Vibrational Reviews: Dr. Mark Sircus,Tony Robbins,Maureen Moss,Dr. Pankaj Naram,Taraleigh Love,Taraleigh Silberberberg,Sabrina Rieber,Melody Fletcher,Kathy Hadley,Merav Knafo,Belinda Davidson,Jia Ni Teo

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What is the vibration of these teachers and healers:

Dr. Mark Sircus
Tony Robbins
Maureen Moss
Dr. Pankaj Naram
Taraleigh Love
Taraleigh Silberberberg
Sabrina Rieber
Melody Fletcher
Kathy Hadley
Merav Knafo
Belinda Davidson
Jia Ni Teo

Dr-Mark-SircusDr. Mark Sircus and his teaching. Personal vibration: 150; methodology: 200
Tony Robbins Personal vibration: 190
maureen_mossMaureen Moss at when you have time, as I am subscribed to her newsletter and have her audio course ‘Birthing the Heart and Mind of God’Maureen Moss personal vibration: 150

Few years ago I was introduced to Dr. Pankaj Naram In his teachings he says some great stuff and it’s all about transforming our lifes. Few quotes by him “We are what we repeatedly do”.. “Knowing is not doing, doing is doing.” “The Miracle isn’t that I finished. The Miracle is that I had the Courage to Start!”.

Whenever you do guru vibrational rating could you please do one for him?

Dr Pankaj Naram: personal vibration: 150; truth value of what he practices/teaches: 170. He is an ayurvedic doctor, does pulse reading by the thousands a day, and has overpriced herbal products. My vibrational review of him reflects the quantitiative approach he takes to healing.

Taraleigh Weathers aka Taraleigh Love or Taraleigh Silberberberg is a cheerleadertype of a coach, promising to raise your vibration. The problem is that her own vibration is very low, 150. Her teachings truth value is 170, slightly higher than her own personal vibration. My vibrational review is based on muscle testing while watching videos of her.
Sabrina Rieber Artist, Reiki Master Teacher/Healer, Karuna Practitioner, Ordained Minister In The Lively Stones World Healing Fellowship, Author of an Ascension book called ” Raise Your Vibration” The person, Sabrina Rieber does not seem to exist… so it may be a pseudonym. The person who writes the articles, wrote the book… this person’s vibration is 130… The truth value of the teachings is 170. Her website comes back as first when I search for “raise your vibration” in google… how interesting.
Melody FletcherMelody Fletcher, ; Her website should be called:… Her personal vibration: 90, updated on 3/10/2016. Truth value of teaching: 1%. People most attracted to her teaching are the segment of the population that want to get something without work, investment, effort, knowledge… Christians mainly.
Kathy Hadley personal vibration: 170, truth value of teachings: 140
MeravMerav Knafo – founder, practical spirituality. Personal vibration: 150. teachings: 130
Belinda DavidsonBelinda Davidson School of the modern mystic… Personal vibration: 150 100. updated 10/5/2020; Truth of teachings: 1%. Just connecting to her through her eyes put two attachments on me.
Jia Ni Teo: personal vibration: 170. truth value of services: 130

To have me post a vibrational review of someone you know, please email me with their name and some more info on them. I’ll include a vibrational reading of them in my next article. Thank you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

24 thoughts on “Vibrational Reviews: Dr. Mark Sircus,Tony Robbins,Maureen Moss,Dr. Pankaj Naram,Taraleigh Love,Taraleigh Silberberberg,Sabrina Rieber,Melody Fletcher,Kathy Hadley,Merav Knafo,Belinda Davidson,Jia Ni Teo”

  1. Hi, Sophie, maybe i’m being insecure again. but how can my vibration be higher than these gurus?

  2. Hi Sophie, could you check the vibration of Nickie Thetsy and the tNANO technique ( and also Andrew Bartzis – galactic historian -(

    thank you,

  3. Can you please review John Douglas of And Adam Shiffman of


  4. Sophie,
    Im interested to know the vibration of Master Choa Kok Sui. Pranic healing

  5. Poonamji’s vibration is 200, the truth value of what she is teaching is 3%. This doesn’t mean 97% is a lie, it only means that she strictly remains inside the horizontal plane, the Tree of Knowledge, nothing that is actually ‘spiritual’ or beyond the ordinary person’s reach.

    Her website is under construction, but I got access to youtube videos and the archive of her site through

  6. Hi,

    Can You Please Check The Vibrational Frequency Of Shiva Sir Founder Of Prana Violet Healing and The Value Of What He Is Teaching

    Website :-

    His Teachings Are All Free And Available ON Website And Youtube / Facebook

  7. OK, I visited her website. This is what i see: her vibration is 200, and she is not bad… but her energy is not going to do anything for you. On the other hand if you are looking for an experience, if you consider experiences healing, then yes…

    Training: it will depend on you: she cannot teach you to be like her, allowing… so that question I cannot answer. But because her energies don’t do anything, there is nothing to train…

  8. GD: his vibration is 170. Dominant feeling: anxiety… hell no…
    Shruti Ranjan: vibration: 100. if your vibration is very low, you can connect with her on that level…

  9. I checked out this Sadguru. He is not a good man. He is smart, good looking, but he is proud and condescending. He thinks he is above all. personal vibration: 200. truth value of his teaching: 10%

    I also measured your compability with him, and it’s not favorable to you.

  10. Hi Sophie,

    Can you do a vibrational reading on Paul Foster Case.
    No longer living, Founder of Builders of the Adytum. B.O.T.A
    Teaches to connect to Inner Adytum, your inner sanctuary by means of the tarot, Cabbalah and hermetic teachings, all ancient studies from Elysian mystery schools and Ancient Egypt etc…
    His hypothesis is that learning to listen to the inner voice HGA (Holy Guardian Angel ) first initiation allows you to receive the stream of consciousness from the “Super Consciousness”.
    He teaches the adept to use our desire nature to be purified and cleansed so that the Heart (love) opens up within us in order to create the purity of desire and live from that initial premise.
    Let me know what you find out.
    Thanks in advance…

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