Routines, coherence, vacations, and your success… what is the connection?

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One of my students is displaced because of brush and forest fires.

He is asking about routines and resting. And if adaptability and awareness is enough to compensate for the loss of routines.

I can hear as the coin drops for me…

I have been pondering for years what is the cause of loss of vibration, loss of coherence with holidays, vacations, long weekends.

Maybe we just hit on paydirt.

I have found that orderly living results in an increased level of coherence.

For those of you that don’t know: coherence means: nerve endings fire in unison… not at randomly.

Six horses working in unison can move mountains. Six horses all insisting on going at their own innate rhythm won’t even move a cart on wheels.

You, your life, your energies, your family, your teams can be coherent or can be incoherent.

We could also see coherent as smooth.

Like in a process: if you have to invent the wheel at every stage of a process… there is no coherence. if you have to think every evening what you need to do before going to bed: thee is no chance for coherence. If you need to find clothes to wear every morning, there is no coherence… you have to hurry…

There can be no coherence if there is hurry.

Coherence is a vertical plane phenomenon.

When I was re-learning the Hungarian keyboard after 35 years of not using it, writing a letter was not a coherent process… The words could not just flow… they were inteurrupted by me looking for the appropriate keys with the right accents.

After a while, concentrating on typing in Hungarian, it can become a routine… and won’t get in the way of life.

Life, the Universe, are coherent… you are a pebble in the machine… an impediment.

Routines allow life to flow and you to flow with Life.

And as much pleasure as a vacation can be, getting back to the flow with Life is wickedly difficult.

Result: incoherence and a markable drop in your vibration.

So what can you do?

Take your routines with you.

14 years ago I commuted to a training program to New York City every week, for eight months. 275 miles each way. Left on Thursday, returned on Saturday.

I worked to create routines and to be strict about them.

I wasn’t very effective, and my health dropped to near zero… 4%. I was dehydrated, nutritionally deficient, barely able to keep my eyes open. My nacrolepsy was raging… It was dangerous for me to drive for fear of falling asleep without any warning symptoms.

It took me years to get well. I didn’t know enough, and the help you can get in the world is so cryptic and “take this”, and “do this”… I needed handholding. Not available… not in my experience.

The benefit I got from all that horror is twofold: 1. I have learned a lot 2. I offer handholding… I give what I needed.

Between you and me, I still need handholding, and it is still not available.

Handholding is involvement and most people barely have enough attention to their own needs, let alone to the needs of others. Especially people with real knowledge… Handholding doesn’t make real money (meaning a lot of money) but it is the biggest gift anyone can give to another.

My coaching program, my health consultation, my Water Energizer are all handholding services… but I digress…

Students who are erratic in their processes, in the time they go to sleep, in the times they do the steps, in the way they read are not growing, not well, not succeeding.

These are students who want liberty more than freedom, more than a fulfilling life, more than love, more than anything.

They are the “forever teenager” type of life advocates… Remember what Werner said: Everyone wants to make a difference, make a contribution. If that is thwarted, early on, they choose either the life of a criminal (take and take and take) or the life of a forever teenager… let’s have fun… let’s avoid anything limiting, anything restricting, including routines.

And they, of course, pay the price.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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