Weight, relationship, money you desire… are you stuck in these areas?

What does it take to attract your desire?

In January, people make resolutions, that address some of their deepest desires.

Weight, relationship and money are the three most frequent wishes, and most of them never go anywhere, no change, and yet another year makes hope lost a little bit more, confidence lost a little bit more, self-esteem lost a little bit more.

Why would this be?

There are many reasons, but I’d like to address one: it takes several inner and outer changes to bring about the capacity to change any of the three main areas.

And because we weren’t told how to change our inner world, little by little, one tiny change at a time, we never actually do it, and unless your inner world, your being changes, your outer world, your weight, your relationships, your money situation can’t change.

Examples to this what happens when there are sudden and unprepared-for changes that came from the outside.

  • People who diet and lose an incredible amount of weight, only to put it back and more each time.
  • People who won the lottery and lost it and more.
  • People who met a perfect person who liked them, they got together, but after a while their real self came out and lost the relationship.

As I said, it takes inner and outer skills and changes to be someone who can attract and keep the blessings they desire.

I listened to Darren Hardy publisher of Success magazine yesterday.

These are the inner and outer skills that are mandatory to become an expanding personality that will attract the kind of weight, money, and relationships you desire.

Skills and techniques, specialized knowledge, and attitude.

What do I recommend to you to start on this journey?

For me it was The Science of Getting Rich that did it.

Whether you know it or not, desire is part of your DNA, and can only be dimmed. By you.

You want to know that, and live congruent with that unseen desire. Why? so the acknowledgment of desire, not the feeling of it, just the acknowledgment of it allows it to grow again, to a size where you notice it, then, nurtured, to a size where it is all-consuming.

A person without an all consuming desire is dead. Only getting up in the morning because they didn’t die the night before.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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