How can you tell if someone is high vibration or just pontificating?

coherence, high vibrationAs I was looking for a picture for this post, I realized that vibration, raising your vibration, as a topic, probably has more bullshit out there than even food…

I can safely say that EVERYTHING you find is that… b.s. and has nothing to do with vibration, or consciousness… So maybe this article is a little late… but better late than never?

I send, automatically, to every new subscriber an email where I ask them why they joined my email list.

Many actually answer, for which I am grateful: I like to hear what you say. I like to hear what you think. I like to know where you are at.

One thing I am realizing: you have no idea what raising your vibration means… and that means everyone… Why? Because you don’t know what vibration means. And because you read the b.s. on the internet.

vibrationDavid Hawkins dumbed everyone down by saying that vibration is how you feel… Maybe not…

In this article I’ll explain a little more… So you can be a little better informed, and see low vibration on other people… Seeing yourself is a little harder…

I am a true empath. It’s a blessing and it’s a curse…

People pay me $15 to spend my time, connect to them, to their energy, however it is, feel their feelings, and send them 11 different vibrational readings I can only get when I fully connect to them, without involving my ego.

Many don’t like what I find. I already know they would not, one of the measures in the Starting Point Measurements is their response to feedback… meaning their reaction to negative feedback. And in their case it says: react with animosity…

So they write back, pages of insults, and pages of analyzing me… calling me names, telling me how to become higher vibration. If it weren’t tragic, I would laugh… But it’s tragic, so I feel compassion for them.

They think that because they paid me they are entitled to send me what I never asked for.

So what would be a higher vibration answer? In case they don’t like what I wrote, or don’t agree?

Either nothing… or saying: huh… I did not like your reading… I see myself differently.

That is what a higher vibration person would do… instead of ranting and raving and criticizing me.

Now, why is that higher vibration?

One of the hallmark of low vibration is to have a fixed self-image, where your “I” is vulnerable to devaluation.

Anyone with a fixed self-image is low vibration: no escape… And any vengeful angry outburst is the sign that you’d rather have me dead, than you having to hear what you paid for…

One breakthrough a client of mine had this past month, as a result of doing the work in the 67 steps coaching, and in the From Upset to Communication course is catch that anger, catch that the mechanism was not she speaking, but the “IT”, the source of all the wretched voices in everyone’s head… and have been able to let go of that anger.

It’s taken 17 months… why so long? because that is the hardest thing to do… but as a result of this breakthrough, her vibration has risen. It has risen to the level of integrity and responsibility.

And that is the threshold vibration: from where someone can enter the Vertical dimension, where one can be an individual, where freedom lives… the dimension of Heaven on Earth.

By the way, being too sure about what you believe about yourself or anything is also the sign of a fixed mindset… an inability to learn and grow… and is of low vibration.

Whether it is health, food, politics, religion, people, yourself, anything.

In my experience, people in my 67 steps coaching program, both who are still in it, or people who tried and pulled out, if they didn’t agree with a step, and were up in arms about it being wrong, or disliking Tai, or hating the whole thing, forgot that what got them to where they were at was what they were sure about, what they had been sure about.

So anything that has a chance to take them off what they are sure of…has a chance to take them to a place where they can have a better life, a better outlook, a sounder attitude. Their reacting harshly to any new knowledge they don’t agree with, works against what they claim they want: growth.

Every ex-student of mine who quit because they didn’t like Tai, or didn’t like MY attitude, or how I teach, has remained where they were when they entered, or even more likely, they have since lowered their vibration, their quality of life, because they got even deeper into the stuck state they wanted to get out of…

And then there are the heroes who have been doing the work, and slowly and surely turn their lives around, and raise their vibration through abandoning their fixed views, fixed opinions, and militant attitudes, just like the student who has had her breakthrough this month.

It is not a fast process. The longer you’ve been stuck the longer it takes to let go.

It took me a long time too…

Summary: Fixed mindset, anything you know for sure, whether it is about yourself or about others, god, or how it is, is part of a fixed mindset… and fixed mindset is the enemy of being human.

it is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knowsBeing human means being a learning machine, allowing what you consider true and sure malleable… not fixed. Why? Because you can’t learn what you already know. But already knowing is death for a human…

Death is another way to say: low vibration. Unsuited for Life. Not human… not quite.

So the secret to raising your vibration is to let go of the certainty, let go of the already knowledge, so you can be present and aware of how it is… Reality instead of your faulty map of reality.

Here are the measurements of the latest critique: If you paid attention, every single number shows how poorly matched the map of reality is to reality… vibration, emotional intelligence, health, hydration, TLB, and vocabulary.

And it is all skewed by what the person firmly knows, sure about, and honors as the truth. Nobody home, nobody is aware, and the result: poor health, pontificating, and your only friends are your Facebook friends who don’t know how you really are…

  • 1. your vibration (1-1000) 110
  • 2. your overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc. 30
  • 3. the number of spiritual capacities you have: 3
  • 4. your soul correction (your machine): “Speak your mind”
  • 5. do you have attachments? no
  • 6. the level of your health (1-100) 5%
  • 7. the level of your cell hydration (1-100) 5%
  • 8. your relationship to feedback and instruction: all feedback devalues your precious “I”. This is your biggest hindrance.
  • 9. The level of discomfort you are willing to allow w/o trying to fix it. This is your TLB score… 1
  • 10. The size of your vocabulary: the number of words you can use accurately. 300
  • 11. You are trying so hard to be kind, and loving, and good, and hard vibration… but what is underneath of all this trying is fear and pride. Ego. Arrogance. And if you get offended, or want to argue: you came and ask an empath. This is not my opinion about you. I have none. I tell you what I “see” when I connect to you.

Also, as you can see, your health and hydration numbers are very low,much lower than your age would indicate.

If you start energizing your water and bring your hydration number up to at least 30%, your whole life will change, because you’ll have a stronger core that is less threatened by others and by circumstances. You’ll use less “inspirational” language… which is all a pretense, imho.

PS: I didn’t explain above what a huge accomplishment is to get to the vibrational level of integrity and responsibility.

You see, on the level of responsibility, and above, one has a question about everything they hold as the truth… and question it. Which means: one is actually causing their own vibration to rise, by looking if their map of reality and reality match… And therefore they can see where their view of reality (the map) and reality don’t match.

For example, everyone thinks that the food manufacturers put nasty stuff in your food, that is why you are sick. But at or above the level or responsibility, a person can look what about what THEY do that effects their well-being… Instead of looking outside, they look at themselves… and they look with a question mark, instead of an exclamation mark… i.e. blaming.

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