Please help me in this test… Thank you

I trust you that you’ll do what is in your best interest. That is what I want you to do… because then the information I’ll glean from this test will be valid. thank you.

Who is my ideal client? It matters not what you say, it matters more if it is heard by the right people…

I have been asking this question for a few years now.

Marketing teachers tell me to find people who are kept awake at night by something that nag at them, that doesn’t let them sleep… a problem, an itch that cannot be scratched. I am not attracted to the suffering.

I want to expand my business to start selling “stuff”.

But what stuff shall I sell and to whom?

It is important to me to have continuity, a certain seamlessness between the two parts of my business, or I’ll be like the person who will end up on the floor between two chairs… Not where i want to end up… lol.

But I don’t want to have to explain to every Joe and Jane what energy remedies, for example, are about.

Or teach someone, who just wants to buy stuff, how to start living a life worth living.

So I looked at what it is that I like to buy…  If I were my ideal client, what would I sell?

Sleep, quality of sleep has always been a big issue for me.

Mainly because I am an empath.

Imagine sleeping, soundly, sweetly, and suddenly feeling someone’s fear, or anxiety, or terror… it would wake you up, but you wouldn’t know why you woke up… You have no reason to feel any of the things you feel… but now you are awake. And unless you have some instrument that encourage sleeping, you are now up… trying to go back to sleep…

And trying is the enemy of sleep.

So had been my predicament until I started to play my Coherence Generator audio in my bedroom. And now, whenever I wake up, I can go back to sleep within a few minutes, and sleep till the morning.

This is quite new to me. I woke up this morning… and I felt I good. I felt happy. I had slept well. Soundly. Even though I remember being awakened twice during the night.

All because of an audio, a small speaker, and that’s it.

My version of the Coherence Generator is just me breathing. The breathing carries the energy. Hard to get used to it. But once you do, it is a natural sound.

I also have a version with rain and thunder on the top of my breathing. Many people like that audio more. I am used to my breathing now. I even play it in my office. I have been a lot calmer, a lot more coherent since then.

I have also got myself a silk sleeping mask, there is  a street light smack in front of my window: hard to block it out.

I am very tactile. Silk is my favorite fabric: my skin loves the smoothness and the coolness of it. Wearing it makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel luxurious.

So, as you see, I have been on the market for products helping me sleep well.

So I have decided to cater to people like me, to open a Sleep shop.

For people who want to sleep better.

I am interested in people who want to have better quality life because they sleep better. People who are like me.

I am not interested in insomniacs who complain that they cannot sleep. I can help them, but first they need a mindset shift: instead of trying to sleep, fix that they are not sleeping, they need to be willing to allow sleep to come to them.

I won’t teach that in my Sleep Shop. I don’t want to.

Also, poor sleep can be caused by mineral and nutritional deficiencies, cell dehydration, they also cause difficulty to sleep… So for those people I have my Health Consultation.

What will increasing the quality of your sleep do to you?

I can’t tell for certain.

I know what it has done for me:

  • My daily stair climbing has become easier
  • I am effortlessly dropping weight, without trying, without stretch marks even
  • I am dealing with adversary and conflict as if it were just normal thing
  • I don’t feel tired
  • I am finding myself thinking of and doing more of the housework I have avoided for lack of energy to deal with it
  • I can read longer with more attention without getting tired and dropping the book
  • My brain functions a lot better. It is hard to put my finger on it, but it feels that it can hold more stuff… as if the size has grown… lol.

So yeah, these are the things I experience.

Can I promise you to get the same benefits? I can’t. I know you can get them, but your attitude will matter a lot.

But if it could make just half the difference it has made for me… then it’s worth it, isn’t it?

So, here is the deal, I am going to test my first products in the Sleep Shop on you…

  • I am prepared to sell silk masks ($15)
  • I have ordered the high quality mini speakers with everything to make the audio play, looped, the chip for the audio, an adapter, everything and ($25)
  • and, of course, I have the Coherence Generator ($30)
  • Total: $70

You can buy them individually below, where I show you the pictures, or you can save money and buy them as a bundle…

and you can buy them as a bundle. Save $15.
Buy all three for $55

Payment Plan

OK, and if you are in financial distress, as I suspect some of you may be, then here is an easier way to pay:

$10 now, every week, until you paid up, for seven weeks.

OK, here are the individual components of this deal

Silk face mask

silk sleep mask

Mini speaker

Coherence Generator


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