Can you be well, can you get well if you don’t know if something is true or not?

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This article has long been in the making.

It’s about our inability to tell what is the cause of something. Or even if there is a causal relationship between two things…

Between tithing and a sudden windfall… between lying and breaking your leg… between eating peanuts and feeling better/worse… Is there a cause and effect relationship there? If you pray: do people get better? If you spend time on a reiki person’s table… do you feel better because someone paid attention to you, or was there even energy there? Questions, questions and no answers.

If it were just you and other consumers of information who don’t know the answers, that would be fine with me, but with the proliferation of the internet, and with everyone and their brother writing, publishing, opinionating, sounding off, repeating things and their opposite, our sense of who to trust, what to believe is at an all-time low.

It used to be that we trusted doctors, and we died feeling that the doctor did their best… and their best was not a match to the task.

And we were right. We did the best we knew to do.

Medical “sciences” have gone through a long history of guessing what causes what, and it is in no way near being accurate. Not then, not today.

If the researcher or an institution is funded, the research results will be skewed to support those fund providers to get more business. Leading to even more distrust.

  • This gave rise to independents, who don’t even have the benefit of an education…
  • This gave rise to fraudulent companies who invent doctors and researchers with results that never happened
  • This gave rise to energy practitioners, and chiropractors, and all kinds of people who benefit from your inability to see much of anything… especially how and why things work.

And this goes on in diet, in nutrition, supplements, in exercise, in disease prevention and cure, pain, and inconveniences like acid reflux or hair loss.

The other day I tested 200 products, all the same name! before I found one that tested yes for a client. Labels lie… and lie abundantly. Shamelessly. And we have no idea. How are those 200 same-name, same ingredient products different? And how could a normal person know… surely not by the label!

And we are not only unable to tell if something is a cause or not, we also don’t know what would be, could be primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Here is a personal example:

In 1987 I bent down to clean behind my toilet bowl, and could not straighten up.

I decided that I needed an emergency chiropractor, it was a Sunday, and I found one not far from where I lived. Next day I bought a kneeling chair for 300 bucks… I could not sit on a regular chair for a while.

Between 1987 and 2017 I spent about 100,000 dollars on chiropractic care. I felt that I was right… until…

Until I changed my diet, increased my cell-hydration and found out that I was just as well without a chiropractor, maybe even better. I’d never considered nutrition a thing… and was only concerned with my girlish figure…

Obviously this area wasn’t the only area where I spent my money as if I had stolen it… My spiritual growth, eliminating the noise in my head, my anxiety, my anger, my arrogance… tens and more tens of thousands of dollars.

I estimate that the return on my investment was about a dollar on every hundred dollars I spent.

Another area was business… same puny and pitiful ROI, return on investment.

I spend a few hours a week reading stuff from scientists, a book here, articles, videos… The reason I don’t give it more time because they are so off… they are so mistaken… it’s ridiculous. And I hate to argue…

Today I muscle test.

Before I test, I ask “Source” if it knows the answer…

There is this guy who comes to exercise in the park near my house, twice a week, with a specialist trainer.

The trainer specializes in people with Parkinson’s disease.

I see them every 3-4 weeks, when I am outside when they are here.

Today I muscle tested: does he have Parkinson’s? it was a yes/no answer. Does he have something similar to Parkinson’s? the answer was “yes”.

Is he getting better by the exercises? “no”
Would he get better with a change of diet? YES.

Now, is the guy wasting his money paying this trainer twice a week? Hell yeah. Just like I was wasting my money on chiropractic.

Don’t be mistaken, if I fell, had an accident… I would probably still go to the chiropractor for a few sessions. But I used to go 2-3 times a week… and sometimes twice a day! And intensive weekends… blah blah blah.

I went through a lot of experimentation to get to the right diet for me. Learning curve.

Today, with my current tests and knowledge, I would be able to do it in an hour.

But then there are still tiny tweaks needed…

For example: I am trying to start a new project, and it is causing a big disruption in my inner peace… and once or twice a day I get bent out of shape, become restless, and crave some comfort food.

I have started to query: is this feeling mine? is it emotional? is it because of nutritional causes?

So far every time the cause was nutritional.

The emotional upheaval, overwhelm, etc. ate up some nutrient that are normally sufficient for peace time… except.

I learned a few years ago that Chromium and Copper are used up faster if I ate sugary stuff.

For stress, nowadays it is Vitamin B…

Or if it is hot, or I can’t sleep, it’s Potassium and Magnesium.

It is like dancing…

The goal is to remain intelligent, calm, collected, coherent, restful, even in the middle of stuff.

Feed the body, not the Candida… is another thing I noticed… for that I must observe my elimination.

Staying aware, and learn the subtle signs of falling out of balance, making mistakes, takes effort, but once one is well, it is no big deal… actually quite simple.

I sure wouldn’t trade the effort for what lack of effort has given me… being a raving maniac… angry, depressed, miserable.

As you can tell, I am really seeing the primacy of nutrition in well-being.

  • My hair has grown back and is bushy and curly and thick again. Also much less gray.
  • My skin is blemish free.
  • I lost my belly fat, or 90% of it.
  • I sleep better… but that is an area of improvement still.

I climb the steps every day. I read 3-4 books a week. I am, biologically, 20 years younger than my age… 50-ish. I have energy to burn… every day.

OK, what is there for you… other than hate me for my results? Or covet them?

I don’t know. My health clients, for the most part, are doing great… the one stuck client is coming around, she is at 17% in her health…

So, hell, that is what there is for you to do… hire me as your health consultant.

Of course you have to qualify.

  • You have to get your Starting Point Measurements.
  • You have to set up your Water Energizer system and get your hydration up to at least 30%

And then, if our interactions were enjoyable, you can graduate to the nutritional consultation level… I’ll let you know.

Or you can do what most people do: spend thousands of dollars on useless stuff… because you don’t know what works and why and how…

Like I did… before.


PS: You can learn muscle testing… I have a course…


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