Kabbalah String aka Red String

kabbalah string red stringThis blog (on Kabbalah) is new, and I decided to look for a logo image for it. A picture of a left wrist with the famous red string around it felt like an excellent idea.

So I went on Google and search for “Kabbalah String.” What a mistake. First off, there were 420 thousand pages listed. Intimidating. Second: most of those sites are hellbent at throwing dirt, venom, spit, at Kabbalah, and everything that has anything to do with Kabbalah. They call it a religion: it is not. They call it a cult: it is not.

I resisted being sucked into …

…reading that trash: I don’t need to get dirty just so that I can find a good picture. Because this is what happens: when someone vomits at someone, everyono who reads that… gets some of that vomit get into their soul, into their energy.

Just do an experiment, please. Have someone test your arm’s strength. You hold up your right arm, horizontal and straight, sideways or straight ahead… doesn’t matter. Someone else should gently push your arm down… note the strength it took to move your arm down. It is important that the force used is just slightly bigger than what you can resist. Stage two of the experiment: read some scathing, or cynical, or some other filth distributing stuff… about half a page. Repeat the test.

If you and your helping partner are honest, you’ll find that it takes much less force to move your arm after the “attack from negativity” in the article.

This experiment 1simple muscletesting, or kinesiology

) ) shows that your environment, and what you put into your body and mind strengthens you or weakens you.

Everything, I mean everything has a vibration. Everything is energy. This vibration is either harmonious or disharmonious (i.e. chaotic). The harmonious strengthens you, the other sucks your energy.

Do you have so much energy that you want to leak some? Like watching the evening news? Like listening to gossip? Like dishing out gossip? Like forwarding a chain letter that is based on lies intentionally misinforming millions of lazy citizens to slant the elections to this or that direction?

In Kabbalah everything is black and white. Like in pregnancy. You are either pregnant or you are not. At any moment you either increasing light in the world or you are increasing darkness. You always have choice. You can even change your mind in the middle of the activity… It is up to you. Black or white? Can you tell the difference?

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