You hope you have high vibration… but what if you don’t know what high vibration is?

I am getting hundreds of requests for Starting Point Measurements. That includes me measuring your vibration… human vibration, vibrational frequency, whatever you call it…

Ultimately there is one thing in common among the emotional responses: disappointment.

A lot of people think that their numbers, their vibration should be higher. Why? Because they are good people. Because they are charitable, kind, nice, don’t kill puppies, and volunteer… whatever b.s. is considered high vibration nowadays.

But the vibration number shows one thing and one thing only: how much your behavior is informed by reality and how much is informed by b.s., rules, myths, ideas, that ignore reality.

And your vibration number is low.

But why is that? Why is there such a discrepancy between what level of vibration you think you “deserve” and what level of vibration you actually are?

This is a very important question, and you should pay attention!

Your vibration is most accurately correlated with the overlap of your map of reality and reality itself. 1

Reality is what is and how it works. What things mean, if anything, what moves stuff… what is cause, what is effect, what makes something work, what is good and what is evil, what is useful, what is productive, who is a producer and who is a  moocher… all that and more.

The map is not the territory

There’s a popular mantra in self-help literature which says that “the map is not the territory.” We are all born without any knowledge. Without any world view.

This is actually an idea first put forward by the Polish scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski. His view was that whenever we try to represent something in reality (whether through thoughts, concepts, or even physical representations like a map of a geographical region), we have to remember that the representation is never the thing we are trying to represent.[/note]

Everything we know we learned from other people, or made up a rule based on the limited perspective of our human mind.

Then we look at everything through the filters our knowledge and rules created… And hear what we know… confirmation bias. (Confirmation bias: the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.)

I have a measure that numerically expresses the overlap between your map of reality and actual reality. The accurate vocabulary measure.

Mine is 2,500. My accuracy has jumped recently to 80%. What happened? It is my third reading of Atlas Shrugged, and the amazing stuff I have been doing with my students for the past month or so.

When I get someone who has 1,000 I dance a little jig. Why? Because it is so rare.

So what? Your map of reality is inaccurate… who cares?

The accuracy of your map of reality will give you exactly the life you have.

Your actions come from what you see… and if what you see is b.s. then your actions will be misdirected, ineffective, harmful to you, to your health, to your wealth, to your relationships, to your happiness and fulfillment.

Now, do you care now?

Unless you have ambition, at least 10%, you won’t…

Which means 97 out of 100 who read this, won’t care. They never much cared about action anyway!

Now, if you are part of the 3%, the ones with minimum 10% ambition, what can you do to increase your accuracy?

For one: you can’t do it alone. When you do it alone, your filters will not be able to be lifted… it is their nature to be “glued” in front of your perception.

Which means:

you can only change your reality with the help of another.

Events won’t change it, because you’ll explain them away with your current map of reality.

What is a Map of Reality?

Reading won’t change it, because you’ll only hear what you already believe.


This is when a certain type of coaching comes in. Coaching is NOT learning. Coaching is discussion. Coaching is a dialog to change your map of reality, so you can SEE differently and therefore ACT differently.

In my 67 step coaching program, I use Tai Lopez’s 67 audios about a 100 principles that he has gleaned from books and from personal mentors.

All I add is make it a dialog… In its original format, it’s a monologue, a lecture, and you are free to continue hearing what you have always heard, see what you have always seen, and act doing what you have always done. 2

0.4% of the buyers of the program (not my coaching clients!) who actually listened to the 67 audios and answered the questions, have managed to change their “minds” about 0.3% of what they had already thought. About 10% of the 200,000 buyers of the program actually listened to all 67 audios and answered the questions. Not bad. 20,000 people. And the actual results? 800 people changed their minds less than 1%. Now, that is dismal. Is it Tai’s fault? No, it is the system… hoping to get something from just listening.

Now, here is another set of numbers, horrible but unfortunately true: My clients whose ambition is under 10%, and have high desire numbers (above 30%).

4% of them was able to change anything about what they previously thought. Resulting a 10% change in accuracy in life, overall, for this segment of my clientele. It is still 600 times better than Tai’s results… but it is still bad.

Now, here is the last set of numbers: the segment of my students whose ambition number is above 10% and their desire number is reasonably low:

100% of them was able to change things in what they previously thought. To an overall change across this segment of 40%. That is quite a number… given that some of them are at the beginning of their journey. This is 10,000 times better…

Given the new measurements I am including in the Starting Point Measurements, I am now able to screen applicants, so I don’t waste people’s time.

Your desire to get coaching is not important to me… if your ambition number is low: most of the time you just want attention… not coaching.

So what is this coaching worth for the right person?

If the chance to double, triple, quadruple your results in all areas of life could be quantified, we would be able to put a dollar value on it. Health, wealth, love, and fulfillment… the crucial areas of life.

But the starting point is different for each person.

I can even look historically… and revisit students that have quit, or got “fired”.

I am not sure I should name names…

The ones whose ambition number is higher than 10% obviously can see more, hear more, and use more of the coaching that comes through the articles.

They have kept up using the energy audios, including the Water energizer. And their lives work. Not as well as if they have continued and gotten coaching to turn their worldview around fully, but much better than it used to work before they got coaching.

I only need to look at their ambition number and I can tell where they are at in their lives, and how far they can go..

Now, I cannot lock out people who won’t benefit from my site, people whose ambition level and accurate seeing level is below what would be required to comprehend and use the information.

But I can limit who I give my time, who I give my attention to.

I am not here to help people. I am not a helper. I am here to provide people who can grow with what they need to grow. As a person, and as a producer.

Iron sharpens iron. I am intentionally not nice. I am not mincing my words. I am not coddling.

It offends the people whose ambition number is low… So be it.

I give you what you pay for, and if you want nice, then it’s $2000000000000000 an hour. Let’s see if you still want it… lol

Oh, I bet NOW you want your numbers checked… If only to prove me wrong, lol.

Here is the link to pay… I have started to include the authenticity number: to what degree you pretend to be someone who you are not… or better said, to the degree that you are a what you see is what you get type of person… a rarity.

My own inauthenticity number is 7%. I am still shaving off…

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  1. Your Map of Reality explained by a Danish guy:

  2. Beliefs must be subject to change

    Beliefs must be subject to change for two reasons.

    One, as I mentioned before, our minds are imperfect and incredibly prone to error. Therefore, it is very reasonable that we will come across new evidence that will challenge our old beliefs and assumptions. When that time comes, it’s important to acknowledge that we may be wrong about something, and only then can we update and correct our map of world.

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