The invisible dynamic: resentment: Your Blessings are Trapped… Want Them? Go Get ‘Em

Your blessings are trapped … in other people.

Take back the Light! Go to one person today, with whom you’re having trouble seeing eye to eye, and tell them (in a proactive manner) something they are right about.

The more difficult it is to confront the person, the more Light you will reveal. Now, go get back your Light that you are giving to other people!

This is a Kabbalistic way to say: you’ve been giving away your power to everyone you are “incomplete” with.

Incomplete means that there is some charge on something that happened, they did, they said, or didn’t do, didn’t say. The bigger the charge, the more of YOUR light is trapped there.

And only YOU can release it. Bummer.

OK, but how do you do that?

There are several ways to release the light, and one of them is what Yehuda Berg is saying in the above quote. I tried that yesterday, and the moment I could think of something they did right, the process began. I sent off the email, and the answer came almost instantly with a lot of light.

Here is how it went, I am sharing it because it was profound.

  • She: (paraphrasing for brevity) Your site is a mess, hard to find anything, too much junk, spam, I can’t even find my ad… blah blah blah.
  • Me: (first firing off… ) I have the spam there so I can pay my bills, because you sure don’t pay them for me.
    (then here comes the definining moment: I realize that I am hooked… not good. so I add two sentences in the beginning:) I love you, but you are a little too cranky for me today.
  • She: Thanks.
    I love you too, that was nice.
    Yeah, cranky can’t believe you saw that through the email. 🙁

Result: Light fully released, love reestablished, both directions.

So, the method works, all I needed to do is stop for a moment and imagine how my email would feel when it lands.

The next method is a little trickier, but works very reliably on long-standing hurts.

This is how you resolve it:

  1. You observe that there is some energy trapped with a person (or event)
  2. You have a story about what happened, and what they did/didn’t do, etc. but we’ll say that the story is an illusion, and something simpler happened that is all in your hands. Excellent, this way you won’t even have to talk to them. How sweet life can be!
  3. You find something that you can be responsible for in the whole story. Example of what you COULD take responsibility for:
  • You may have a standard and/or an ideal that they “fail” to conform to
  • You may find that you have an unfulfilled expectation with them
  • You may find that there is something you haven’t said
  • You may find that you have a “thwarted intention” which simply means that you had an agenda that never got fulfilled.
  • You say that there was an agreement that they broke (an agreement that was never spelled out and was assumed by you.)

The moment you find a way to be responsible for the trapped light, you can fully take responsibility for your standards, your expectations (often called a setup for disappointment), say or what you haven’t said (not necessarily to them) or acknowledge that having an agenda is a lot like an expectation, you pay for it through and through. So what there is to do is acknowledge it and give it up.

You will never believe that there is nothing, I mean no situation, past or present, that cannot be resolved the above way.

For example, many people find relief from a lifetime resentment with a parent that did or didn’t do something.

The culprit in this situation is (almost always) an agreement that is assumed. Like parents are supposed to love their children. Or parents are not supposed to do this or that. If you look deeper into it, no parent has ever said that they agreed to such condition. (Some did, but they are the minority and the exception.)

Once you can acknowledge that you have been resenting your parents for not conforming to an agreement that they never made, you reclaim your light… i.e your blessings.

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