Is life a symphony or is life chaos for you? What you manifest will be dramatically different

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symphony or chaos?All my articles are inspired, are an answer to something that happens right now… something that asks for a new way of seeing things.

Today is not an exception. It’s early and I have read only two of my emails, but the need to write an article is already there…. lol. The “bomb” is towards the end of the email, so try to hang in there: what you will learn there will first upset you, but has a chance to set you free… But the first part prepares it… Really.

M in Germany is looking at coherence and balance… and brings the following two visuals

1. Coherence is crafting a symphony… music
2. Coherence while having a whiny 3-year old tug at your skirt in the kitchen.

Then she says: “On Tuesday I was attempting to explain that (coherence) to my husband and used the picture of having a whiny 3 year old, wanting something, while you are cooking or doing the laundry, and how there even can be contentment, as an undercurrent.”

“Another thing that just started to dawn to me is balance versus coherence. This whole balancing idea without coherence just doesn’t work. I had the hunch that “balance” may be a side effect of coherence.

I had to go shopping this morning again, as we had run out of a few things I require today – some I didn’t know of, some I forgot to write down before leaving to F. A new note to myself: better planning. Less wasting time.

I can’t always yet put words to it, but I get a sense of where it’s pointing, the structure. What it requires of me (the effort I put in) and how it may contribute to me in the long run. Not about the “trying to balance things out so I can cope” but constantly learning and growing and stretching.

My daughter introduced an app to us for family chores and projects and we are starting to test it. Remember to use it, first!

I’m a libra and one of my themes is “balance” – balancing out the extremes. And it looks like it got it completely wrong until now. So, with the abundance of tools and information and concepts and contexts you have introduced to me, I am now experimenting.

The pattern or structure looks like “building” a symphony. Without coherence, without the correct patterns, it’s ugly and hurts to listen to. I have had this “visual” for the past years, that it is about structure, patterns – that are already there, available, but I have to be able to see them, tap into them, start to apply them.”

My echo to that:

The analogy of building a symphony is perfect.

Because much is going on at any one time, even when you are just alone, and sitting on a bench… or in your bed at night.

The team-you: each member is doing their own thing, and yes, unless there is coherence, there are interruptions, and talking over one another, and cacophony… not music.

The other thing is: what you listen for, who you are when things are happening.

One of my favorite movies is August Rush, a little boy who hears music in everything, and then creates a symphony including all the street noises, and it’s brilliant. 4

All those noises are heard from coherence… and can be incorporated into coherence… so the basis is the being, the listener, who doesn’t say: this is wrong.

The little 3-year old can be included — coherence maintained, or the kid can be fought off — coherence gone.

So yes patterns, yes structures, but from the beingness… that one cannot be explained… because it just is…

And the third piece today: from a student who just discovered that he approaches every person with the desire to be validated, to look good, to look more than he is… and instead gets harsh criticism, and rebuke.

I see that when i stop myself from getting into the conversation games with some, they try various ways to try and get me into it.. and for me i have to just remove meaning from it all. Its a trap that i was making and i can steer clear of it.

Will the needs or filters of the feelings/voices slowly diminish as they are seen for what they are and do?

And I see what is missing…  What it is that I need to write about.

The way to look at how it is is this:

The voices you hear in your head are not yours, or are mainly not yours.

There is an ongoing broadcast, 24/7, that you tune into. Depending on what station you are… you catch this voice or you catch that voice.

I remember, after I learned this, back in 1991, one night, really late, I was driving west on Rt 80, and my car radio tuned in, by itself, to a station that was playing haunting beautiful vocal music.

Later I found out it was Billy Holiday5 I had never heard her voice before, even though I knew the name. I knew that white hospitals refused to admit her when she was deadly ill… can’t remember the story well.

The mood was a perfect match to my mood… longing, yearning, sad. And beautiful. I left the country where I was known, where I was maybe even loved, where I could have, should have… you get the mood, right?

