Living powerfully, what will it take to defy the odds?

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living powerfullyLiving powerfully, what will it take to defy the odds?

Do you live powerfully? If the answer is yes, then I can tell you that you have a strong self-esteem.

What is your self-worth?
And I don’t mean how much you want to make an hour, a day, a week, or a year. What you want has nothing to do with self-worth!

Self-worth also has nothing to do with what you know, what you can do, what other people think you can do or can’t do. Self-worth is how much you think, deep inside, when the chips are down, when life looks hopeless, how much do you think you are worth then?

Self-worth is just another name for self-esteem. Maxwell Maltz was a great authority on self-esteem. His knowledge was largely fueled by his profession: he was a plastic surgeon, and he had a chance to see and hear patients before and after the surgery that made them more beautiful, or removed the outward parts of them that they thought was ugly, unsightly.

He found that self-esteem does not change with the circumstances, because self-esteem is a deep-seated belief based on an old-old circumstance, or some failure, or someone speaking. Often it is even older: you inherited your estimation of yourself.

Maxwell Maltz developed a technology to change self-esteem, but it works only for a few people… it never worked for me, just like most things I did didn’t work for me.

self-worthMaxwell Maltz’s technology is based on visualization, playing out scenes in the theater of your mind.

Why would not it work for me? Well, for one, just like about 40% of the population (and 80-90% of those that struggle) I am kinesthetic, which means that I do not approach life through visuals, I approach it with feelings, inner and outer.

The second reason is that changing deep seated beliefs with methods that don’t go deep is not possible.

I have only had success with two modalities, and I hear that a third one may be effective too.

I have become a practitioner of the Healing Codes and Theta Healing, because they worked for me. The third healing modality is EFT, where (I am only guessing here, I’ll do my research when I write about that specifically) tapping confuses the system, and this way your mind gets access to the deep seated regions of the mind.

Why would self-worth or self-esteem be so important to living powerfully? Because we always live consistent with our inner guidance system, and if our inner guidance system says we can’t, we won’t. If it says we are not deserving, we either won’t go for it, or won’t hold onto it in case by accident some good fortune falls onto our lap.

What does it mean “living powerfully”?

Let me show it on an analogy from the car world for high performance. Ingredient one: A vehicle that performs according to its design, has all part in pristine working condition, oiled well, fueled well, the tires are balanced and aligned, the breaks do their jobs well. Ingredient two: A driver that knows how to drive, where to go, how to drive in any road and traffic condition, drives with ease and grace without driving other people insane with their driving.

That, translated to human conditions, to your life, would mean “living powerfully”. Not an easy feat to accomplish, is it?

But it all starts with the belief system.

I watch people drive their Lexus or Mercedes Benz like it is a beat up old clunker, or they drive the car like it’s made of eggshell and will fall apart if they reach the speed limit, ever.

The vehicle is powerful, but the driver’s belief system limits the performance to the driver’s level. That is not living powerfully.

What would living powerfully mean to you? What would be the requirements? What things would you have to change?

My new course answers that and provides one-on-one support in changing the limiting beliefs.

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