Do You Feel Stuck?

Do you feel stuck? Are you trying to do everything but you still are stuck at the miserable place instead of where you are your best?

If so, you are not alone.

One of my clients used to be in constant survival.

He could see that he wasn’t doing what he really wanted to do with his life.

He knew he loved to learn. He knew he loved to be in conversations about deep issues where he could distinguish, for himself and another what they were looking at, deeply, precisely and in a way that it altered life. He loved that.

And he loved teaching.

These were the activities he loved to do, and he hoped that people would, at some point, pay for it.

Some did, most didn’t, and my client was miserable. His misery was palpable.

When he refused to do stuff, he didn’t like, for money… he could not pay his rent. Although he loved the activity, he hated the result: poverty.

If he did the moneymaking stuff, he was miserable too.

It was miserable, 24/7.

Fast forward: our breakthrough conversation: “enter the vortex.”

What is the vortex you ask? The vortex is an interesting phenomenon: it has the power to take you to the solid ground, so you can kick yourself off in a direction of your choosing, or, if you flail, it can break your bones… you choose.

Joe (not his real name) was trying to stay afloat by flailing away from the vortex: and it perpetuated his misery.

By entering the vortex, and allowing it to take him down to where he could catch solid ground, he could get to a new starting point, where he could design his business to include all the stuff he loved to do, and maybe none of the stuff he hated to do.

So here is what Joe did: (and you can do it too…)

  • 1. Joe decided to let go and stop resisting and trying and feeling stuck (I bet you can let go too)
  • 2. he told the truth about how it is (you are complaining about it, so you can make a list of it… right?)
  • 3. he told the truth about how you’d like it to be
  • 4. he allowed the vortex to take him to a place where he had some time to look
  • 5. he decided to go in the direction of his desire: and resolve to create a business that makes money and is focused on the stuff he loved to do
  • 6. he found the first action to do, and he found the end result (goal) he desired to attain

Fast forward a few years: he is now spending 90% of his time doing what he designed to do with financially rewarding way.

Do you feel stuck? Get in touch…

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