How can I measure the vibration of water across the planet? How do I know what to connect to, when I connect to a bottle of water you have?


How can I measure the vibration of water across the planet? How do I know what to connect to, when I connect to a bottle of water you have?

For the past few days people are testing the brand new Water Energizer audio.

Here are some of the questions that have come up:

1. I used Fiji water... after energizing it tastes the same, but of course Fiji water tastes good.

Answer: Start with a different brand of bottled water. Then the change in taste will be dramatic. This should be obvious for most, but obviously, if one person makes this mistake, it is worth pointing out.

Also, you need to know that the testing is for you, not for me. I know it works, I have tested it myself. You need to test it to make an intelligent decision... intelligent decisions cannot be made based only on the word of the seller (me), you need to test.

Energized water tastes dramatically better and it is also silky to to palate, silky to the touch. Why? Maybe because of the coherence: freshly combed hair is silkier that unkempt hair that is like a bale of hay.

2. I energized my water. Is it energized?

Answer: please taste it. If you want to be sure it is energized to the full 650, then take a picture of it and send it to me. Somehow I am able to connect through a picture (this is also true when I measure the vibration of gurus, healers, and such. Why? I don't know.)

I look at the picture, and I muscle test if I am connected to the water it depicts. If it is yes, then I measure the vibration. Fake picture? Muscle test will show the truth.

3. Can I energize my fruits and veggies?

Answer: yes. put the in a bowl and wrap the headset around the bowl. Or put them in a bowl, then put that bowl into another bowl that is filled with energized water... the energized water will transfer the energy with "entrainment" which is an energetic phenomenon.

4. What happens to my body if I put the headset on my head and listen to the energizer.

Answer: If you want to use the energizer directly on your ears, get the standalone version: it doesn't have the Avatar State Energies: those damage your matrix, they are too strong.

The standalone version of the Water Energizer is $10 in this period of beta-testing.

Please don't listen to the Avatar State audio with energizer!!!

This standalone version can be used for everything, including your body, your legs if they hurt, your area of pain or disease. It will energize the cell water in that area.

5. I used the energizer in the basement. Did my water on the first floor get energized?

Answer: no. The range of the Energizer Audio is an inch or so, that is why you need to put the headset on the bottle, not even next to it.

To get the add-on version of the energizer, you can click on this link:

6. If it is a Heaven on Earth of Energized Water product, I can connect to it without a picture... Just like I connected to Mr.T a year or so ago. It's like an antenna broadcasts itself to me.

Update... I have been asking for the picture, to be sure. If you are on a call with me, and I am connected to you, I ask you to touch what you want me to measure... that way I connect to it through you. Complicated? Yeah... I never said it's an easy job.

Remote Vibration Measurement

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