What’s your context? I just have to look at your life

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The biggest price Positive Thinking junkies pay is this:

You can only have power in any situation if you are looking at what is so!

Why do I call positive thinkers junkies? Simple: they are, just like heroin addicts, unable to deal with the momentary feeling bad about anything, they need an escape from reality, at the expense of their life, their health, their relationships, their money.

When you are a positive thinker, your default context is that reality is just plain should not be the way it is.

For you it’s wrong, for me it is just what’s so… you are powerless, I am powerful.

Finding the silver lining is not available to you, until you see the reality of the situation. For example, yesterday I screwed up something and lost a lot of money. I saw what I did, I appreciated that this wasn’t a good time to lose money, and then I looked for a silver lining: it was a learning experience.

I always return to this two moments in my life. Seemingly insignificant moments, but turning points nevertheless.

The first one was when I saw a poster in a chiropractor’s office saying something like this: “In order to get to the next level, you need to give up who you have become.”

And the second was a poster with a dark sky with a tiny sliver of light showing through. The words said: turn your face to the light…

The first one is the principle of transformation: everything you are, everything you know is in your way of having what you want, what you are striving for. You need to give it up. Painful, frightening, but it’s so.

The second one is the idea of escape. Clinging to hope, clinging to “there is help”, clinging to being an effect, never a cause. The opposite of power, the opposite of transformation, the essence of positive thinking: the biggest enemy you have ever nurtured on your chest.

When you want to answer the question in the title, What’s your context, you may need to dig through the layers of positive thinking, to get to the reality of your context: the context that makes your life feel unsuccessful, that makes you feel crap, that keeps you the same: less than you could be.

In my current free webinar, I do the work with each and every participant. I’ll use my 30-years of transformational coaching experience, and my empathic ability to feel your feelings, to guide you. I may not be able to dig deep enough in one session, so come to as many as you can, they are twice a week.

Once we see the default context you have. This is what I wrote to a colleague of mine in an email:

we’ll look at the default context of our activities/life. I think it will be great to have you there, and point you in a direction that is more conducive to increase business.

The fact that people are stealing your stuff is alarming to say the least… you need to look how you are making that happen… the webinar will be a great place.

Must have headset, or can’t get coaching.

By the way, this is a brand new webinar, and it will be given twice a week, to fill my next course on context.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “What’s your context? I just have to look at your life”

  1. Long-time self-help junkie here. Thank you, Sophie for being more interested in real transformation than money. And you deserve plenty of money because you provide plenty of value.

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