More Water Energizer Reviews. more are on the way

Please email me if you find a typo or something unclear. Thank you. Sophie

Awesome, matchless taste! When you drink it, the water slides down the throat easily and leaves a sweetish after-taste in the mouth. And you want more and more of it… My husband tasted it too and said: It’s pure water!

Also, I feel light, tiny tingling along my spine and in the fingertips each time I drink it. I used it for everything: tea, coffee, soup, washing the vegetables, even for rinsing my hair – it gets nice shine.

Did an experiment with a cabbage: I cut slightly its root, put it in a zip-lock bag, poured some of the energized water on it, put it in the fridge and after a while it became more crispy and less stringy…

Great work, teacher!

Thank you,

Hi Sophie,

I read the review you posted from one of the beta testers. It sounds like typical results. However, they compared it to tap water which I don’t think is a good comparison. Tap water is horrible. I just turn it on and can smell the chemicals that are added to it. What I did was bought bottled spring water. I energized one bottle and compared it to one just the way it came from the store. I could tell the difference in the way it felt as I moved it around in my mouth and swallowed it. Much smoother.

But to me the big difference was the aftertaste. With the bottle that was not energized there was a bitter after taste, like I was tasting the plastic from the container it came in. The energized bottle had no such after taste and just felt clean an fresh. It definitely works.

The biggest thing I have noticed is my skin has cleared up, and my hair seems to feel softer. Also it’s helping me lose weight. I’m not as hungry and when I eat I seem to be satisfied quicker, especially if I’m drinking the energized water with my meal. I wasn’t expecting that.

What a great unexpected benefit! Of course this may also be a result of listening to the harmonizer mp3 too. Thank you.


from Monica (Australia):

I tried the water energizer straight after buying, wondering whether I would really be able to tell a difference. I can only say WOW. The water tastes sooo yummy. Very smooth, almost sweetish, incredibly pure and instantly refreshing. I couldn’t keep up with charging it because I wanted to drink it all up straight away. I will have to find a larger container, lol. This is the real thing. A wonderful gift to us all. Thank you so much, Sophie. You’re a genius!


Does the water’s vibration lower if it sits in a container after being energized? I don’t know if it is my imagination, but water that I energized overnight and then transferred to another container to drink from later somehow doesn’t seem quite as silky as water that has the headphones wrapped around it.

I noticed that my body seems to physically crave this water in a way that has not happened with regular, charcoal filtered tap water that I usually drink. I think I am slowly re-hydrating. I also think it’s going to take a few weeks because I am badly dehydrated.

I have also observed a decrease in the desire to drink coffee, which I usually have a cup or two a day.

Thank you,


Answer: I didn’t notice a decrease in vibration from transferring the water.


Oh my goodness! This is the best water I have ever tasted. I’m currently charging up my second bottle for the day (and I had about 3 liters last night because it was so good!). I’ve done regular filtered water from my refrigerator and once with tap water. You could DEFINITELY tell there was a difference with the tap water, and only until I did side by side comparisons with my fridge water could I really see the difference.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I took a sip and just how silky it was- I’d swish it in my mouth and I felt like there were strands of silk dancing inside my mouth. It was so refreshing.

The water is just so light, pure, and addicting. I feel like my body has finally just said, ‘Yes! Keep it coming-please!’ I cannot wait to see what consistent intake of this will do for me. It has only been a day and I feel like I have such energy! I have really bad skin problems, notably acne, and I’m really hoping this will help finally clear it all as it purifies me on the inside. Time will tell and I will definitely keep you posted.

Thank you so much Sophie! You’ve made such a breakthrough and I couldn’t be more grateful!

P.S. Adding some HoE to the energized water just makes it even more delicious!

Jordan (Alabama)

Hi Sophie,

Here is my report on the water.

I have been drinking water that I ozonate, run through a zero water filter, and the pour through a restructuring device 7 times. My muscle testing says this gets it a vibration of 320, but that is as high as it goes. More times through the restructuring unit doesn’t raise it higher. the water taste improves and drinking it resulted in less joint and muscle pain and stiffness and improved skin hydration.

By adding the activator to this I have gotten even greater elimination of pain and stiffness, to the point that I have almost none. I have been suffering with this for 20 years, so this result is truly remarkable. I did notice quite a few breakouts on my face within a couple of days, but these have now cleared up. My lips and hair feel softer. Can’t explain the hair as I’m only drinking it.

I am convinced that we have all been suffering from cellular dehydration and that this is a big factor in the chronic pain many of us develop, and why changing our diets and other things only gives us some, not complete, relief. I, personally have been eating healthy, organic food for decades and eliminated all harmful foods from my diet in the past few years. This had nowhere near the impact that drinking this water has. I never want to stop drinking it.

I have bathed with the restructured water, which really boosted my energy. I haven’t bathed with activated water, but once I do I will let you know what happens.

Thank you for creating this and making it available!

Rohma NYC

Hi Sophie,

yes, please.

I thought to contact you to tell you, how much I learn from your posts and the records, and I´m not participating because I need too much time to translate in my head and your reactions are too fast for me. Pls don´t feel offended. But I think this is important for me to learn to distiguish, where are my boundaries are. Maybe there are much similarities as I am no 34 like you. I started seeing that every interaction with others is about context and I use the 2 questions…. How can I tell you, my relationship to my sons is ….300 % better, they ask me for advice, so I can use what I learned from you to help them make things clear for them without oposing a personal judgement to what they aks me. They help at home WITHOUT I have to aks for it. I´m trying to stay “watchful” every day, and recognized my tendency to close my eyes….so today I had an idea to ask you if you think it could be useful to translate your posts into german language. That would be no problem for me: from german to english is not so easy for me. ….pls let me know, what you think about it.

I´ve bought a water filter system “alcala one” and use the audio harmonizer at night and the big picture at day. And I´m trying with the Trutester I´ve received today. I let my sons test the energized water without letting them know which is the energized one. And they noticed the difference and reduced their coke and energy booster drinks. WOW

I´m looking forward to your answer,

thanks and much love


Hello Sophie,

The energized water is more silky and subtle, both in the taste and
touch. It also leaves a better feeling in my mouth after a sip and
seems to be more consistent so to say – it sticks to the skin better
after I touch it’s surface with my finger. I tried to compare two
glasses of the sparkling water (from a plastic bottle), the energized
one seemed to have less ‘sparkles’ to it. Additionally, I’ve had a
week old glass bottle of not a very good tap water which was rather
stinky and not that fun to drink. I decided to energize it and after
an hour it turned out to be really drinkable. It even looks clearer…
a huge contrast.

I’ll keep testing,
thank you!

M Poland

Hi Sophie,

This is my comment from using the water energizer audio. The audio is awesome; when I was away from home, I usually run out of water before I can go home to recharge with my minis. I love my energized water and hate to be without it, as my body craves it. The quality of the water is the same as the mini energizers. With this audio, I have high quality water at a super fast turn around time. I want to thank you for your product and letting me test it.

Jennifer California

Hello Sophie,
I just wanted to give my feedback on the water energizer audio.
It sure improves the taste. I energized both spring and filtered bottled water, and the result is that I don’t detect that plastic taste anymore. The water is more refreshing, and I feel more energy throughout the day. I don’t think I can go back to non-energized water. Thank you for the opportunity to use this energizer!

Thank you,
Jacob (California)

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  1. It is becoming a positive start to my day to turn on the Energizer and put the headphones on the pitcher with my water supply. My family is communicating more, feeling more energetic and sleeping better, and I am feeling clearer–with reductions in cravings for sugar and toxic things…This is the first time I have had water that made me feel I did something for my soul as well as my body.

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