Second Phase: How Bilocation Saved My Life

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One of the new capacities this first phase activation will give you is the capacity to bilocate.

Does bilocation mean that your body and full consciousness will be at two places? No.

Here is what it means:

In your visualizations (necessary for any kind of manifestation, in psycho-cybernetics’ theater of your mind exercises, in every communication with Source) you will be able to push your energy to a different place than where you are, animate it, and be able to view it through your regular eyes and consciousness.

For example, when you do the move “connect directly to Source” that is in my video, you are at two places at once. It is your “out of your body” that does the communication, but you control it from your brain.

Why is this good and why is this a skill necessary for a good life, for great results, for ascension?

What are the other uses of this capacity, bilocation?

1. Top of the mountain: It is invaluable to be able to be where you are, at the foot of the mountain, and at the same time on the top of the mountain.

Why? Because at the foot of the mountain you have a view BEFORE the climbing, and you don’t know what path to take that will be safe and effective. But from the top of the mountain, AFTER you have gotten there, you can see exactly what you did, what path you have taken that worked.

How can you see something that you haven’t done? Simple.

The moment you activate this type of bilocation, you tap into the All-Knowledge (in a way you can read God’s mind) and know everything that’s knowable about your path. The bilocation automatically activates the energy-tap into All-Knowledge.

Doubts and uncertainties will act as energetic noise and filters, and will make you fail tapping into All-Knowledge. But don’t fret: certainty is part of the first phase…

This is the state where the famous words start to become true: you only need as much “faith” 2 as a mustard seed.

What Jesus didn’t know, couldn’t know is that at their level of activation, at their level of unelevated consciousness, humans weren’t able to have “faith.”

Why? Because faith is part of duality. The opposite of faith is doubt. And the moment you activate faith, doubt is right there with it. The more faith grows the more doubt grows. Because that is the nature of duality: your shadow grows with your light.

Not so with certainty.

Certainty is singular, it doesn’t have a shadow.

Isn’t uncertainty the opposite of certainty? No. Uncertainty is the path to certainty, and they are both of the Light.

To be uncertain is to be intelligent. Knowing that you are uncertain suggests that you can become certain. Which wasn’t available to you under the vibrational frequency of 299.

To activate certainty you must ‘plug in’ to the All-Mind.

2. Driftwood

Driftwood is a code-word for a way unactivated humans view life.

Imagine a driftwood on the river. It is surrounded by other driftwoods that bump into it. The river is going wherever the river is going, and there is very little the driftwood can say where he is taken.

If you look, the end of the driftwood is the size of a human face… if you drew the eyes and the mouth, the eyes would be just above the surface of the water, and the mouth would be submerged.

If the driftwood wanted to speak, you would hear glue-glue… no speaking.

The life of the driftwood is much like the life of an unactivated (you, before the activation) human being. At the mercy if circumstances.

What is different now? The circumstances don’t change, but your vantage point does. Bilocation to the rescue!

Because you can place your eyeballs (you) anywhere you want, you will place it to a hill or lookout point, from where you can survey your options, and give your submerged self instructions on how to maneuver, how to feel, who to be.

Real example from my real life: 8 days ago I found a man who seemed perfect for the job of assistant, all-around helper.

He came over, and he helped me clean, do the dishes (the dishwasher is broken), etc.

On Friday he called that he could not come… and wanted to come on Saturday. On Friday I was going through one of those sudden vibrational jumps, so I felt miserable. I told him no. He was concerned about my well-being. I told him that there is no need to be concerned. Monday would be fine… I said and hung up.

I sent him an email on Monday (yesterday.) No answer. I started to be anxious: I needed a helper.

Then I remembered “driftwood.”

I sent my eyes to survey what’s going on.

What my eyes saw stunned me: my helper ‘joined’ the Dark Side. Hm. I don’t think I want him coming here any more…

See what happened?

The driftwood self only saw MY need.

The eyes up high saw the context: he is not on my side, or even on the Light’s side any more.

This bilocation ‘exercise’ probably saved my life.

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  1. The usage of the word "faith" is probably one of the many distortions verbal traditions have. The listener's vibrational frequency or consciousness translates the words heard to their own words... which mean something totally different.
  2. The usage of the word “faith” is probably one of the many distortions verbal traditions have. The listener’s vibrational frequency or consciousness translates the words heard to their own words… which mean something totally different.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Second Phase: How Bilocation Saved My Life”

  1. This is a piece of the puzzle I needed to read right now (but not surprised I have ‘chosen’ to come here to this article.)

    When new things are happening, and I am putting one step in front of the other… bilocation is the tool I want to use to ‘see my way’ —literally.

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