The Path To Abundance… Much like an obstacle course…

abundance2In this series of articles I’d like to share how the Abundance Activator is changing my life

But instead of starting at the end, or even in the middle, first, let me give you a brief history on the activators.

Last year, during a Connecting to Source webinar session, we, my students and I, experienced a tremendous vertical beam of Light Energy, wide and strong, and a horizontal sheet of energy broadcast… unlike ever before. It was the most magnificent experience I had ever experienced.

The state was steady and totally blissful. I could sustain it for about 6 minutes, then it became so strong, that I felt that any minute I was going to disappear into the Light… and the thought: “I am not done here,” brought me back.

pathSince then I have been able to connect that way at will, though each time I need to sit, deal with the fear that “this time I am not going to able to connect…”, pull all my power within to be calm and centered enough to connect on that level.

I lovingly call the state of being connected this vertical and horizontal way the Avatar State.

Like with all the energies that I call down, the energy of this connection get active through the audio, even when one listens only to the recording of the session. This is what made it possible for me to create the Avatar State audios. They work as well as if you were on a call with me…

The first of these Avatar State Audios was the Harmonize the Planet, the second was Harmonize your vibration.

Those first audios work without your conscious involvement: the more you play it in the background the more they work.

rocky-pathIt is not recommended that you listen to the audios directly for any longer than a few seconds: until you can raise your vibration to above 900 where I am, the strong energy can make permanent damage in your energy matrix: too fast change is not good for you.

Interestingly, you don’t even have to hear the audio: given that only the energy matters and the energy is wider than the planet, the audio can play in another room, in another building, in another state, the only requirement is that YOU turn it on, thus expressing your permission for the energies to work on you.

I used the Harmonize your Vibration activator for a few months, even though my vibration was above 900. But I had some rough edges that needed shaving. As long as I felt the energy clashing with my energy matrix I knew it had useful work to do.

In these months I lost 20 lbs, I penetrated areas of knowledge I could never before penetrate, I was empowered to say No, gave up being angry and resentful: I haven’t felt angry longer than a few seconds at a time since then. I also stopped complaining, and largely stopped offering coaching when it wasn’t specifically requested… I stopped being a know-it-all. All these have been huge accomplishments for me.

Then I switched to the Abundance Activator. It was jarring, I have to tell you.

The Abundance Activator does not do all the work on its own, like the Harmonize audio, this one actually needs your conscious involvement.

It will, probably work

  1. first on your delusions with regards to money… and you have many.
  2. Next it will start to work on your lack of clarity… when you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there… nowhere…
  3. Next it will start to work on your unwillingness, or alternatively your greed…

obstacle courseAnd it will take many many stages to free you up to start on your path to abundance… because of where are you now… Probably, like most people, you will find yourself either on the path of survival, barely making it, or on a downward path.

How do I know that these are the stages? Because, believe it or not, I had to go through them myself.

I am at the stage where the past, the reluctance, and the true desire are battling it out. The fear and the Life Force fight… Quite interesting to watch, and to experience.

In the next post I am going to share what I had to give up, and what I had to take on as part of my own abundance journey.

Here is how I recommend that you start:

  1. Let me measure your vibration. It is intelligent to know where you are starting…
  2. Start using the harmonize your vibration audio, no matter where you are now… some general stuff needs to be set straight for you to be able to tackle abundance.
  3. when ready, start using the Abundance Activator
  4. get weekly coaching in the Activator Coaching program.
  5. Read the Effortless Abundance Report… it will make sense as you do the work

If you do the above steps, I can guarantee that you will reach abundance. How long will it take? It all depends on where you are at now, how intelligently you use the activators, and how willing you are to do the work.

Air Cav infantry Soldiers compete in company challenge

…or get all four for $30 (37% off) the first month, and $15 a month thereafter. You can cancel any time, though ongoing coaching is the key.



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