Why are you inattentive, unappreciative and ungrateful? Not a character defect! A surprising answer…

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This article is long… but it addresses something I haven’t seen addressed: when you are in your own way to get where you want to get, financially, healthwise, and spiritually. You inability to appreciate… anything, really. And because appreciation is the key to the kingdom, you are staying outside of the kingdom, no matter what you do… This article will bring a pointer I learned yesterday… Read it if you are yourself a victim of this, or if you have people in your life who treat you and your gifts with no appreciation.

It seems that I have written full or partial articles by the bushel (lol) and they were never published.

I am going to start publishing them. By the bushel… whatever bushel is. (I think it is a basket… oops, let me look it up on Google…

I am finding out that people don’t bother looking up words they kinda sorta know, but are not sure about.

How you do anything is how you do everything… this behavior indicates to me that you kinda sorta do everything, including your relationships.

People claim they love me, they claim they are grateful, but their behavior belies this kinda sorta attitude.

It shows up when you read instructions. You miss two out of ten pointers and you are not aware that you missed it all.

Kinda sorta leads to 100% missing. Missing it all… because all is important.

Here are a few examples:

1. You miss some of the instructions for energizing your water. The new mistakes that have been popping up are all from missing some of the instructions. For example anything was done to the starting water, other than boiling it, will render it damaged water.

Ozonation, enriching it with minerals, oxygenating, making it “structured water”, making it “alkaline water”, distilling it, running it through ion exchanger (the last phase of reverse osmosis)… Smart Water, and you have damaged water that cannot be made whole and coherent ever again.

In my memory I always return to Bill Harris, of Holosync fame, saying to me pompously: water is water. H2O…

Low consciousness, low awareness, stuck in your own narrow view of reality.

Another mistake people make is not considering that a lightening storm shorted their water, so they have to start energizing them as if they didn’t have the small “batteries of energized water” to do half of the work.

It doesn’t happen every time there is a lightening storm, but you need to expect it.

Nature laughs last.

If you start to be thirsty, or droopy, or start getting angry again… consider that something happened to your water.

And either send me a picture, or just say… no harm, no foul, I’ll charge it 27 hours.

Unless, of course, you changed your water source.

Any filtering system that adds intentionally or unintentionally chemicals to the water, are not suitable for making water that can be made coherent. Brita, Pur, Aquasana… These companies change what they sell without telling you… so if it was good five years ago, it doesn’t mean it is still the same.

This is why I am recommending the simplest filter system: remove debris with a simple paper-like filter, and second stage: just simple activated charcoal… Nothing fancy.

Good enough… especially because the energizing process alters harsh stuff, like fluoride or chlorine that may remain in your filtered water, and renders them tame. How? Why? I don’t know. It does.

2. You need help in finding, buying, and shipping what you need, because you can’t reliably muscle test, or because the stuff is not sold in your country.

I live in the United States. Some days I consider moving to another country, until I check and find that what I use every day isn’t sold in every country.

I have a client in New Zealand who needs every nutritional supplement shipped to him. I buy the stuff for him and reship it. But even the stuff he needed locally, I bought it for him with my card, had it shipped to his house, and then he reimbursed me.

He has been a loyal client. Why? I bet that part of the reason is that I acted not only as a health guide, but also as a VA… virtual assistant. Unpaid. Virtual assistants, the good ones, who you would marry you trust them that much (I am exaggerating, of course) but you only need them from time to time, charge $30 an hour. Why so much? Because to do the work they do, they have to be exceptional… (by the way, this client IS appreciative… and WELL! these two go hand in hand, by the way.)

So when I muscle test 200 items, saying the same thing about themselves, and spend 30 minutes on that, to pick something that is a perfect match to you, and then i buy it for you and I ship it for you with my envelope, and my box, and my taxes… I expect you to know that I just gave you a hundred dollars worth of service.

You would be surprised how many people don’t know that, and how many people take it for granted.

They say a casual thank you, like the thank you that is part of my signature.

Oh, don’t get me started! I get also tons of people say: you are welcome, even though I did something for them. No thank you… they answer my signature line “thank you”.

Why would people be so ungrateful and unappreciative?

I just finished a book on getting unstuck. 2 The book is both horrible and wonderful… clarity, formatting: horrible. Content: wonderful. And to me surprising.

The book says: unless you love yourself, appreciate yourself, respect yourself, value yourself, you won’t value anyone.

And you won’t even know it.

I think this is what is happening with my customers: they have no value for themselves, for their work, so they cannot value my work, my care, my time, my money, because they can’t get past of their no value.

They can’t see it.

The two people who do have one thing in common: they have a business where they KNOW they have value. They KNOW what they contribute. So consequently can see the value of the time and care I give, for no charge.

But only those two.

So what can you do? What can I do?

I can give you the book. But there is a lot more there is to do.

For some of you you need to book some sessions with a therapist. You need to acknowledge past hurts, slights, damage done to you. I am not a therapist. And more important: I don’t want to do it… I never do anything for money that I would not do for free…

For some of you: you need to find a support group.

And all of you: you need to restore your integrity.

You see, your higher Self knows that you are ungrateful, unappreciative, and vengeful.

I remember when I considered it my right to abuse people because I was abused.

I could do everything right but this, and life would not work… and it didn’t. My life was a mess, and I was a mess.

I didn’t go to a therapist, because my seven years experience with therapists was that it was useless… to me. My personality “Forget Thyself” wasn’t a good match to be successful with therapy.

So I did it myself. For myself. It took years. Many years.

Compassion and taking responsibility for whatever I could was my saving grace. And apologizing to the abuser for what I could apologize for…

Result: I could love my father and I could love myself.

I am still not done with my mother, and I may never get that done. And to the degree I am not done there, to the degree I am ungrateful, unappreciative, and harsh… There is a cause and effect law there somewhere…

I just saw that a website I deemed worthless and canceled two moths ago is now selling at 25K. It wasn’t worth to me $15 a year… This is the kinds of missteps, warped concepts, skewed perspectives you can expect until you get COMPLETE with people who hurt you.

When you are complete, there is nothing there. No hurt. No regret, no blame, no pain. Nothing. Like I have with my father.

The loss is mine. THEY don’t care, never did.

Now, lastly: inauthenticity.

If you will now send me thank you notes, they will be inauthentic. Because you will feel forced to do the right thing… but you won’t do it from the inside.

So please don’t do it.

I don’t need your thank you.

You need it to do your work, so you can be grateful. Because remember, the key to the kingdom is gratitude. Authentic gratitude.

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