You feel out of whack. Raise your vibration to grow… as a person, financially, more joy, more fun, more love?

raise your vibrationThe key to growth is noticing… The key to raising your vibration is awareness

“Dear Astrology Guy: Please tell me why I have to work so hard — meditate, reflect, read, analyze, poke, prod, investigate — to discover truths about myself that must be obvious to others. Why is it so hard for me to see where I need healing and where I need to let go? Why is it such an ordeal to grasp what is interfering with my wholeness when I can quickly pinpoint what other people’s issues are? -Overworked Virgo.” Dear Overworked: I’m happy to report that you will soon be offered a gush of revelations about who you are, how you can heal, and what strategies will best serve your quest to minimize your anxiety. Are you prepared to absorb some intense teachings? For best results, make yourself extra receptive.

Now, if you are like me, you want to raise your vibration! You don’t want to wait for the “right alignment of the planets” to be able to heal, or minimize your anxiety, get guidance, etc. You want to do it now, if possible. You can if you concentrate on raising your vibration instead of all the details.

You want to take an active stance, an active position in the matter.

You feel best about yourself and about your circumstances when you are growing, when you are expanding. You raise your awareness. You raise your involvement. When you coast, when you try to stay the same, you feel miserable, and in fact you are shrinking.

What is this growth, what is this expanding that I am talking about? This is a crucial question, that I bet you have a mistaken concept about.

Growth or expanding, being an expanding human being, is being in harmony with the principle of Life. Desire of more life every moment, and NEVER a desire to receive for the self alone.

distortedMost of us are completely out of line with the principle of Life, and riddled with desire to receive for the self alone.

Which means that recognizing the myriad ways we are out of whack is the process that we call growing and expanding.

Without being able to see the kinds of truth that you can change… the seedlevel deviation from the principle of Life, you will not be able to grow.

So, how do you start seeing these truths, the ones that give you access to changing, without waiting for the right alignment of the planets?

My students that are on the path to becoming expanding human beings, which is called Enlightenment, go through phases.

  1. Find out where you are at… at least vibrationally.
  2. Use the Harmonize Your Vibration Avatar State Audio activator to do the rough work on you… and raise your vibration and awareness to a point where you become coachable.
  3. Graduate to the next Avatar State activator for you: it is personal, there is not a set order.
  4. Enroll in the Path To Enlightenment Avatar State Activator Coaching program where you get frequent coaching on what you need to notice next. Priceless, and inexpensive. This is the core element of my “Raise Your Vibration” programs. There are only a handful of people on each webinar, so they are short and sweet, and very effective.
  5. Enroll into one of our graduate programs: these are intensive 4-8 week programs, not recommended for beginners.

you before becoming an expanding human being, you are out of whackTo get acquainted with me and my personal style, you can come to one of my free webinar trainings:

Please get your vibrational reading beforehand, and if you can, start using the Harmonize Your Vibration Avatar State activator beforehand… that will bring up your vibration, so you are not bringing misery and anguish to the call. You are aware that I am a true empath, and your misery is felt by me 100-fold… please be loving an considerate, and do some work on yourself before you expose me to your bad feelings. Please? Thank you.

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