How to Get Guidance from the Beyond… examples

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Dream 1: I am playing with and fascinated by some colored dots that make a pattern, though moving, still a pattern, building something.

At some point the dots suddenly lose color and die, and the fascinating pattern deteriorates to a one color dying, diminishing mess. I wake up.

I know it is the message I asked for. My interpretation: don’t be fascinated with the ever changing outside world… turn your attention inward where you call all the shots.

Dream 2: I am invited to a conference in France. I haven’t been there for over 30 years. I want to go. I go. I just throw some clothes in an overnight bag and go. I am there, and I am having fun. I am ready to come back…

I can’t. The doors of the US are closed. I am not having fun any more. I have no money, no place to stay. None of my things, including my business, are with me, it was all left in the US. I panic. I wake up. I sob. “I left without as much as a blanket and a pillow…” I cry.

I know it is a message. I don’t think I have asked for this. But it came, so it is relevant. My interpretation: 1. think before you leap and don’t do something if it risks too much. 2. Leap. Build from nothing. that is where the blessing is. How can you do those two things at the same time?

The above two dreams came two nights in a row. It started out the same way: before I was swept into sleep, I asked the Light to send me guidance through my dream.

The language of the beyond is not a left-brain language. If you can’t feel it, it missed its purpose, no communication happened.

Sometimes you “kill” its original meaning by forcing left brain interpretations on the message. If it is not obviously clear, you are better off allowing it to be.

Writing down your dream is useful. Dreams have a tendency to want to disappear.

Sometimes the guidance comes later in the morning. Today I definitely had a second dose of guidance… deeper into the spiritual health care topic I have been toying with.

A friend sent me a book, One minute cure… a book on oxygen therapies. I read the long “message” and suddenly I got depressed. Often a sudden depression is a good sign that you are attempting to do something that is on your path but is hard for your ego to allow you to do. Ego=Satan.

Getting guidance is important.

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