Measuring Self-Esteem distortion: how accurate is your self-evaluation?

The new measure I am including in the Starting Point Measurements is Self-Esteem. Or more precisely: how distorted your self-esteem is.

Esteem, the word, comes from the Latin appraise, estimate, measure the value of, the size of… through French and Middle English (as a noun in the sense ‘worth, reputation’): from Old French estime (noun), estimer (verb), from Latin aestimare ‘to estimate.’ The verb was originally in the Latin sense, also ‘appraise’ (compare with estimate), used figuratively to mean ‘assess the merit of.’ Current senses date from the 16th century.

So Self-Esteem is how you think your size is compared to others, compared to a standard.

80% of the people, who have a distorted (inaccurate) sense of themselves, overestimate themselves. This also differs by countries… a lot. For example, Koreans underestimate themselves, and therefore work diligently to measure up.

Not surprisingly, countries with the lowest Ambition number are highest on the overestimation scale… “If I am so wonderful already, why should I want to be more wonderful… says the unconscious culture of these countries.

Tai Lopez says in step 38, and in step 27, that people with distorted self-esteem are not to be teamed up with, not to be trusted. Of course Tai’s most important criteria in choosing who to work with is loyalty. And people with distorted sense of self feel entitled and often entitled to steal, or betray, or yell at you…

Now, if you belong to the unfortunate group of thinking you are way better than you are, and therefore your chances of doing ANY WORK are minuscule, what can you do to come down to earth, to approach reality.

I have heard it said that having high self-esteem is good… But I dare to differ. Accurate self esteem is ideal…

You see if high self-esteem would motivate people to grow, learn, practice, produce, then it would be a good thing to have… But it does the opposite.

I have two brothers. An older brother who is very smart. And a younger brother who, I don’t know how to say it… not the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer.

My older brother has low self-esteem, the number is 20% off… He did well in life. We are all three old people… lol

My younger brother has very high inflated self-esteem, his number is 80% off. For quite some years I needed to support him, financially.

My self-esteem is also off… it’s 4% inflated. I can live with that.

One of the ways you maintain your delusional self-image is by avoiding any and all opportunities to be actually measured.

In addition to the culture of a country, your soul correction also effects your self-evaluation.

Certain soul corrections, you know who you are, tend to have distorted, inflated self-image.

Now, do you know you have inflated self-image? You don’t. You can’t.

What do you know? You notice that you are reluctant to do anything where you can be found out.

Found out to be less than you think you are. Or less than you think other people see you as…

Silent Partner, Sharing the Light, Memories, Circuitry, Forget Thyself, Speak Your Mind, and Finish What You Start are the highest on the inflated self-image scale.

Because this is such a detrimental aspect of you, changing it — if you want to grow, that is — is mandatory, or you won’t grow.

The Remember The Future meditation is brilliant to activate self-trust: Trusting yourself to deal with the consequences of your actions. Mainly failures. And in your case: trusting yourself to deal with the emerging self: ordinary, not that smart, not that whatever you have been fancying yourself to be.

Breaking down the delusion, coming down to earth, so you can start being who you are, the size you are, and in many cases, so you can start living.

If you really look and use your brain, you can see that being on a pedestal of your own imagination robs you of even having ambition… Why? Because ambition is for people who need it… lol.

I am looking at the recently “fired” students who were fired because they had no ambition, because they were already great … NOT.

This is not the same as humility, by the way. On the surface, maybe. But deep inside, you use this to avoid being seen, to avoid being judged, to avoid growing, to keep yourself special.

But the price you pay is tremendous. You cannot have love… who will love you?! And you cannot have fulfillment… because you hold back so you won’t be found out.

Shitty life, if you ask me.

PS: We are interested in the distortion, not in the absolute level of your abilities, etc.

The order on the math tests results does not reflect abilities only, it reflects the quality of teaching, and the distortion of self-esteem… meaning how much effort students make to learn match.

By making an effort I don’t mean struggling and dutiful, I mean willingness to invest time and brain cells.

PPS: If you have a distortion in your self-esteem downward, i.e. you feel worthless, it is easier for you to start building yourself up. If you want to argue with me… please use the comments section.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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