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choicesChoices: It Is Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood

You can change your past. Much like in the movie trilogy, Back to the future, you can change your present that way.

Some 24 years ago, (I have told you I’ve been at this transformation thing for a long time, l.o.l.) I created and ran a group that was called: “Playground: it is never too late to have a happy childhood”

I was especially attracted to that title, because my childhood was really crummy, and I hoped that it was going to work for me.

Though it didn’t do much for me, it did a whole lot for the participants. Wholly unpredictable changes occurred: I didn’t have any explanation for what happened, but people transformed in front of my very eyes, turned from bitter into sweet and accommodating, two of the group miraculously cured from their impotence, got married, etc. etc.

choices: back to the futureFast forward to this week: I re-watched the movie, Back to the future, enjoyed it like I did the first time, and then I watched the sequels.

It was clear to me that it wasn’t just a romping fun movie, it was a deep tale of transformation: going from blind to choice to seeing but still choosing the same, to choosing, consciously to behave unpredictably, and create a new future.

I am talking about Marty McFly and his lifelong habit of reacting, predictably, to being called a chicken… and accepting challenges he didn’t have to and ruined his life and his family’s life.

In the third sequel he finally gets it, and chooses to listen to his inside instead, and impacts the future of everyone.

I loved it. I could even see that somehow it applies to me, I just didn’t know how to benefit from it: It was just brain-candy, or something I can use in my coaching.

Then yesterday came. I was introduced to asking a question in a different way in a program I’ll reveal as soon as I get an affiliate link to it…

In that program you go to an alternative universe where you (a version of you) has solved the issues that you need to deal with in yours, health, wealth, relationships, etc.

You go there and you ask your better version how they did it. The answer will surprise you, as it surprised me.

It all boils down to choices.

What kind of choices? Here is the kicker: choices that at the time you could not see. That you had choice: it didn’t even occur to you.

Examples from my life:

little girl lostWhen I was a little less than 4 years old, I traveled with my nanny to her village. It was late summer, and it must have been someone’s wedding, or some other celebration because the village had a lot of food cooking right in the street, barrels of wine, dancing.

Somehow I lost my nanny and found myself hungry and lost. I was standing in the middle of some square, watching the sunset, alone.

A man walked over to me and reached his hand down. “They found me” I thought and happily reached up and grabbed his hand.

For the first time in almost 60 years, yesterday I saw that I could have said “No, thank you.” Life would have turned out different, very different.

Another example: When I was 16, I went to a party, didn’t like it and walked home. When I burst into our house, I started to talk fast and without much sense. Both my mother and father got upset and beat me to oblivion.

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw that I could have stopped to look, say hello, arrive and be in the same place where they were, and then speak. My life would be very different now.

The question is: is going back and see all those choices a good thing? Yes. Does that, in and of itself, change your present conditions? Maybe not. But if you get the predictable choices you make now, that keep your life the way it is, as real choices, for you, it will as surely change the future as the fact that the sun gets up in the morning.

Different choices, different future. Try the paradigm jumping program to have choices

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