And that night I got the concept… there is a broadcast and you tune into, you hear what resonates with your beingness…

  • When you are coherent, you tune into coherent.
  • When you are needy, sad, greedy, disturbed… you tune into what matches your mood, your beingness..
  • When you are not coherent… when there is no peace in you, everything bothers you, everything looks like a disruption, like the waves in the ocean that seem hellbent to capsize your boat.
  • But when you are out on that same ocean to surf… those same waves are messages from god… sent just for your benefit.
  • When you are in “come hell or high water, I am doing this” incoherent mode, forceful, almost violent, everything is there to disrupt you.
  • When you are “I am falling asleep, so don’t disturb me” all the thoughts, all the noises from the street are there to hijack you… and you are angry, impatient, bothered.

Life, the airwaves, are full of broadcasting… everything is doing what everything does… and you either fight it, or you don’t.

Who you are is either coherent, a calm piece of heaven in the midst of a world that is doing its thing, or not coherent and therefore are penetrated, bothered, guided by the world.

All the voices in your head are the same as everyone else’s, except that you hear what you are tuned into, the station that you are.

You are in greed? You hear the voices that say that you should have more.
You are in needy mode… you hear all the voices that suggest that you should be coddled, approved of, loved, cherished… that kind of stuff.

  • If you are in a mode that resonates with conspiracy theories… you’ll hear them, loud and clear.
  • When you are in love… you only hear what is resonating with that high: the world is beautiful…

The world is the world, and you won’t change it, no matter how much you try.

But you can tune yourself, your beingness… and become “deaf” to the voices.

Because when none of the nasty urging voices resonate with you, then you can hear that it is just noise… while others, listening to the exact same broadcast hear something that make them feel stuff, do stuff, say stuff…

What I teach my students is to be that person who is “deaf” to the Dark Side… that is what we do in the coaching program, in our daily back and forth.

When it is clear that some distinction, some principle, some structure is missing… I write an article about the missing piece.

Because no one person is smart enough to figure it out all for themselves. Especially not while they hear the broadcast they are tuned into.

PS: Coherence is a being… a state of being.

It is rare… most people are never coherent. They may be calm, but ready to be uncalmed… (a new word just for you!).

The difference between a boat with a heavy weight 6 going deep down… and a ping pong ball on the sea…

Coherence is that stability that causes the boat maybe bend a little, but not capsize.

ballast to make you unphasedWhere your “keel” keeps you upright and unphased… even though the waves are relentless.

One of the conditions for coherence is that your body be in growth mode… not survival mode.

When your cells are dehydrated and there is no hope for new water, the cells are in survival mode… and coherence is impossible.

This is why my recommendation is that you start drinking coherent water, so your cells can be plumped up, and come out of survival mode.

The only coherent water that is easy to get is made with my Water Energizer audio.

The water becomes coherent at 653 vibration… and only coherent water is welcomed by the cells.

I drank water that was 600 vibration for years, water I bought from Sante Water, or water I made myself with the Energizer… but I never pushed it long enough so it goes to 653 all the way. It takes longer to add those 53 points that the first 600 took… I didn’t do it and I didn’t really get better, or coherent, or healthier. (I didn’t know any better)

If you knew me then and you know me now, I sound like a different person.

Just having your cells hydrated acts as a huge buffer from the “waves” the world is hurling at you in voices and in people.

Here is some more about the Water Energizer audio…

I don’t do any work with anyone who didn’t get their cells to 30% hydration. It’s that important.

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    The movie says everything you need to know to manifest the life you want... from coherence.


  3. the keel: the longitudinal structure along the centerline at the bottom of a vessel's hull, on which the rest of the hull is built, in some vessels extended downward as a blade or ridge to increase stability.

  4. The movie says everything you need to know to manifest the life you want… from coherence.

  5. the keel: the longitudinal structure along the centerline at the bottom of a vessel’s hull, on which the rest of the hull is built, in some vessels extended downward as a blade or ridge to increase stability.

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