If you are a healer, you want to read this…

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healer healingI have students that are in the healing profession.

When they first start with me, they are confused, stunned, and ask me if they should quit doing what they are doing. Their whole attitude, in that moment, reveals to me what is not working about their healing.

Healing, much like the work I do, is restoring balance in a human being.

Because being out of balance can happen in so many different ways, and through so many years, even decades, and because you can be out of balance emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, chemically…. etc. etc. there is no healing modality that can restore anyone, there is no activator that can restore anyone, no coaching method…

Restoring balance is like picking a lock.

The most important quality a healer can bring to healing is being 100% present to what’s so, over time.

Imagine a tumble lock with 30-40 pins… the combination looks endless and it is near endless. Each pin’s position can be anywhere between on and off… Until you get it all right, the lock won’t turn, but yet, there are indicators that you are going in the right direction. You can feel it… But that doesn’t mean continuing doing the same thing, it only means, that the starting point now changed to the new starting point…

healer healingAbout 28 years ago I decided to learn the skill to let go of knowing what I discovered as truth, and reduce it as truth at that one moment in time. Why? Two reasons: everything changes every second of every minute, and you want to honor that. Second: You cannot be present if you hold anything as truth about that moment.

I have to admit to you that it is a hard skill to master, but with the activators it will be faster and easier: the activators find the clues that you are fixed anywhere and bring it to your attention. Only you can let go of fixation, the activators only help.

There are two healers that I admire and I think are doing good work, Dr. Schulze and Dr. Reims. Dr Reims is dead, but his work is alive, albeit most of his knowledge is gone.

They have one thing in common: they have a series of steps they recommend to every patient to get them to a higher and “curable” state.

Dr. Schulze says that 98% of his “incurable” patients get well on a few steps. I am one of them. In 1993 I was declared incurable, and I only used Dr. Schulze’s healing regimen, and the energized water: I can’t stand distilled water that he recommends.

  1. Stop doing what made you sick in the first place. Including eating bad stuff, drinking bad stuff, doing bad stuff, thinking bad stuff.
  2. Get regular.
  3. Do a thorough cleanse of your internal organs four times a week.
  4. Get hydrated.
  5. Get moving.
  6. Get enough rest.
  7. Start enjoying your life

healer891909We could call these foundational steps. Because these are not dependent on the healer, because these are steps one can take themselves, he became a billionaire, without deception.

Dr. Reims is a whole different story. He is a veritable lock picker. But even he has foundational steps: water, lemon water, and rest.

You need a tester, and a knowledgable practitioner to go the RBTI, Dr Reim’s method. His method saved my life in 2000.

Now, what is an authentic way to heal, if you don’t have the genius of either Dr. Schulze or Dr. Reims?

I am going to tell you what I do.

Although I believe that I have their genius, I concentrate it on restoring the person, the human being, not their body.

My experience has been that once one starts to grow as a human being, i.e. the crust and crud of societal misguided “knowledge” becomes mallable and falls away, they also start getting well.

Occasionally I need to deal with someone’s physical body before they are well enough to do the work of the Self. Inevitable I find bad habits, habits that can be changed, and replaced with habits of grace, ease, and beauty.

My self-healing course teaches how I pick the lock… And the muscle testing yourself course teaches how to get guidance when it’s needed to find out what are the wrong things that you do…

The activators, the self-healing methods I teach, and the muscle testing, regularly and consistently applied will make anyone a great self-healer.

xtdqbenediction580.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8pFmuyMOmVSurprisingly, all three are available and suitable for healers to use in their practice: once you have it, once you master it, you can use it to heal your patients.

They all work, and once recorded, they work independently of me. Though I would still recommend that you ask me to determine which activator will work best for them.

I cannot teach you to connect to them, I can teach you only to connect to Source. Which means that I won’t trust your muscle testing that requires you to connect to them… sorry.

With those three tools you can take them to health… once they are willing to do the foundational steps. Without the foundational steps no one can heal anyone: if your life is out of balance, your body cannot be in balance. Guaranteed.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “If you are a healer, you want to read this…”

  1. Wonderful article… I needed it. Thank you so much.. I assume you mean Dr. Carey Reams. I’ve studied both of those doctors work and both are amazing. That’s how I began my healing journey and then I got side tracked in to million of other teachings by other doctors and teachers… Now I’ll go back to the beginnings… I will study and learn your self healing methods too. Thank you.

  2. I can tell I am way out of balance in many areas of my life. I think it’s for the good..if I make good choices..this is a time of decision. I am in the thin membrane between possibility and the void of despair. The key to it all is taking responsibility for my life, and taking life seriously, really my key issues. I say I don’t want to really be any more alive since life has given me so little. Of course, I have given very little to life. This is limbo, and a kind of suffering. Oy!

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