Eating the right foods yet not getting better? Are you eating the right way?

hunger is not the same as appetiteBefore I continue… please know that what the internet says about appetite vs. hunger is not true… what I say here, on the other hand, is true and tried. There must be money in saying the opposite… And you are the sucker who believes it.

I am still experimenting. On myself, and often on clients… with their permission.

And I am still getting people asking what is the single most important thing they can do for their health…

I have come to realize that from health’s point of view your digestion is the main concern. You take care of it: you get better. You don’t… you ask me what you should do… lol.

From overall energy, your mental health, your coherence, of course it is still your cell hydration, but from your health’s point of view: whether you digest the food you eat or not is the biggest factor in your well-being.

Why? because food you did not digest wreaks havoc in your system, on one hand, and won’t provide you with nutrients on the other.

Now, to make things complicated, each of us have our own DNA defined way to eat.

One size does not fit all, and the way it works for me won’t work for you.

If you watch a dog, the dog eats until the food is gone, and he almost never gets indigestion. That is the dog’s (and the wolf’s) way of eating.

Some people are like wolves, can eat and digest any time… Not many. 7%.

If you watch a cat, a cat needs to hunt for its food. It needs to “play” with its food. It doesn’t normally eat dead food, unless the manufacturer made some tricks… that’s why cat food smells so horrid for a human… ugh.

But even with that: a cat has to smell the food (or alternatively hear the sounds that mean food, can opener, or you shaking the dry food bag…) to trigger their appetite. No appetite: no eating.

Humans are frustrated with their cats for that reason. But cats evolved to eat consistent with their nature… you can’t dominate them.

But no matter what animal you are… and that includes the human animal: unless at some point the appetite shows up, you won’t digest your food.

So what is appetite?

Appetite is a signal the digestive tract gives to say: I am ready to eat.

And most people never give their body a chance to say that.

Just like you “love” with your mind, you “eat” with your mind… and neither work out too well for you.

Depending on your DNA, your body will favor one way or another way of triggering the body to know that food is coming. Or said in another way: the body will tell you it is ready to eat.

Hunger and appetite very rarely happen at the same time.

In my experience, by the time I am hungry, my appetite is gone. It will come back eventually, but not while I am hungry.

I also find that if and when I snack, I never have an appetite… and I get fat. Getting fat is partially from eating when you don’t have an appetite.

In addition to that: when you feel hungry, it is a signal, more often than not, that

  1. you have an upset stomach
  2. you have yeast (Candida) in your system, and it is hungry, not you

The best way for me to eat is to eat three square meals, always at the same time. It is also desirable for me to think of it ahead of time, and to smell my food. And make sure no food enters my body unless I salivate… Salivation is the signal from the body that it is ready to receive the food you are looking at.

Your appetite also, just like Pavlov’s dog, responds to timing.

In the periods when I was my slimmest, I got up and had breakfast, had lunch at the same time, and had dinner when I got home from work.

The body adjusted to the times, and I didn’t spoil my appetite with snacks. Not even carrot sticks… lol.

Every client who was able to follow the eating type instructions, got better: their health number rose to 30-40-50%.

Then there are the staunch: eating my their minds, and even though they are eating the right food, their health doesn’t get better.

It takes humility to listen to the body. Especially if you think yourself very smart and knowledgeable… a good indication that you aren’t.

And your body says “no” to all the food and all the supplements you take. It is the price you pay for thinking you know better.

Want to find out what your DNA says your preferred eating style is? At this point I am able to tell the dog, the cat, the separator, and the “by taste” types… if there are others and you are that, I’ll refund your money.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Eating the right foods yet not getting better? Are you eating the right way?”

  1. I literally “stumbled” across your page and I do see some elements of Human Design diet here which drew me in. I am a “dark” eater and it has changed my life significantly. I have a question for you that is really based in curiosity and not much more. I’ve often wondered what it means in Human Design for someone who has Open/Closed Taste. Human Design information about diet seems closely guarded but it seems so many would benefit from this information. Anyway, very grateful. Kathie

  2. the closed/open is about taste and the variety of tastes.
    For example, you can eat exotic foods, the newest interesting thing you can find in your supermarket, but if you are a “closed” type, your body won’t know what the heck you are giving it… and will reject the food…
    It is not my main type, but I am best if and when I don’t vary what I eat too much. So even though I eat eggs every day, I am best if I eat scrambled for a week or longer, then switch to omelette… and stick with it for a while.
    Variety is not what my body wants. it wants to know what’s coming… lol.

    The truth value of Human Design is only 10%. But I have found that this part solves many conundrums, and makes people’s lives better.
    Thank you for your question, Kahie.

  3. Hello Sophie, I purchased a vibration request and the other one for 15 $. I am just wondering one thing, it asked me for a picture of me ? but I cannot find a contact email or a way to do this. I also set up a membershipo nyoure website but made the purchase first.

    THank you

  4. I have found your facebook page, Walid. my email is
    I have recently been playing with the site, and maybe I don’t have my email contact anywhere visible… sorry about that. I am still not done playing… I still don’t like some of how it looks.

    I will send you your Starting Point measurements in a few minutes.

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