Something historic may happen today that will likely go unnoticed in the news

Something historic may happen today and it probably will go unnoticed in the news. It’s something every man, woman, and child in the world should know about.

Before this event can make sense to you, there is a crucial bit of history you must first know …

July 16, marks the 40th Anniversary of the day man first stepped foot on the Moon.

It was indeed “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

But there is a bit of sadness in this event, isn’t there?

No, I’m not about to go on some conspiracy rant. What I’m referring to is far more “common” but infinitely more important.

You see, each and every day people walk around as if nothing is possible. 1

  • If only I could pay off all these bills my life would be so much better …”
  • If only I could quit this job …”
  • If only I could get people to do as I say …”
  • If only I could get out of this marriage …”
  • If only I could only choose what to do with my life…”

What’s your “if only?”

Do you have one? I bet you do …

Think about it briefly for a moment and I’ll show you how to crush it for good. We’re going to do something amazingly cool together. Stick with me – you’ll be very glad you did.

Let’s go …

See, this “if only” loop you’re stuck in is a prison of your own design.

Before you say “humbug!” and start telling me “but my situation is different!” keep on reading.

If something, anything, is not working as you think it should, there is something that you don’t know.

Are you starting to think that maybe there is something crucial you don’t know? Keep reading!

One fundamental way we are all very very similar is the tricks we use to dupe ourselves.

The Apollo 11 astronauts were no different. If anyone had a right to say “but my situation is different!” it was them, right? I mean, can you imagine more insurmountable obstacles?

Kennedy placed an “unrealistic” deadline on the “poor guys” at NASA and man oh man look what that mean president did to them: he forced them into an impossible situation.

If you think the path to the moon was an easy one you only need to watch “The Right Stuff” to get a small taste of the absolutely epic struggle the men and women of NASA faced each and every day.

“But, Sophie! They had so many resources at their disposal …”

OK, fair enough, but so do you. (Really? Yes, really. Keep reading.)

See, it doesn’t take millions of dollars and the brightest minds in the world to overcome life’s day-to-day “struggles.”

All it takes is the following:

  • 1. The willingness to flip that mental switch in your head that together we are flipping right now in this email.It is the switch to, “snuff out the minus entity and unleash the plus entity” that lives within each and every one of us.
  • 2. The willingness to project yourself forward into a future that inspires you.If someone had not looked into the future and said, “we will put a man on the moon before the end of the decade” it would have never happened.
  • 3. The willingness to follow an easy path of continual strengthening.

Flipping that switch and creating a vision are the first steps. Then you must solidify these things by strategic reinforcement. (It’s not anywhere near as hard as it sounds as you’ll see in a moment.)

Now the beautiful thing is that, whether you are aware of it or not, this article may have permanently and irreversibly flipped that switch in your mind.

Once you name the “minus entity” he can be forever under your control. With the Amish Horse Training Method you can keep that minus entity in check, while you are building a life that is worth living.

Now, let’s take step 2 and project ourselves into a great future, shall we?

One great way to do that is to tell a story about the future as if it has already happened. Back to the future…

Let’s do that together.

Ready? Here we go ..

So, what is the historic event that happens today?

Today is the day that you decide to take your own destiny in your own hands.

It is the day that you choose to mercilessly slay your minus entity and unleash your plus entity.

The decision is the first small step and it is then followed by the next easiest and most effective small step to reinforce this decision and get better and stronger every day:

You download and read one of the best selling books of all time: Dale Carnegie’s “How to make friends and Influence people”

Just from reading that book, you’ll laugh at people who have problems with money and energy. Because that book takes you to a place where you can say: “If only they knew how simple it is!”

OK… this above came in an email from Mark Joyner who discovered that unless people plan and perform small steps in the direction they want their lives to move, nothing will happen. EVER.

I have found the same.

  • I used to do coaching where I would spend an hour or two on the phone with people… and people would not do much of anything with all we talked about.
  • I used to do webinars where I would spend an hour or two with some regularity with people… and people would not do much of anything with all we talked about.
  • I am currently doing a coaching program where a certain percentage of people are doing what they are supposed to do, at least some of it… and their lives have started to move in the direction they wanted it to go.
  • But I still have people whose lives are not moving.

I think it is because change is hard… and because people wait to take an action until it is an emergency… I have too many examples… it turns my stomach.

So I can say, sadly, that unless you take frequent and small actions, you’ll be likely stuck in your “If only…”

Change IS hard, but you can fool your inner critic (IT or as Mark Joyner calls it, your “negative entity”) by taking tiny steps in the approximate direction of your end goal. So small, it really doesn’t even show up on the Richter Scale… And do it day in and day out, until you are so comfortable with it, that you can and want to ramp it up… again a little.

I am tooling up to teach the small steps method, and start using it in my coaching program as well.

I am also looking if I can get you a deal at, an online tool to make the small steps more visible and clear.

If you want to beat the fear, the reluctance, the trepidation, the indecisiveness that prevent the change that is between you and a life worth living, the small steps method is going to be a winner.

If you would like me to notify you when the small steps method program is ready, please sign up to the notification list, or sign up to become a member on my subscribers only site. If you are getting mail from me: you are already subscribed. Please don’t sign up again.

Also, you can read the book that taught me…

It is available to all members of the subscribers’ site for one week… for paying subscribers ($3 lifetime) thereafter.


  1. I will elaborate on this in my next article

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. My coaching is not expensive, because it is long term and it is in writing. $15 a week.
    There is a condition: minimum cell hydration 30%. If someone could not accomplish that feat with my Water Energizer audio, and handholding, then I won’t take them on as a coaching client.

  2. Thank you Sophie. The change of direction I am making is big, however I the steps I am taking to reach my vision are small 🙂

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