Everything You Ever Wanted Is Coming To You Through Other People.

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Henry David Thoreau wrote

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.

What is the meaning of desperation?

Desperate means “having lost all hope.” … If you are in a desperate situation, it means things are really, really bad. Desperate… Both desperate and despair come from the same Latin verb as despair.

I remember clearly what that is like. It wasn’t long ago where I was wholly resigned and therefore had nothing to look forward to…

It was about 10 years ago that I had a turning point.

Turning points start out as bad news. Why? Because when life isn’t working, there is something that you don’t know.

Given how we humans seem to be programmed, every time we find out that there was something that we didn’t know, especially when that knowledge could have made our lives better, we first experience a huge blow to our sense of self, our precious “I”.

Depending on your temperament, we curse, we get pissed, or like me, cry in even deeper despair than before.

This is exactly what my reaction was to the new learning…

I had my Kabbalistic horoscope reading done… on the phone.

It went well until the very end, when the woman said: You have a disproportionate number of planets in your Eleventh House. Blah-blah, I thought… but she heard my thought, I think.


That was really bad news. I cried for a long time.

Had she said: everything I wanted would come to me through diligence, or discipline, knowing more, or doing more, or creativity… or anything other than other people, I would have been OK. But other people? Bad news!

Why? Because I was really lousy in the people arena.

I am from a family of rude, blunt, miserable people. And I could not make people like me in spite of my many efforts of giving gifts, giving of my time, anything.

But as much as I didn’t know what to do about it, how to do it, I am finding out, I got – then and there – committed to get everything that was coming to me through people.

It’s been a long road to hoe… tiny steps after tiny steps, I have managed to turn my “ship” around about 270 degrees… And today I have experiences with people that are actually nurturing.

An email the other day prompted me to ask you to read or listen to the book “How to win friends and influence people”… the bestseller that can fill the gap in your education in regards to how to be with other people.

I wasn’t taught at home how to be, how to listen… I was taught how to frown, and how to be haughty… condescending, I think.

But as my vibration rose I acquired the capacity to genuinely like people, awakened the inner need to connect, however tenuously, however briefly to other people. That made me experiment with people, with ways to relate. Some of what I figured out seems to be working for them and for me.

I am reading that book, and I am also listening to it.

And cry. I am moved, and I am starting to have some hope that the rest of my life won’t be as lonely and hopeless as the first part has been.

I want you to have this gift… I don’t want you to have to remain in despair.

The book, the audios are in the subscribers’ area of the site. For a limited time it is available to all subscribers… after that to paid subscribers only.

It’s here https://www.yourvibration.com/subscribers/books/dale-how-to-win-friends/

I have swapped out some of the bad files this morning, sorry about that.

You may wonder, or at least you should, why we don’t instinctively know all the rules of engagement, the principles that would make us get what we want from life, by giving others what they want.

It would make sense that our instincts would work for ourselves… but they don’t.

As is my favorite theory, some seven thousand years ago all of humanity moved to living life on the Tree of Knowledge… leading humanity astray.

And on the Tree of Knowledge we have to learn everything, and everything is the opposite of what it would be on the Tree of Life.

Especially in the area of human relations, our relationship to the Earth, our relationship to other inhabitants of the Planet… and the result: life on Earth have become Hell on Earth.

For you, for me, for everyone.

Dale Carnegie’s vibration was 200… the level where integrity and personal responsibility becomes even possible. I am in the middle of the How to Win Friends… This book has a truth value of 60%. Amazingly high.

Of course if you “use” the principles on a very low vibrational level, on the Tree of Knowledge, you can use it for evil… And many of you probably will.

The book won’t raise your vibration. You’ll use what it teaches on the level where you are… And if you see the truth in it, and surrender your wrong “knowledge” then you will raise your vibration… If you can see your self-interest in seeing the truth.

And, of course, it depends on the number of predatory genes you have. Too many predatory genes, and you only care about what you are getting… too few predatory genes, and you are like a doormat, a doogooder, a professional victim. A patsy.

Get your predatory genes adjusted so you can start having what you want
Depending on your level of astuteness, your ability to see subtle differences, your ability to distinguish things that look the same on the surface, or are unnoticed, depending on those you will get what there is to get.

And depending on your level of arrogance, you’ll nod and do nothing. Or if you are like me, if you understand that everything you ever wanted comes to you through other people, you’ll start to practice, in earnest, what you learn.

I have always been able to listen well. I think reading is what taught me to listen.

When you read as much as I have, you realize that unless you fully listen you are not listening.

  • If you listen through an agenda… you are not listening.
  • If you listen to get the answer to a question… you are not listening.
  • If you listen to remember… you are not listening.

Wanting prevents you from listening fully. Your predatory genes prevent you from listening. Your predatory genes prevent you from humility… where you can actually learn.

Real listening is full humility, full surrender. You remove your agendas, and just hear what is being said.

I have only one person in my circles who listens that way, and he has saved my ass more often than I care to admit: without being able to talk to him to sort myself out, I would have gotten myself into a lot of trouble over the years he has been lending me his ear for the past ten years.

Learning to listen is the biggest gift you can give anyone… and remember: everything you ever wanted is coming to you through other people.

So make it a priority… And make it a study of a skill… not head-knowledge… book knowledge… worthless Tree of Knowledge, trivia, mind candy.

Do you know what people want?PS: This article and what it is saying is politically incorrect… Anything from the Tree of Life is politically incorrect. I could not even find a quote of an image for illustration. This is the outside reality we live in… working against truth, working against life.

Be the exception. Please. For your own sake.

And here is a quote… from Wallace D. Wallace, from his book: The Science of Getting Rich:

By thought you can cause the gold in the hearts of the mountains to be impelled toward you; but it will not mine itself, refine itself, coin itself into double eagles, and come rolling along the roads seeking its way into your pocket.

Under the impelling power of the Supreme Spirit, men’s affairs will be so ordered that someone will be led to mine the gold for you; other men’s business transactions will be so directed that the gold will be brought toward you, and you must so arrange your own business affairs that you may be able to receive it when it comes to you. … your personal activity must be such that you can rightly receive what you want when it reaches you. You are not to take it as charity, nor to steal it; you must give, in return, every man more in use value than he gives you in cash value.

Everything you ever wanted is ALWAYS coming to you through other people. Are you set up to trade for it? Are you set up to provide more in use value than he gives you in cash value?

You need to have something to offer that has cash value for the other… or no deal!

You need to have production skills… producing value for the other. You need to be able to see what has cash value for the other that you can produce… and they can afford to pay. You need to be able to see the world through their eyes, not yours… or you won’t know what to sell. And you need to learn to be someone who can sell… No ability to connect to another: no sale! No sale? No money.

And although I am talking about selling stuff… you are always selling yourself… And most of the time: people are not buying.

Your predatory genes make you only care about what YOU want, and that prevents you from selling… yourself or a product, or an idea.

Adjusting your predatory genes, upward or downward is your best first bet.

You’ll still need to learn how to be with people so it is a win-win, so they buy, so you can have what you want.

Get your predatory genes adjusted so you can start having what you want

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “Everything You Ever Wanted Is Coming To You Through Other People.”

  1. I have a question about your statement: If you listen to get the answer to a question… you are not listening.
    Now, I suspect some of my challenge with this is from being a ‘memories’ person. So, if I ask a question of someone, how should I listen?

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