People who raise their vibration and people who don’t?

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Humanity can be divided to two groups. The dividing line is the vibration of 200… the level of responsibility and integrity.

Responsibility is a view of life where it is up to you. What? Everything. And when it is up to you, then you are never a victim, although things may happen to you, thing may be done to you, and yet you are not a victim. Because you have something to say in the matter… and you don’t say that you are a victim.

Responsibility is a dividing line, and I fully expect that 99 out of 100 of my readers, including my regular readers, my clients, my students, think responsibility is either a duty (you have to, need to, or should) or blame (you had to, you needed to, you should have… and you didn’t!)

But the responsibility that begins at vibration 200 is your access to joy, happiness, power, and a life worth living. It comes from within, and it is taken on willingly.

And so is integrity. Integrity is an inside job. You have to be whole and complete with yourself…

OK, OK, but… I hear you. You don’t know what to do with this information.

If your vibration is under 200… you are in no position to benefit from what I wrote above… other than learn “about”, learn Tree of Knowledge… unless you start doing what the people who raise their vibration do.

So what is different about people who came in at 70, 100, 130, 170 and now are above 200?

You’ll hate what I have to say, and it’s OK with me… Although you hating it will probably cement you to the low vibration levels… low dopamine, low joy, low accomplishments, scarce affinity… nearly dead.

Looking at the people I coach or work with:

The people who can and do rise their vibration are the people who do the work.

What work? The spiritual work, spiritual practices that bring them out of deadness.

Listening to the 67 steps audios and posting whatever you post is only a starting point. You don’t necessarily get knocked alive by it: I have examples and case studies for people who did that for years… and yet produced no change. But I’d rather investigate the others, the ones who grew, while I have patience for and give a chance to the people who haven’t. 1

The work is not a secret… I don’t send an email to paying clients and tell them what is the secret method they get to do to become the best of the best.

Instead: I post the methods, publicly, on the blog. Here. For all to read, 6,000 people every month.

Anyone who is willing to do the work, able to do the work, will do the work consistently, will raise their vibration.

I have a few readers who are doing that. I know because they report, sometimes as often as daily, on what they are experiencing, and I am more than happy to guide them, give them feedback, cheer them on.

They are the absolute outliers, the exception, the one in a million… The self-starters. The ones who are willing, able, and will do the work. And not surprisingly, they raise their vibration.

I don’t solicit the outliers to pay me. I support them to do their own work.

Why? because I admire them. They remind me of myself… I am an outlier, doing the work whether anyone checks on me or not. I do it because it works for me.

But these outliers are the exception. Most people need support, need accountability, and a lot of time to go from nothing to a little… and from a little to regularity, integrated life, a whole new outlook, a whole new relationship to life.

And there is nothing wrong with needing support, or being a slow starter. I am myself a slow starter… I was never suited for “massive action, bold audacious action” and other such type of ways of acting. My life got a lot of positive energy when I learned to use the small steps method of achieving any change… ten years ago in November.

Change is hard for me. Maybe because I am an earth sign (Virgo).

Maybe because I have to see that I can, and I have to see that I will, and have to see that it could work, before I actually make a change… And a small change is easier to see for someone so firmly rooted in the present as I am.

Placing one foot in front of the other is my internal model of walking, climbing the stairs, doing anything. I know the end goal. I am optimistic about it. But I am not spending any time strategizing, or imagining the big steps. Only pay attention to the one foot put in front of the other… and the direction.

Muscle test says that the small (tiny) steps method works brilliantly for 70% of humanity… The remaining 30% likes wild swings, or isn’t willing to do anything.

Like with anything, only actions create change. Even in mindset. Even in thinking. Everywhere.

Shortly after I came to this country, I participated in a “color me beautiful” session. I am a “winter” and they colored me beautiful.

On my way home, on the Path train from New York to New Jersey, every guy was eying me.

I learned that being as beautiful as careful and skillful makeup can make me is not my best friend. I prefer to go unnoticed, read, or just sit, instead of warding off hungry wolves.

I also decided that putting this much work into attracting everyone was scary.

So I remained Plain Jane, and kept on working on my insides.

This was an important incident: I said “no” to something I previously thought desirable. Saying “no” is an action.

Some speaking is action. Declarations, promises, requests are actions.

Unless, of course, you are speaking without responsibility and without integrity.

Then whatever comes out of your mouth is just hot air that makes some noise, but matters not.

The most important spiritual practice is looking. Looking and telling things apart… Getting aware, waking up consciousness.

Every single person who has raised their vibration did just that. Whether they are students, or not.

They looked, told things apart, got aware, woke up consciousness.

The difference between low vibration and high vibration is the level of awareness, the level of astuteness (telling things apart accurately) and to what degree is consciousness awakened.

There are more tools that the ones we have been using, and I have been holding off on them, since March, because I am not sure how I can use them with you.

But because they are self-administered, you can use them yourself.

One tool, Self-analysis, can bring you out of apathy, resignation, anger, desperation, if you do it. It comes in a book format, and it works if you work it.

Just like Alcoholics Anonymous: it works if you work it.

I have the pdf of the first 140 or so pages… just ask for it.

OK… In answering the question in the title… there is one more difference between people who raise their vibration or not…

And that is the context inside they do the work.

We could say, that the context is a desire to integrate life, where you are the same person in every area of life… hopefully not a coward, hopefully not a “never do well”.

One useful integrating principle is continuous improvement. The idea of the tiny steps, tiny actions that turn a big and clunky thing around, without any suffering, any dings, and almost imperceptibly.

This is the principle on which I run my programs. 50% success rate is my current result… The next highest result producing program has a result rate of 7%… (The 67 steps program, by itself, without my coaching, produces a 4% result, for example.)

I had to change before my students could change… And it is my pleasure.

I tell you, life is a lot more fun this way.

Get your Integrity up to par, so your word has power

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  1. This, raising your vibration, is an example of the Anna Karenina principle. The ones that succeed walk a narrow path, all do the same thing, while the ones that don’t do a thousand different things…

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  1. Hi Sophie, would you send me the self-analysis pdf pages that you mention? Thank you.

  2. Hi Sophie,

    Would you send me the pdf of the Self Analysis? Thank you.


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