How to raise your consciousness to the level of guru in 18 months?

How to raise your consciousness to guru level in 18 months?

This article is seven years old…

I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She was the kind of friend who was in and out of my life… she lived a dramatic life and she needed help, technical, health, money, legal… that was the basis of our relationship.

I used to be the kind of person she was, and I have compassion. She didn’t bring me down, and I enjoyed her unique view of life… she was a transgendered person, was born a man, and she lived as a woman. She never changed her name… she once got kicked out of an apartment because her name said Jeffrey (not her real name.)

I was recounting to her the miraculous rise of my consciousness… and she asked what she could do to raise hers.

I looked what was a significant factor in raising mine, and I found something she could relate to, because she got to the age (54) where she was thinking of giving back.

The story I told her began 20 months before. A former mentor of mine asked me if I wanted to teach a class for her for a year. I said yes. She started to talk about the pay… and I said: I didn’t want her to pay me. I wanted to do it because I wanted to do it, not for money.

Now, why would I say no to a 6-7 thousand dollar payment, and instead doing it as a volunteer? Was I independently wealthy? Was I crazy? Crazy like a fox.

I saw an opportunity. I had never successfully taught internet marketing before, especially the mindset part I had a real problem with before. I saw this opportunity where I could experiment and find something that works, learn a lot, grow a lot, and fulfill on a desire of mine to become competent in something I had been so-so at.

I didn’t have to sell the program. I didn’t have to talk about money. I didn’t have to do anything else but teach these people the stuff they needed to learn to become internet marketers that made money, in a year’s time.

I was preparing for the classes. I was doing research. I learned about new ways to approach people. I learned about new ways people could be taught. I gave 24-30 hours a week to this project, while I also had to earn a living myself.

Crazy, right? Wrong.

I had gratitude in my heart. I was the person who got a gift. I was a lot like Howard Roarke with Cortland Homes… I wanted to test my ideas, and I didn’t care to be paid for it, because this bought me freedom to really test it, and have “artistic” integrity.

The fact that I wasn’t a very effective teacher, and the class dispersed by the end of the year didn’t change this result: I had learned more than from any graduate course, PhD course, library of books: I found out what worked and what didn’t.

And being able to hold the gratitude in my heart for being asked to do my life’s work, I had a result of an enormous increase in my consciousness.

What a deal.

Now, how can YOU raise YOUR consciousness by doing something similar?

  1. Find a skill that you need sharpening.
  2. Find a position that normally pays money using that skill, but offer your services for free.
  3. Do the best job you can without being subservient to the employer. Do it for its own sake. Do it to learn. Do it and be grateful for the opportunity.
  4. Never expect anything for what you did, other than the privilege of being able to do what you do. Not even years later. Not even in your heart. Not even when you are angry.
  5. Don’t do it to help someone. Don’t do it from the goodness of your heart. These are low-low consciousness.

Mother Teresa did what she did for herself, for her own sake. For what’s possible for one little Albanian nun, not to help. What story is told is immaterial: she had no desire to help at all.

The Christian model of living life is bankrupt. It lowers the consciousness of the planet.

When you do trade, the lowest level of consciousness, you do something with an agenda. When you help someone, or give something to someone, and expect a return, you are doing a manipulative act, very low consciousness. I have another friend who started to rise her consciousness when I pointed out that she didn’t do anything for no reason. She protested, but in the 4-5 years since then, she has developed a capacity to do things for the thing’s sake, for her own sake, instead of the praise, money, potential business down the pike. In a future blog post I will interview her, if she is willing… we’ll see. Send some good vibration her way, OK?

Be fiercely independent.

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