Everything you ever wanted comes to you through people

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Many of my students and clients have a tough time dealing with people.

No amount of technical skills, no amount of business savvy, no amount of education matters much if you are not able to get along, and communicate with people, whether they are your family, friends, customers, co-workers, or bosses, clients, potential clients…

As is becoming quite customary around me, we all need the same things to learn about the same time…

And that is: how to communicate effectively.

  • J. has achieved harmony and cooperation in his company, but not the same thing at home… no one is really listening to him. At home you have to deal with a lot more and harder things than at work… the wife, the husband, the children… a veritable war zone…
  • K. has transformed his family life, and has produced harmony and working together… but at work, with his clients, he is timid, and if he continues this way, work remains an area of life of no fun.
  • M. lives in China… and would love to do my coaching program. He is talented, he is appreciated at work, home life is fine… but money is scarce… If he knew how to ask me for special treatment and get into the program paying less… but nothing in life has taught him how to ask for something.

Whether it is between you and you… or between you and others… this, learning how to communicate, is not taught in any school, and it is not taught at any university.

So we are all ineffective to one degree or another.

I have done communication courses… and yet I make many mistakes… mistakes I don’t even know they are mistakes… but the results show: they were mistakes.

Imagine how many mistakes YOU make… and you can be better, and you can be worse, we can all get better.

This is a short article… I have nothing to sell.

But I have a gift for you…

One of the best selling books of all time, Dale Carnegie’s How To Make Friends And Influence People.

I haven’t read it yet… I am listening to it, but I have downloaded the online versions, and two versions of the audio.

I am putting it in the subscribers’ area, in the paid subscribers’ section.

But for a few days I am giving access even to the free subscribers…

Here is the link. Create a line of demarcation in your life…

I hear that even in highly technical professions, the technical knowledge is only about half of what makes one successful. The skill to communicate, make things happen through people is what gets you paid the big bucks.

Not even mentioning having a family that works.

OK, here is the link…

Get Dale Carnegie’s How to make Friends and Influence People 2

You can also go to youtube…

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