Case Study: Vik Day 18: it is time to say good bye. Your Activation is Complete

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[1:02:57 PM] Vik: hi
[1:03:10 PM] Sophie Maven: hey
[1:03:18 PM] Vik: how r u
[1:03:27 PM] Sophie Maven: you: 299
[1:03:43 PM] Sophie Maven: wife: 290
[1:03:45 PM] Vik: ok..
[1:04:00 PM] Sophie Maven: father: no change
[1:04:27 PM] Sophie Maven: no attachments on you
[1:04:34 PM] Vik: ok
[1:04:41 PM] Vik: how about my wife
[1:04:44 PM] Vik: any attachments?
[1:05:17 PM] Sophie Maven: none
[1:05:35 PM] Sophie Maven: daughter: 270
[1:05:40 PM] Vik: wife at 290…she is come up really fast…
[1:05:47 PM] Sophie Maven: yes.
[1:06:17 PM] Vik: wow…i didn’t know that u had activated my daughter as well..
[1:06:35 PM] Sophie Maven: mother: 150… very fast ascension
[1:06:47 PM] Sophie Maven: I activated every single person in India

[1:06:58 PM] Vik: ok..
[1:07:27 PM] Vik: i thought tiny children who don’t understand the world should have a very high vibration
[1:07:47 PM] Sophie Maven: vibration has nothing to do with understanding
[1:08:04 PM] Sophie Maven: vibration is a function of how many of the hidden and dormant circuits are activated
[1:08:38 PM] Sophie Maven: which means activation or non-activation is the cause of understanding or delusions.
[1:09:02 PM] Vik: ok
[1:09:05 PM] Vik: ok..i wanted to one of your articles you had mentioned full and partial activation…what is the difference between full activation and partial activation
[1:09:32 PM] Sophie Maven: partial activation is activating a certain capacity, 2-3 circuits
[1:09:51 PM] Sophie Maven: total activation is activating all the circuits that are part of the Original Design
[1:10:22 PM] Sophie Maven: there are lots more circuits, but they are “elective” and I cannot do it for you, only you can request it from the Creator
[1:10:46 PM] Sophie Maven: I can help you, I can guide you, but just like a guru can’t do it for you, I cannot do it for you
[1:10:50 PM] Sophie Maven: I am not allowed
[1:10:56 PM] Vik: ok
[1:10:58 PM] Vik: so mine was a full activation?
[1:11:28 PM] Sophie Maven: I just wrote an article that is the beginning of the second phase, about money, and about becoming an expanding human being
[1:12:23 PM] Sophie Maven: it will be a series, and it will explain. I will also have online resources to help the activation or certain circuits, but it is not ready yet: I don’t know yet how to do it… Source is helping, but my understanding is lacking
[1:13:14 PM] Sophie Maven: yours was a full activation. as was the whole planet: I am 70% or more done, and quite a few people who I have never spoken, have completed their 299… yaaaay!
[1:13:26 PM] Sophie Maven: among them my niece.
[1:13:58 PM] Sophie Maven: On the other hand, some people, in spite of the activation, have been choosing to suffer
[1:14:27 PM] Vik: ok…great….i believe i am in the growth category…
[1:14:40 PM] Sophie Maven: we’ll see Vik, we’ll see. lol
[1:14:52 PM] Vik: how about my wife?
[1:15:07 PM] Sophie Maven: what about her?
[1:15:26 PM] Vik: she has already chosen growth?..
[1:15:32 PM] Vik: am asking this because…
[1:15:56 PM] Vik: she thinks she has made a mess of her life and career and wants to die soon..
[1:16:29 PM] Sophie Maven: the muscle test agrees with that. but she has free will, and she may change her mind
[1:16:37 PM] Vik: 🙁
[1:16:40 PM] Sophie Maven: you can support her in either choice
[1:17:09 PM] Vik: am always trying to get her into a optimistic outlook…
[1:17:25 PM] Vik: till now i have failed…then you came…
[1:17:36 PM] Vik: i just hope you would help her turn around…
[1:17:41 PM | Edited 1:18:12 PM] Sophie Maven: you could, maybe, let her be… your personality is too insistent, too pushy, too restless
[1:17:57 PM] Sophie Maven: I would want to die too if I were married to you, lol
[1:18:11 PM] Vik: am i that bad…
[1:18:32 PM] Sophie Maven: you are a great test subject but an horrible person to live with
[1:18:39 PM] Sophie Maven: you can change
[1:18:45 PM] Sophie Maven: that is the good news
[1:18:49 PM] Vik: k
[1:19:07 PM] Sophie Maven: dancing, remember? I never make a mistake in my coaching
[1:19:27 PM] Sophie Maven: dancing is graceful, dancing is light, dancing is going with the music… nothing is forced
[1:19:37 PM] Vik: in what sense am i horrible..
[1:19:53 PM] Vik: am very very hyper…
[1:20:09 PM] Sophie Maven: read what I have written… this is one of the things you do, you don’t read, you don’t listen, and then ask the same question over and over
[1:20:23 PM] Vik: sorry…
[1:20:36 PM] Sophie Maven: I don’t care, I don’t have to live with you
[1:20:52 PM] Sophie Maven: this is feedback, not complaining
[1:20:58 PM] Vik: ok
[1:21:14 PM] Sophie Maven: read and re-read our conversations. Everything you need is there
[1:21:26 PM] Vik: right..i got your point…
[1:22:14 PM] Sophie Maven: and start dancing as a tool for growth. meditation hasn’t worked, yoga hasn’t worked, start dancing with music, and maybe even other people… and start smoothing your edges
[1:22:37 PM] Sophie Maven: the quality of the rest of your life depends on this
[1:23:22 PM] Vik: ok..what else is your feedback and suggestions to improve…
[1:23:40 PM] Sophie Maven: isn’t this enough? knucklehead
[1:23:51 PM] Sophie Maven: this will take a lifetime
[1:24:34 PM] Sophie Maven: you are shallow and superficial, and can’t even see the depth at this point
[1:24:46 PM] Sophie Maven: this is your growth
[1:25:12 PM] Sophie Maven: now stop writing and start finding a place to dance
[1:25:24 PM] Vik: ok..and how do i control my temper…i get into a rage at times…
[1:25:40 PM] Vik: but off late not much…
[1:26:00 PM] Sophie Maven: no more questions, your lack of understanding is amazing. Dancing, how many more times do I have to say?
[1:26:12 PM] Vik: sorry…
[1:26:16 PM] Vik: am really sorry…
[1:26:23 PM] Vik: will do..will join dancing classes
[1:26:34 PM] Sophie Maven: commit to not have to say any more times “sorry”
[1:26:43 PM] Vik: ok
[1:26:45 PM] Sophie Maven: you use it as an excuse to do it again
[1:26:55 PM] Vik: ok
[1:27:01 PM] Sophie Maven: bye Vik. I will hear from you in a week?
[1:27:08 PM] Vik: week?
[1:27:13 PM] Sophie Maven: yes
[1:27:26 PM] Sophie Maven: your activation is complete, your assignment is given, now do it
[1:27:42 PM] Sophie Maven: if you don’t comply, I’ll remove you from my contact list
[1:27:49 PM] Vik: you are like my mother…will miss your guidance
[1:27:50 PM] Vik: ok
[1:28:07 PM] Sophie Maven: it is time to follow the guidance that is given, not ask for more
[1:28:13 PM] Vik: ok…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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