday, but I think I am getting my present early. This is my soul correction, and I am leaping with joy that it is finally becoming an avatar audio……

  2. I am happy it’s available, and I am sorry that it’s taken this long. Until I can see it, I can’t design it. It will be the most perfect match for you, and for many people, by the way.

    I miss you…

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