The boy in striped pajamas – propaganda for what?

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the boy in the striped pajamasThe boy in striped pajamas… I must be off my rockers, right?

If you have been reading my articles for any length of time, you know that movies are a fertile ground for me to see stuff about myself, about the nature of ego, etc.

This article I am going to write about The boy in the striped pajamas

Why? I trust my inner voice, and my inner voice has been doing two things today: made me sing the “Amazing Grace” and ponder about the ending of that movie.

So, what’s up with that movie? Great title, eh, the boy in striped pajamas, who would not want to watch that?!

Ever since I read the Ayn Rand book, Atlas Shrugged, my eyes have opened, and see things I didn’t consciously see before.

I see conspiracy in innocent looking movies, to reduce you to sheep, or to make you feel guilty.

In this movie, I see something that is disturbing to me, so let me work it out of my system. Hey, writing is therapy, public writing is doubly so!

The story of the movie is relatively simple, (hey, it’s an American movie, pandering to the lowest common denominator, which is low!)

Here is the story: a German officer and his family arrive to this new post, which is being the commander of a concentration camp. The house they live in is walking distance from the camp, and the son in the family, about 6~8 years old, can see the inmates in the camp, seemingly playing and having fun wearing striped pajamas.

He sneaks out of their yard and through the back woods goes to the fence of the camp, meets and befriends an inmate about his age. He starts a friendship and brings him food as often as he can slip away undetected. The kid in the striped pajamas is visibly hungry.

He sees a propaganda movie about the camp that depicts it as a wonderful recreational facility.

striped pajamasHis father asks to be moved to another post at the request of the wife. The boy wants to make a last visit to his friend and help him find his dad. He digs himself into the camp, dresses in striped pajamas and gets taken into the gas chambers and killed. All in about 10 minutes.

The German family experiences firsthand what it’s like to lose a child.

Now, what is wrong with this movie? Let me count the ways…

First off, the story is ludicrous, it could never have happened, if you know anything about those camps.
Second: the movie doesn’t relate to mass murder, only to one person’s death, mostly, my guess, because
1. it’s not easy to deal with mass murder
2. because they don’t trust the audience to want to see that
3. there is no money in movies no one watches
3. because the accidental loss of a Christian boy in the camp for Jews is a big deal, compared to six million non-Christians that were where they were supposed to be. He CHOSE to go in, albeit on false premises, while the inmates were forced to go there… poor dumb kid, right?

If we look at this scenario, we can see that Life has no value, only the life of some dumb kid who didn’t know to stay out of harm’s way that was intended for other little kids, not himself. That kid, we can relate, we have dumb kids, we know dumb kids, we’ve been dumb kids, so we can relate. And we care about our, care about his life, but why would we care about life? I mean Life? It would be like caring about people… forget about it!

map of consciousnessWant to know what is the vibrational frequency of that movie? 120. Heaven is 1000. Love is around 540. Courage is 200. Anger is 150. Pride is 175. That movie is somewhere between wretched of fear and wishful thinking.

The boy in striped pajamas… an accurate diagnosis of the state of humanity.

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