I did the energetic brain cleansing webinar I promised yesterday

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remove plaque from your brainI found, during the call, that I still have a non-functioning segment in my brain, that is cold… dead? Muscle test says it’s a part of the brain I could coax back to work, if I put the work into it.

That is me. I do what I need to do to grow, every day. And some days I grow, others I don’t… but I DO WHAT I NEED TO DO TO GROW!

What do YOU do?
15 bucks to get your starting point measurements 3 .

You now know where you are, how your brain works, to what degree you are barking up the wrong tree, to what degree what you see is not what is there. You may also know the causes: your hydration is off, your diet is off, your attitude is off.

So you decide to do something about it… but… no change… or temporary change only.

Why wouldn’t it work for you? It worked for me! It works for others!

This is what I’d like to talk about in this post. I even had some insight this morning. Maybe because I had the brain cleansing? I would not be surprised…

Please don’t discount brain health.

Everyone jabbers about mind-health, but unless your brain is healthy, unless it is a high performance machine, you are not going to be able to see, identify correctly, and correct.

Try this experiment: you are driving at 60 miles an hour in a tunnel. How much freedom do you have to look around and enjoy the view?

I guess: not much.

how-to-support-your-mitochondria-for-better-brain-health-mental-boost-increase-optimize-restore-repair-function-depression-fatigue-energy-foods-supplements-naturallyAnd life is like driving in that tunnel that fast, with two way traffic, where you are stiff in your seat… surviving life.

Taking care of your brain, putting it in a position of grace and ease is a lot like as if you were now driving at 20 miles an hour in the same tunnel… you see that there is a lot less tension there, and a lot more room to take it all in, both sides of the traffic, the pavement, the walls, the music…

Unless you start growing as a person, when you are working with me, I know that you didn’t take care of your brain, and you never owned your base attitude.

What is your base attitude? It is arrogance for most people. Cowardice for some. Vengeance for some…

But for most people, it is: “it is about me. It is personal.”

That is arrogance.

And as long as you are arrogant, as arrogant as you were before… you are not growing.

You will call what I do with different names, but you will not be able to see what I do correctly. Your defective malnourished brain and your base attitude will prevent it.

You will thank me for my advice… But I don’t advise…
You will thank me for prompt the worst in you… But that is not what I do, that is what happens given your base attitude.

You are the way you are, you are where you are as a result of your brain health and your base attitude.

By the way, your base attitude is described in detain in your soulcorrection… some soulcorrections are better understood than others.

If you want to be the person who makes their plane go where they want it to go, then everything you consider yourself, is likely in the way.

That person does not have all those things to say about themselves. In fact, they have very little to say about themselves…

Unless you can do the work thoroughly and mercilessly to identify all the stuff you consider yourself but you did not consciously, calculatedly create on a sane quiet Sunday afternoon… that you learned it, borrowed it, made it up in the heat of the moment… Unless you can tell about all that stuff that it is not your Self… it is just stuff…

Unless you do the work you’ll always have stuff that fills the hollow of the reed… the space in the hollow of the reed that is timeless, that is the hallmark of a human being.

Unless you do what you do from that empty space… you cannot and won’t make your plane go where you want it to go. It will crash, and go all over the place.

You make plans from a crowded incoherent place, and you execute the landing of the plane from the incoherence… much ado about nothing.

I realized, this morning, in an ad hoc conversation with a stranger, that what makes me an empath of power is that I have my reed empty. I have nothing there, so I get my information from all-of-it, and not from my personal, identity based, knowledge.

I know hundreds of empaths, and none of them can be a powerful empath, because they have no empty core… they are earth-bound, imagination bound, tree-of-knowledge bound.

Same is about the gurus, spiritual, mind, whatever guru… this is what is shared… that their “reed” empty space is stuffed…. it’s not hollow, so they cannot connect to all-of-it, they cannot let go of who they think they are… so they are limited to that… no matter how much they lie to you.

So, what am i saying? What is there to do?

If you are not willing to do the inventory of your habits, your style, your thoughts, the voices, your habitual ways of relating, and see for what they are: not you… not core… not from within… then you are not going to grow. Guaranteed.

Now, lastly, I’d like to talk about what you do when you realize that you are not willing to do the work. Not willing to let go of your identity as your self, not willing to let go of the style you’ve been sticking with, the style that never worked.

You’ll go to charlatans who promise that you can have heaven on earth without work.

Christof Melchizedek has been coming up on my radar with some frequency. When you listen to him, video in the footnotes: 4 you can get, clearly, that he is speaking from the Tree of Knowledge… hodge podge, no clarity, no coherence, no connection to the knowledge itself, no connection to anything beyond the human level, the horizontal.

He is perfect for you. He promises you greatness without any work…

If that is what you want, he is a good person to be involved with. He is 99% about himself… just like you. Kin spirit.

PS: Most of the energetic cleansing regimens are in the healing area of the blog: https://www.yourvibration.com/healing


or yesterday’s event recordings… in the subscriber’s area, free to members. Membership is free.

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    8. takes feedback?
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  3. 1. vibration
    2. overall intelligence
    3. # of spiritual capacities
    4. your soulcorrection
    5. attachments?
    6. level of health
    7. level of cell hydration
    8. takes feedback?
    9. TLB score
    10. size of your vocabulary
    11. humility
    12. % of fixed mindset
    11. personal recommendation

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