Is it worth it?

This question, “is it worth it?” can be about doing something… something that is not immediately pleasurable, not immediately profitable. Certain soul corrections consistently answer this question with: “it isn’t worth it.”

But how about buying something? How much should something cost, to reflect its value to you accurately?

On the surface this question sounds so true, so smart, doesn’t it? After all you often have this sneaking suspicion that things are overpriced! WTF, right?

But if you look at value versus price comparisons, you ultimately need to look at through a different question: through whose eyes are you looking?

Let’s look at an example. I hope to shed light to the difference:

The 67 steps program. It is 67 audios (OK, if you like to watch someone speak, then it is 67 videos) It sells for 67 bucks.

  • 1. If you do it on your own, then it may not be worth 67 dollars.
    If you do it on your own, you are going to hear what you have always heard.This depends on your Starting Point Measurements. 1 If your three numbers below are in the “red” zone, then you will not hear anything new.10. size of your vocabulary: red zone: 200-400
    11. humility percent of time you think of yourself: red zone: 80% and up
    12. % of fixed mindset: red zone: 60% and up

    It will be interesting, maybe even entertaining, but nothing will happen… so the value for you is between 0 and 67 bucks.

  • 2. if you value attention, and therefore you sign up to my 67 step coaching, but otherwise your numbers are in the red zone: your value is what you place on getting attention.You live in the mother-child field, and I hate working with you.You are only using the 67 steps to get attention. so the program is worthless for you, but you like the attention.
  • 3. if you want to move forward, and you are able and willing to take guidance, and occasionally you change your behavior, then the value for you is 6,700 dollars.
  • 4. if you have a high humility number (low number in 11), read the books I ask you to read, and have a challenging life purpose, then your value is 67,000 a year and up.
  • 5. if you are like me, the value is priceless.

Let’s look at the Water Energizer, but we could look at any of my activator products:

If you don’t use it, then of course it was worthless

If you use it periodically, then it is probably worth $60 bucks every time you use it.

Getting well is just getting well. If your life has no meaning, no rhyme and no purpose, then being well is not worth much, is it?

But if you have a goal, a purpose, a meaning, a context that needs you to be well, then the value of the Water Energizer audio is the difference between being able to live your purpose or not.

And that is a value only you can tell, but it can be in the millions, for some, and in the priceless for others.

The same goes for everything you ever buy.

I am finding that the value of the Turmeric product I bought is bordering on priceless for me.

  • Inflammation is gone
  • It also has a side-effect I didn’t expect… connected to the mites… more time is needed for certainty, so I won’t share it yet
  • It seems that belly fat may be related to inflammation: my belly is shrinking from the inside out…
  • My dream is to be active and vibrant, and I took the steps, all the eight flights two steps in a leap… my English is bad, don’t know how to say. Like a young person… and I am 70.
  • No knee pain. No hotness. Sweating a little… out of breath a little… good for me.

Now, a little ranting for good measure:

My average reader is not my ideal reader.

My guess is that they hear what they have always heard… their measures are in the red zone. Which means that 99% of what I say isn’t getting heard, or isn’t getting through.

Now, what if your numbers are in the red zone? Could you still benefit from working with me?

Muscle test says: 12% chance. Interestingly, most programs I have reviewed have a lower number… and people are buying them. Why? Because the seller lies to them. And people are buying it… the lie.

I have had people who went from red zone, to orange zone, to green zone.

It depends on one thing and one thing only: do you know what you are up to?

If you don’t know it, or it is not really inspiring to you, then the answer is: you won’t really benefit from working with me.

Ambition is what is underneath motivation. Without ambition you have no energy, you have no reason, you’ll have no results.

I have decided to measure ambition, a number from 1-10, and add it to the Starting Point Measurements.

If you have already had those: you can ask me to just measure that for you. No charge.

I coached the Landmark Education program, Self-Expression and Leadership, S.E.L.P.

I coached that program seven times.
The methodology is: once a week you get the huddle: meaning the “lecture”. Class.
Then twice a week participants have a one-on-one with a coach.
And then four Saturdays are a workday: activity to build some skills.

The program starts with a Saturday session. All day… You get assigned to a coach. Depending on who your coach is, your results will vary. Why? The main reason is this question the coach can ask, or not ask: “Let me know which program you signed up for, the $150, the $1,500, or the $100,000? I will treat our work together accordingly.”

I was the kind of coach who asked this question. And every single of my participants, 5-6 in each S.E.L.P., chose to do the 100,000 dollar course.

Result: the course was life-changing for my participants. In every competition for coaches, I won hands down: my participants produced results. And never one of my participants dropped out.

Now, what is the difference between the 67 step coaching program and S.E.L.P.?

Big difference. The S.E.L.P. is the fourth step in a four part program, the Curriculum for Living. Only 10% of those who do the first program, the Landmark Forum, will actually do the S.E.L.P.. So you get people whose TLB is high, and who went through fire.

People who want to do the 67 step coaching program with me have done one thing: got their hydration level up to 30%.

And I have some oldtimers, who haven’t even done that!

So when somebody in S.E.L.P. says: I’ll do the $100K course, their word means something. When you say that: maybe yes… maybe not…

Your ambition score will tell me a lot.

It will tell me how much you CAN get out of the program. Not what you WILL get, but CAN get.

It is important to know… You can decide if it is worth it. For you.

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2 thoughts on “Is it worth it?”

  1. Fantastic news on your stair climbing – 8 flights all done skipping a stair is a tough workout. I can imagine your satisfaction. All your habits adding up, it is inspiring, we have no excuses to get fitter no matter what age we are.

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