The Big Picture Activator: one of its many ways to shock you out of your puny view

are you a sleepwalker? are you using your life as a toilet?The following writing comes from Rob Brezsny, syndicated horoscope writer, whatever they are called, and a writer.

I am re-publishing this piece that arrived to my email box this morning, because you need to look at the stuff that happens to you with different eyes.

One of my students had a run-in with some deer and a tree… her car badly damaged. This, in addition to a lot of inner turmoil, could wake her up. But instead she is busy worrying about fixing the car, feeling guilty, you know the “drill”, being in her head. The whole drama.

If she could consider this as Life’s healing shock, using Rob Brezsny’s expression, she could be sent into all directions: all revealing a bigger picture than her puny two dimensional view of life.

We, you and me, are all guilty of that. We all “pray” for life to either be smooth, meaning stay the same, or something better. Our actions are consistent with stalling…

wake-from-sleepwalkingI suggest that you start “praying” for wakeup calls, regularly and with just the right intensity, so they don’t kill you but they keep you on your toes…

This is, by the way, what the Avatar State Audios do: send you little healing shocks… in a specific area, in the area for which they were designed.

The Big Picture Activator is the Jolly Joker card, the card that makes all work, and work better. It’s like the Healing Shock activator: jolting you out of your complacency and rut.


Many of us are essentially asleep, even as we walk around in broad daylight. We’re so focused on the restless narratives and repetitive fantasies unfurling in our heads that we only dimly perceive the larger story raging in all of its chaotic beauty around us.

To have any hope of permanently breaking out of our fuzzy trance, we require regular shocks. A single jolt might cause us to briefly come to attention and see the miracle of creation for what it is, but once the red alert has passed, we relax back into our fixation on the dreamy tales our mind never stops telling us.

In the course of its conspiracy to shower us with blessings, life does its best to provide us with a steady flow of healing shocks. But because it tends to err on the side of tenderness, its prods may be too gentle, allowing us to ignore them. Gradually, life will up the ante, trying to find the right mix of toughness and love, as it encourages us to WAKE UP!

brainwashBut our addiction to the phantasmagoria is tenacious. The stream-of-conscious narratives and ever-bubbling fantasies, even when they’re racked with torment and terror, are perversely entertaining. And so we may avoid responding to the kind shocks for so long that life finally has to resort to stronger medicine. Then we might get sick or lose our job or muck up our closest relationship.

It doesn’t have to be that way . . . .

TO READ THE REST OF THIS PIECE (and listen to it, too), go HERE:

While most people talk, hoping that they can talk to your Self, I shock you into alertness…

The Avatar State audios are strong medicine. Strong and incredibly precise. I am using it too… I need it too. No direct connection to Source has ever done as much for me as these seemingly innocent audios… maybe because these go on 24/7 while I am doing other things.

You can’t really be waken up when you are awake… it starts working on your when you walk around like a sleepwalker: doing other things.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The Big Picture Activator: one of its many ways to shock you out of your puny view”

  1. What a great find Sophie. This is what has been happening to me for 20 years, but until recently have been ignoring the healing shocks. I am arriving at a place now where even though I am getting the crap kicked out of me I feel that it is good, because I know everything will be better when I go with the flow. The key is to not feel like a victim — see it as guidance.

  2. The “Big Picture” is what some people get after losing a limb or surviving cancer. Life gets put into perspective. I’d like to get the big picture without all the drama. Must do my 50% here. Create the context for my life. I am free to invent it. Not enjoying the freedom as much as I might. Lets go!

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