1 thing, 1 principle, 1 distinction can turn your life around

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One of the crucial steps in the 67 steps, is Step 26. the belts and suspenders step is a step that has been paying me dividends for years now.

It began when I first listened it.

The 67 steps is full of principles that can impregnate you, give you seeds that can germinate into something substantial. With you being fertile ground, with you nurturing it till it can grow on its own. Become ‘mother’ of principles.

In my humble opinion the best way to use the 67 steps is to have one thing… one purpose to listening to it.

If you are an integrated person (if not, ‘integrated‘ could be your one thing!) then the principle of ‘the rising tide lifts all boats‘ applies: your one thing makes all areas of life rise together.

In my case, the one thing was to reclaim my independence, reclaim my power over circumstances, even though circumstances were nasty… won’t go into any detail.

Circumstances haven’t changed. I have. I became a lot healthier, I became a lot happier, while I grew myself to meet life head-on. And while my goal isn’t reached yet, the quality of my life has risen beyond my wildest expectations.

As you may be able to see, doing the 67 steps without having someone to talk it over is very treacherous… and I almost guarantee won’t produce the kinds of results you are capable of producing. this is why my 67 steps coaching is so useful… It helps you identify the one thing, and it helps you make every principle in the 67 steps raise all of your life, regardless what your one thing is.

I know many people who have listened to all 67 audios, and… nothing changed.

Because it is what you do, what you decide and do tiny step after tiny step in your life, that turns it around, not the listening. And what you’ll do will depend on your listening. HOW you listen. What is the context inside which you listen. Your one thing.

The principle of belts and suspenders is a revolutionary concept: with services, resources essential to survival, don’t rely on one source only. Most nightmares are a result of violating this principle.

You may be locked in to a relationship where you can be used, abused, taken advantage of… because without it your pants fall… it is a belt, and you don’t also have a suspender.

For me it was my transportation to grocery shopping and the chiropractor.

Both essential, you’ve got to eat, and you’ve got to be well, right?

At the time I was in pain and I didn’t have the energy to get to a grocery store, let alone to a chiropractor. So I paid a woman $30 weekly to take me there…

So, what did I do?

I used the tiny step methods, and I listened to a step in the 67 steps program, five-six times a week.

It became adjusted instinct, instead of something I can talk about.

Here is how it is today:

  • 1. I don’t need a chiropractor… I bought a back stretcher, called True Back and I use it diligently. 2 I have systematically strengthened myself, so I can walk for about 30 minutes and be OK. Maybe more: I haven’t tested it… yet.
  • 2. I joined my local community center, that provides rides to grocery stores… first I reduced the frequency to once every two weeks, then I found out that Jet.com has most of what I need… so I now have a suspender and a belt and half of another belt… lol.

I am starting to work on other basic needs that with a sudden loss I could lose my life or my livelihood.

Where I live, and how I make a living.

The context of belts and suspenders is so gentle, and so “non-emergency”, no “there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed”… instead it is enriching.

It is giving me a sense of “I am a match to life…” and in some ways, I am superior to life… although that is, obviously, just a sense, not the truth. No one is superior to life.

But feeling that I can… anything… is the sweetest feeling I have ever experienced. Really.

Today I woke up with the question: what would I do if I could not do this business any longer? How would I earn a living?

I have no answer… but it’s a great question. Hey… I need to develop a suspender in addition to my belt.

I have students who are reluctant to develop skills, because they don’t feel that it’s worth it.

But inside this context, belts and suspenders, developing skills, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, is a no brainer… And because I don’t have to, I choose to, it is fun. Even more important: it is not urgent. So I can enjoy every little, tiny, insignificant step towards it.

What I like most about this approach is that it’s playful.

Play, playfulness is near impossible in “normal” scarcity based life.

I lived without playfulness for long long decades. Dutiful, trudging through, getting things done, surviving.

This is pretty much the first time in my life where I feel I am carving out a life for myself that is not survival based. And the belts and suspenders principle is doing it…

I get to see new and new ways, new and fresh areas where to apply… effortlessly, joyfully, playfully… Who would have thought that this is possible.

Useful websites, if you want to master the 67 steps:

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