Add 20 points to your IQ by flashing out your cone of vision

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It is starting to dawn on me that the intellectual action of seeing the forest, in spite of the individual trees is not something everyone has been able to do.


Some people, when they are asked to say what is the forest, in our conversations: what is the principle, what is the context, they use jargon… like integrity, or responsibility, the word.

They remember it.

But remembering hearing it doesn’t mean that they actually saw it.

Seeing the forest for the trees is 90% from the DNA capacity: Seeing the big picture, and 10% habit.

After courage, it is the second most missing capacity in humanity.

When activated, it adds 20 points to your IQ.

When I look at the success of my students, those who are getting what they are supposed to get in the 67 steps have the Seeing the Big Picture capacity open, or mostly open. Mostly open means: there are some areas where they don’t see the big picture, but most areas they do. This is all of us… it is not easy to see the big picture everywhere… just look at politics, presidential elections, presidential behavior…

You first noticed that this capacity is not working when you were in school

You first noticed that this capacity is not working when in school you could not see why on earth they ask you to learn algebra, geometry, history, biology… or ask you to read dusty old books.

And you still don’t see it. And, or course, you don’t know the difference between a nut and a legume, a fruit and a nut… because these also need that capacity to be open… the capacity to see the forest for the trees.

When I ask you to read a book, you do, but all the trees don’t add up to a forest… you are a ‘linear reductionist’, you see the trees, but not the forest…

Seeing the forest is seeing the principle, the raison d’etre… the backdrop. The why. The reason.

This just came out with my insight that if you don’t get the principles Tai communicates in his 67 steps, principles that are true and tried by other people… and don’t come from Tai… you can’t, literally can’t benefit from the program.

The only life worth living is a life guided by principles.

And you either see those, or not.

Or you see them, like you see everything else: they don’t stand out, they don’t spell principle for you… so you treat them exactly like you treat the things you say: ordinary.

Capacities, when you are born, are either turned on or turned off… but if your caretaker models them, the capacity turns on.

Most people have their pretty but uneducated mother as their caretaker… so most people’s big picture capacity never gets turned on.

I, honestly, can’t be your caretaker… but I can turn the capacity on for you. But… but while it is turned on, it will be YOUR job to utilize it.

So, if you are in the 67 steps program, ask me to turn the capacity on for you, and then spend the next three days in search of the bigger picture… in the Bible, in the 67 steps, in the book ‘Chop wood carry water’ until it is clear to you, NOT YOUR MIND, but to your whole YOU, what is the tree and what is the forest. What is the principle.

I remember when about 30 years ago I was challenged to see it even where seeing it is very hard.

In a class of 400 only two of us saw it…

It was a class with Werner Erhard himself, and he was distinguishing ‘two’ for us.

What is included in ‘two’ dramatically differs whether you have the principle of two, or the trees, the examples of two.

When Werner raised his fist, seeing two was impossible for 398 in the class. One fist… WTF. where is the two? Where is the other?

This is, by the way, Landmark’s effectiveness in raising people’s vibration is zero to none.

Because without seeing the big picture, without seeing the distinction, without seeing the principle, without having the Seeing the Big Picture capacity turned on, it is impossible to raise your vibration.

I am unapologetic about it… even though I haven’t seen it until today.

Yesterday I read a book by Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. He, unapologetically, tells how certain ideas, certain hypotheses, certain names are changing… He doesn’t say: I have been misleading you… He says: as soon as I see it I’ll tell you.

I just wish science and church and politicians were like Freud (and me).

You see what you see, and then suddenly you see more, or different, or dramatically different.

That is the nature of seeing.

When you’ll catch a glimpse of principles, the forest, you’ll know what I am talking about.

Then, if you don’t use it, if you keep going back to the examples, the level of the trees, you’ll lose the capacity.

Don’t do it this time… please…

Or if you know you will, don’t ask me to turn it on again. Save your coin… go and buy yourself something nice instead.

If you can’t afford it… ask to talk to me… to see if we can make a deal.

I need to connect to you to do this activation.

Therefore if I haven’t done your Starting Point Measurement for you, you’ll also need to buy that for me to even consider doing the activation for you.

Here are two payment buttons… one if you are a customer, I know you, I have done your starting point measurements for you.

the other is if I don’t know you…

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