Follow up on the request to help me find a way to make $30 a day reliably

OK, something really remarkable happened. I created a “forum”… I put up this “topic” yesterday, and until this morning no one could give me any advice: registration was blocked… standard settings that I should have changed, but I didn’t.

So the question, $30 a day, was whirling in my unconscious, from time to time showing up as a question.

…and as I was looking for a Turmeric-Curcumin supplement for a client, I came across a review site of supplements… And the aha moment: I could do that! And I may be more qualified than this ex pharmaceutical person, who runs that site. 1

And how will that make me money? I am not sure yet… but I could become an Amazon affiliate! Or run ads on the site?

Lots of people make money with ads on their site. I have never done it, but I could…

What would you call a site like that? that guy calls it Smarter Review…

And I don’t agree with ANY of his suggestions… or better said: muscle test doesn’t agree.

Hm. Rich food for thought.

Any suggestions what I should call my site, and what supplements, specialty foods, etc. I should review? Any suggestions are valuable and welcome. Aren’t thinking anything? Wake up! Intellectual curiosity, agility are the secrets of a life well lived!

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  1. The Turmeric Curcumin I started to take on July 25, two weeks ago, was the only one that tested “yes” both for me and the client. The rest: no, or not quite. Here is my experience so far: I have my pain reduced by more than half. And an unexpected result: when I muscle test myself, there is NO INFLAMMATION in my body… Wow. And the even more unexpected: my belly fat, the little that remained, is seemingly letting go and leaving. Double Wow.

    So you can be sure I am going to give this brand, this formulation a two thumbs up in my new review site…
    turmeric curcumin supplement to reduce inflammation

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “Follow up on the request to help me find a way to make $30 a day reliably”

  1. I think its a great business idea for you. To test and post clean supplements that could attract lots of people. I used to have a membership with some kind of a website like that. I paid $40 a year or close to use it. There are so many supplements out there and people are lost and don’t know what’s clean. One of the doctors I know told me once that he had ordered bulk turmeric to make capsules to resell to his clients and after testing it with his equipment he found out that it was mixed with saw dust.

    A few names I thought of: intelligent reviews; tested nutrition; mineral ranger; busting loose from vitamin game. Lol

  2. yes, there are countless way to sell crap dressed as a remedy. Human inventiveness in fraud, and cheating, desire to receive for the self alone, is inexhaustible. Like in everything, the strait and narrow is the only way.

    The other thing is: not everything is compatible with your body… your DNA. And the third, and this is a big problem for me, is the additives that make it easy to make capsules, or keep stuff fresh: they blister my esophagus just like fructose does…

    I read somewhere not to take supplements in the evening, before bed, because even if the capsule went through, once it dissolves, the harmful additives harm the stomach lining, and the sphincter and cause “acid reflux” and you can’t sleep… or in the end get esophageal cancer… like I have a tendency for.

    So I will test for purity, yes, and I will test of additives, yes, and I will find some other aspects to test for… just like I test for myself. I like “busting loose from the vitamin game” lol. Thank you Amy.

  3. It is so very complex it’s not one thing fits all. Little bit off the vitamin subject. Recently I’ve been researching about milk. Ive noticed that some raw milk we get from farmers doesn’t affect our digestion and some does. And not just that but also the area. Like milk I get in WA state from heirloom cows is better then milk from TX. Maybe it seems like it but grasses probably play a huge role too. So after digging I found out that heirloom milk from old cows that come from Africa and Asia don’t have any lactose and casein in them and then the hybrid cows that are mostly here in US have both. It would probably apply to other things I would think the closer to heirloom and our DNA things are healthier for us.

  4. this is a brilliant insight, Amy. I am proud of you.

    You see, no one is talking about hybridization, and other “refining” methods of animals and plants. But because you can create a brand new animal or plant in just one year, whereas our genes only adjust in thousands of years, most of what is available to eat is actually toxic to our bodies.

    I have noticed, that some humans, hybridized… which is another name for creating a mutt, tolerate more foods than people whose DNA is closer to the original, less mixing.

    But all in all, most humans do better with smaller animals’ milk. And yes, one of the big differences is what the cow eats. Texas is not a grazing country, it is too dry, while Washington State is lush and wet. So is Ireland… that is why I buy Irish butter. But even with that: I burn out the milk solids and use the clarified butter, ghee, even though I love the taste of butter. Why? Because it is not good for me.

    I am one with nearly original DNA…

    By the way, with regards to casein and lactose, you are mislead about that… all milk has casein and lactose… the difference is something deeper.

    People say all kinds of bs and only people with education know that it’s bs… But we live in the post-truth era… whatever you make up is now the truth? I am considering getting off this bus… please?

  5. about the milk thing..if you are interested, here is a link that discusses one thing that may be part of the “deeper” issue with milk, and of course, it’s found in the dna..

    unfortunately, even many heritage breeds have been contaminated with the holstein dna.. i suppose our guts are a good indicator..or sophie could you muscle test for the A2 purity in milk? or if that is even relevant to milk and human consumption?

    btw, my experience with raw milk is this: the guernsey milk from Silvana Dairy in WA is amazing tasting, looking (butter made from the late spring/early summer milk, when the grass is freshly growing at the end of our 9-month monsoon season-western wa is a droughty desert in summer-, is almost orange from the beta-carotene, so beautiful), and behaving (it’s the only raw milk -not jersey, not the other mixed breed brand in western wa- from which i could make kefir-yeah, yeah, yeah, i know your stance on kefir sophie, i was doing it more for the taste, texture, breaking down sugars, than the probiotics- w/out heating and w/out the problems with the other raw milks-separation, or just not working).. i cannot comment on the digestion thing, never have had a digestive problem with any milk, maybe b/c i’m a hybrid..

  6. wow, Lydia, never thought that there are two kinds of milk proteins. I did notice, that some milk products don’t make me sick, like paneer cheese…

    Thank you both to you and Amy. And yes, I can ask the right question and get the right answer… and thus far I was like Bill Harris… milk is milk is milk. I was wrong. Wow, I love to be wrong.
    Thank you.

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